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Have you ever been on a wicked night out in London and thought to yourself: who the hell came up with this? Are you lost in a huge city and somehow always behind on whats going on? Maybe youre searching for new friends and unique experiences. Or are you a young wannabe entrepreneur on the lookout for inspiration and motivation? The founders of London centric events company Shout About London bring you a weekly Podcast introducing you to the people to see, in the places to be, in this great city of ours. Taking you behind the scenes with some of the capitals most innovative minds, Shout About take you on a one-way trip into the beating heart of London.Get to know the men and women responsible for your over-indulgence and entertainment. Find out whats happening over the coming weeks and where you should be. Learn from the successes and failures of people you can relate to. No pre-set question and answers, just real people, engaged in genuine conversation. Sure, London is the place to be, but only if you have a place to go..


  • BLAX Danny Price

    17/03/2020 Duração: 51min

    This week we have BLAX founder Danny Price. His a creative events and PR company have worked closely with some of the worlds biggest artists. Most recently they have been exhibiting never before seen images of the Rolling Stones for: ‘Black and White Blues, the Gus Coral collection. 01:45 - Ben’s trip to the US 05:55 - Stuart on his first ever beard  07:50 Ben and Stuart introduce Danny Proice 09:15 Danny on his promotion career and Blax 12:15 Danny on Black and White Blues 15:00 The story of when Stuart met Goldie (Danny’s Dad)  21:00 What Rolling Stones thought about the photos  23:00 current projects Danny is working on  24:25 Archie’s second debut on the podcast  24:45 the Enter Shikari sound system  29:50 Danny on hijacking the bandersnatch campaign  34:34 Danny on having his own official Instagram GIF 35:00 Danny’s 3 fave places to go in London  41:20 The Weekly Shout 41:50 Juicy information about upcoming projects for Stardust LDN  42:50 Drink and Play: The Viewing at the Ninth Life pub  44:55 the Padd

  • Roger Frampton Movement Coach

    07/03/2020 Duração: 47min

    This week we have Roger Frampton on the Shout About Podcast; A Movement Coach specialising in functional performance. He’s also the creator of the Frampton Method - A conscious form of exercise-blending 00:30: introducing our new sponsors; Stardust LDN 04:20 Ben and Stuart speak about Cirque Du Soleil 05:40 Introduction to Roger Frampton 06:10 Stuart admits sliding into Roger’s DM’s 06:30 Stuart talks about his experience of the movement plan so far 07:20 How Roger started his career as a movement coach 10:10 Debating on the best degree to have the toilet seat 12:12 How Roger from practicing movement as a hobby to starting a business 13:13 About Rogers Workshops 15:20 Stuart admits to stalking Roger 20:50 Roger speaks about the four separate movement goals 21:40 Rogers biggest success 23:30 Roger and Stuart on the importance of dedication 30:00 Roger on The Power Of Now 33:00 Timings of Rogers workshop 35:30 Roger Frampton on social media 36:00 Roger mentions his app 36:20 wrapping up 36:25 Stuart and Ben fee

  • Electronic Theatre

    28/02/2020 Duração: 48min

    This week we have Electronic Theatre; an Immersive experience, where guests are competing in interactive digital rooms. After that, we introduce the Stardust connection via our new weekly shouters: The Wade twins. 00:30 recap on last week 00:44 Stardust LDN 02:00 The Twins 03:00 Minus One 05:38 Funicular productions 07:00 Electronic theatre 08:00 David’s background in management consultancy 09:00 Technology and the tough mudder 11:35 what is Electronic theatre 12:18 Developing the concept and 6 months of research 14:08 The first venue 15:09 Biggest success so far 18:00 Food and drink 19:10 Expansion 22:24 Cost, times and dates 25:15 David’s top three experiences 27:15 Social Media 28:07 Ben’s recap on Electric Theatre 29:52 The Wade Twins 30:25 Who are the Wade twins 31:44 What is a content creator 34:00 Stardust Ldn 36:00 how to deal with bickering Brothers 40:42 The Weekly Shout 45:50 Shout About social media Mentions: Crystal maze Secret cinema Stardust Funicular productions Timeless bar Minus One Punch dr

  • Episode 49: Christmas and New Years special

    27/12/2019 Duração: 34min

    In this Christmas and New Years special, Stuart and Ben talk all things festive and share some exciting new experiences coming to London in 2020!   00:30 So... what is this episode about?   01:00 Christmas chats   05:20 New Years resolutions   09:19 Coming up next year in London   27:42 Happy Christmas and missing the Christmas build up   31:55 Thank you and social media   Mentions:   Monopoly   Hasbro   Hartshorn Hook   Dr Who adventure   BBC Studies   Immersive everywhere   Mars and beyond   Friends Fest   Luna Cinema   Secret Cinema   Jimmys Lodge   Jimmys Pop Up   Infinity London Tower   Natural History Museum   Sluggers   Roof East   Human Traffic   @Claus_Fuss   Ye Olde Fighting Cocks   Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk about the show? Got an idea for guests? Want to promote your event? Contact us on any of the above, or:  [email protected] www.

  • Episode 48: The Wonder Factory

    20/12/2019 Duração: 43min

    Imagine a gallery where you can touch and feel your way around to truly immersive yourself in the experience, with the type of pastel colours you might find at the Grand Budapest Hotel. This pop-up of 15 carefully curated wonderous installations, from London’s only Marshmallow pool, to pink sandy beaches via a tunnel of mirrors, boasts being one of London’s most ‘Instagrammable’ places.   Mentions The Wonder Factory DNA VR ATP at the Royal Albert Hall London Space Network Doggo Style 56 Davies Street Flat Iron Square Stardust LDN O’Niells Wolf Of Wall Street The Ice Rink at City Island   Show Notes: 00:36 Why do we no longer have series 01:38 Last week’s show DNA VR 02:20 Thailand and the jet lag 05:39 Ben’s time since Stuart was away 08:05 Recap of Stardust LDN 09:15 This week’s episode 10:35 Marks background as a software engineer and a business owner 13:55 Dealing with being a business owner and then being an employee again 15:25 Gaining inspiration from concepts in the US 18:00 What is the Wonder Factory

  • DNA VR - London's First Virtual Reality Arcade

    06/12/2019 Duração: 37min

    This week, the guys meet Alex (one of the founders of DNA VR - London's First Virtual Reality Arcade) and discover that they only understand technology through film and tv references. 1:50 Ben’s review of Mission to Mars at The Design Museum (and reveals his Christmas present) 5:02 Intro to DNA VR: London’s first virtual reality arcade 5:35 DNA VR’s ‘traditional’ background/How the experience evolved 11:51 Ben knows more about Fortnite than a 30 year old should 12:28 How non-gamers programmed their own VR experience 14:28 Ben describes his typical Saturday night (Stuart pretends to be interested) 16:45 DNA VR’s biggest success so far 18:01 …And biggest challenges 20:28 Stuart forces his expert tv show opinions on everyone else (spoilers!) 22:01 Will Stuart ever get to be a real cowboy? 22:49 Doctor Who?? 23:17 Upcoming announcements 24:10 Scaling Up 25:36 Times, costs and dates 27:13 Alex’s favourite places in London 29:25 VR or Black Mirror? 30:50 Stuart’s Round-Up (get it?) 33:00 Weekend plans 35:40 Shout A

  • Urban Missions - The immersive adventure trail

    29/11/2019 Duração: 38min

    Oscar and Olivia; co-founders of Urban Missions, join the show to talk about their immersive adventure trail. They discuss brain storming business ideas on Trello, their love for gaming and escape rooms, and the pitfalls of talking about bombs in public. 00:43 Ben recaps last week with Doggo Style 02:00 How to spell Stuart’s name 03:45 Thailand, mindfulness and meditation 06:15 Dogs 08:00 Rick and Morty 09:30 Scrabble 10:50 Things Stuart’s not good at 13:20 Super powers 14:12 What type of food would you be 16:10 Inside the actors studio 18:16 What would you want to hear god say 20:30 Biggest challenge of starting a business 22:52 The future of Shout About 23:55 Improving Mental Health 26:00 Gingerline 27:12 Favourite and least favourite guests 29:35 Room / desk and car 31:20 Shout About Social Media Mentions Gingerline Backyard Cinema Draughts On air dining Skuna Boats Ray Jones Doggo Style Flavourology Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN T

  • Trading Places

    22/11/2019 Duração: 33min

    This week the tables have turned. Ben takes the lead and interviews Stuart about everything from life, to business, to the very word of God. 00:43 Ben recaps last week with Doggo Style 02:00 How to spell Stuart’s name 03:45 Thailand, mindfulness and meditation 06:15 Dogs 08:00 Rick and Morty 09:30 Scrabble 10:50 Things Stuart’s not good at 13:20 Super powers 14:12 What type of food would you be 16:10 Inside the actors studio 18:16 What would you want to hear god say 20:30 Biggest challenge of starting a business 22:52 The future of Shout About 23:55 Improving Mental Health 26:00 Gingerline 27:12 Favourite and least favourite guests 29:35 Room / desk and car 31:20 Shout About Social Media Mentions Gingerline Backyard Cinema Draughts On air dining Skuna Boats Ray Jones Doggo Style Flavourology Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk about the show? Got an idea for gue

  • Doggo Style

    15/11/2019 Duração: 48min

    London’s largest Doggo market is back on 08th December at Flat Iron Square. Co-Founder Lucie Herring drops by to discuss the evolution of the event, to announce some of the brands attending and tells us why All Dogs Matter! 01:12 Last week on the show 02:24 ABQ 06:00 Instagram versus Facebook 06:39 The Balance of Power Breakthrough weekend 10:05 Electric Shuffle 11:22 Ben in space 12:56 This week on the show 13:40 Lucy joins the studio 14:34 Being a dog person 15:33 Why pugs? 16:11 Why Doggo Style started 17:34 Pet Stores in london 19:25 The next show at Flat Iron Square 20:30 All dogs allowed 22:43 Biggest success so far 23:48 Biggest set back 25:00 All dogs matter 26:55 Doggy Style 27:52 What brands attend 30:20 Penis’s and Dog food 35:15 Seeing your spirit animal 36:14 What’s different for the next show 38:38 Tickets and social media 40:30 Recap on the interview 42:20 The Weekly Shout 46:00 Discount code for Wolf Of Wall Street immersive theatre show 46:00 Thanks and social media Social Media Facebook/Inst

  • Stardust LDN – the immersive winter club experience

    08/11/2019 Duração: 42min

    This week on the show we have Stardust LDN; billed to be London’s first and only immersive winter club experience. With a deep line-up of commercial talent, a wealth of street food traders and many major brands supporting the event, this premium experience promises a nostalgic, on-trend escape from the drab and dreary Christmas party season. Founder, and friend of the show, Lucy Beckwith talks candidly about everything from entrepreneurship, to actual ships, to sleepless nights and sacrifices in business, as well as discussing some of the amazing talent line-up for the event. 00:30 Last weeks episode with Suz from Gingerline 01:10 This weeks episode with Lucy from Stardust LDN 02:24 Welcoming Lucy Beckwith from Stardust LDN 03:00 Realising working for someone wasn’t for her right off the bat 04:00 A nightclub on a boat 05:15 City Cruises PLC 06:30 Seeking approval from dad 07:30 What is Stardust LDN 09:15 The first steps 10:17 Burning man 11:15 The Venue 12:15 Plans for expansion outside of year 1 14:00 Why S

  • All aboard the Gingerline

    01/11/2019 Duração: 37min

    Gingerline are widely considered as trailblazers of the immersive dining world. Their secret East London locations are text to guests just 60 minutes before the start of the event. Once you’re inside you are taken into a different world, with immersive actors, and unique food-led concepts; from multi-dimensional universes, to hot air balloon rides and even being the stars of your very own game show. Suz talks about the ethos behind a Gingerline event, second careering in catering, and recaps some of the last ten years of success and setbacks along the way. 00:50 A review on last week’s guest – Journey to the Underworld at Pedley Street Station 02:42 Ben talking about how there could be too much ‘immersive’ in London 03:53 Gingerline 04:41 Suz joins in the studio and talks about going into business from a punters viewpoint 06:35 Going into food as a second career 07:30 Their first supper club 08:50 Why Gingerline 11:04 What is Gingerline 12:30 Chambers of Flavour 13:25 The Grand Expedition 14:45 The core team

  • Funicular Productions at Pedley Street Station

    25/10/2019 Duração: 46min

    As with all great London success stories, Craig Wilkinson came up with the idea for Funicular Production in a Hoxton Boozer at the book end of 2017. After deciding to repurpose a set previously used for a high-profile brand event, they set about raising funds, finding a location, creating a story, hiring actors (and a whole lot more) at a breakneck pace. Whizz forward under two years and they’ve had four different shows, incredible reviews and menus designed by several Master Chef finalists. Craig talks about the birth of the company, breaking the rules of theatre and, on its way back from Hell, where the train is heading next! 00:38 Recap on the Big London Bake 02:52 This week’s guest: Funicular Productions 03:20 Craig Wilkinson joins the studio 04:00 How it all started in December 2018 06:00 Repurposing an old set and finding a site 07:00 The first show “The Murder Express” 08:00 The Master Chef brand association 10:46 What happens at Pedley Street Station 15:17 The script writing 18:22 Breaking the rules o

  • Big London Bake

    18/10/2019 Duração: 36min

    Eloise and Adam have taken over a small event space in Tooting Broadway and transformed it into their very own bake off. With five star reviews absolutely everywhere you look, they are ready to expand into new territories very soon. We discuss why recipes can go wrong at home, where’s the best place for a startup to go for a loan, and of course Ben natters endlessly about baking. 00:40 Recap on last weeks episode with Rory Kilmartin 01:15 Doggo Style and the money raised for All Dogs Matter 02:06 Today’s show 03:08 Adam and Eloise start by talking about life before the baking. 06:00 How the idea started at work in the BA offices 06:40 Traditional cooking schools 08:00 Hello Fresh 09:39 Getting the ingredients together 10:15 The location 11:10 Testing the menus 12:40 Getting the venue 15:25 What it was like before having staff 16:45 Why recipes go wrong at home 17:25 Quitting jobs and going all in with a business 19:42 Ratings: The biggest success so far 21:20 What drives people to the venue 23:28 Ben’s golden

  • "The one with no guest" Shout About on pop ups and popcorn.

    11/10/2019 Duração: 31min

    For only the second time in over 40 episodes, there is no guest this week. Ben and Stuart give a review of the 4DX experience at Cineworld, talk about their recent experiences working with London Real and discuss 6 brand new concept venues launching before the end of the year. 00:45 Why people can’t make the show 03:00 This week on the show 03:25 A review of the 4DX experience at Cineworld 09:10 Backyard Cinemas new venue 09:52 London Real 15:00 The Joker 16:50 New venues in London 2019 24:40 The next podcasts with The Big London Bake and Funicular Productions 27:00 The Ultimate Drag Smackdown 30:00 This Weeks social media and thanks Mentions Backyard cinema Cineworld Mother Clucker Honest Burger Puttshack Ballie Ballerson Journey LDN Electric Shuffle Draughts Secret Cinema Cineworld Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Instagram:           ShoutaboutStuart Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk abou

  • Rory Kilmartin The Balance of Power Breakthrough Weekend

    27/09/2019 Duração: 58min

    Today we welcome Rory Kilmartin, who’s body of work on ‘Relational Power Dynamics’ has been changing people’s lives for over a decade. This November his “Balance of Power Breakthrough Weekend” comes to London, for a three-day workshop, offering attendees the chance to understand how to drastically reduce the amount of fighting, arguments and breakdowns they have, with the people they care about the most. This reduction in frequency, intensity and duration, has been recorded to be up to 90%. In this thought-provoking episode, we discuss the event’s content, including the four basic survival archetypes, how we’re attracted the missing pieces of ourselves, and when a sheep should become a Gorilla. 00:38 A recap on Ed from Hire Space 01:38 A review of Variant 31 – the worlds largest live action immersive experience 05:00 When are you ready to launch an immersive experience 06:00 All Star Lanes 07:30 This week’s guest 08:45 Rory joins us on the show, starting with his background as a relationship researcher 10:20

  • The face of Hire Space

    20/09/2019 Duração: 53min

    This week we have our friend Ed Poland, Co-founder of a market leading platform, that’s helps users source spaces for commercial use. Since 2010 Hire Space have disrupted the events industry, introducing a strategic use of technology when others were still caught in the past. Ed talks about getting 40 “no’s” out of 40 when looking for his first investment, how the Russian Olympic pole vaulting team played a part in the journey, and gives invaluable advice to budding entrepreneurs. 00:45 a recap on last week - Seb Lyall from Lollipop 01:30 A short argument about planets 03:17 Ben’s review on the Backyard Cinema launch 04:25 This week on the show 05:07 Ed joins the studio 05:45 Imex in Vegas 07:10 Ed’s background (as a speech writer for the UN and a policy researcher) 08:25 Will, Ed’s Co-founder and the birth of their idea 10:00 The first six months and what it took to realise they had a proposition of value 12:00 The first big enquiry 13:25 Getting investment 15:00 The difficulties of first launching the site

  • Lollipop (with Seb Lyall)

    13/09/2019 Duração: 56min

    We first became aware of Seb and his company, when they transformed a caravan into immersive cocktail experience, ABQ – based on the ground-breaking TV series Breaking Bad. Since then Forbes have declared how his company, Lollipop “have successfully cracked the code of immersive cocktail experiences”, Seb’s been interviewed on CNN, and (via a Bletchley Park inspired bar) launched London’s first naked restaurant (Bunyadi). So what next? How about an immersive fun house, where all you need for one night, is under one roof! Hear some of Seb’s incredible insights into business, entrepreneurship and the true meaning of that much lauded term ‘immersive’. 00:30 Recap on last week with Skuna Boats 02:00 Long Road Festival 05:30 This week on the podcast 07:05 Seb Lyall enters the studio 07:33 The worlds first naked restaurant, the press achieved and a concept countering “beach body ready” 10:45 Recruiting for a naked restaurant 12:20 How the company has pivoted to more permanent venues and restaurants 13:15 ABQ - the

  • Floating Hot Tubs in Skuna Boats

    06/09/2019 Duração: 38min

    Imagine sailing along a central London Canal, beer in hand, in the UK's first floating hot tub. Austin Mackle - Co-founder of Skuna Boats - joins us to discuss discovering the concept in Rotterdam, joining forces with a new business partner and the challenges of operating a floating venue. 00:36 Recap on last week 02:30 London Brunch Fest 07:20 Skuna Boats 08:55 Introducing Austin from Skuna Boats 09:40 Austin and Stuart (now business partners) both trying to bring the concept to London 12:04 The original hot tug 13:05 How do you drive a floating jacuzzi 15:15 Who makes them 17:40 Rugby World Cup chat 18:45 Conor McGregor, one of the biggest names in Irish sport 21:51 Success so far 22:35 Does size matter?? 23:04 What they look for in a site 25:20 Trusting the guests 29:15 Where the brand is heading 30:17 Where Austin goes in London 32:00 Social media for Skuna 32:42 Recap of Skuna Boats and Austin’s children’s books 35:40 What’s happening this weekend 38:00 Shout About Socials You can reach the guests here 

  • On Air Dining

    30/08/2019 Duração: 33min

    Dan Hulme has followed his life long passion for food all over the world; on land, air and sea. From working in the kitchen of some of London’s most established restaurants, to preparing meals aboard cruise ships; to present day, where his company - On Air Dining, caters for the skies, aboard private jets, for some of the biggest brands in the world. With air travel not without its speed bumps, Dan talks us through their intensive security commitments, the difficulties of catering in confined spaces, and what it’s like to lose everything, only to take off again and reach exciting new heights. 00:31 Recap on last week 01:35 Introducing On Air Dining 03:00 Dan’s background and wanting to be a stunt man 04:30 How he started in restaurants and yachts 09:45 Moving back to the UK with nothing and a new baby 10:40 Why private jets 13:00 The difficulties of the first few years 14:15 Falling out with business partners 17:35 Selling time 19:15 Security 23:30 The challenge of cold food 28:25 Social media 28:51 Black Dee

  • Jimmys Pop Ups

    23/08/2019 Duração: 48min

    Jimmy Garcia is often referred to as the King of Pop Ups. Whether it’s Christmas lunches in pop up domes by the river, or champagne dining on cable cars, Jimmy injects his huge personality and enthusiasm for food into everything he does. Join us on the week of his wedding to hear about how it all started, how being the face of a company can have its draw backs and what’s next for this man who doesn’t seem to stop. 00:34 Last week and London Brunch Fest 02:26 Doing the Crystal Maze 04:30 introducing Jimmy Garcia and Jimmys Pop Up 04:50 Jimmys Lodge on the Thames 06:30 Jimmy enters the studio, starting with getting married this weekend 10:40 Why Jimmy gave up his first uni course after 3 months 12:20 From working on Big Brother as a runner to working on yachts 15:30 Jimmys first pop ups 19:20 Setting up a chalet company 21:45 Jimmys super clubs 29:00 Giving people what they want 31:00 Patch and picnic 32:55 The downside of having a great photographer 35:05 Dining on the Emirates Cable Cars 35:52 Jimmys book soc

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