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  • Judge Tells Psaki to Circle Back, Non-Binary Shooter, Thanksgiving Strangers Still Meet Every Year

    23/11/2022 Duração: 45min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida. Happy Thanksgiving. Seven years ago a mistaken text led to two strangers meeting for Thanksgiving and their are still meeting for Thanksgiving today. A good story at a time when the media has, like they always do, promoted bad news and racial division. A young black man was mistakenly texted by a white woman who thought she was texting her grandchild inviting him to dinner. The media narrative tragically falls apart as the Colorado gay nightclub shooter is a non-binary them/they, not a right-wing Trump-hat-wearing pick-up driving conservative. Expect this story to drop from the radar like a Russian spy plane. Jen "Circle Back" Psaki tried to get out of a deposition in a lawsuit that claims the Govt colluded with Big Tech to limit free speech for citizens of Missouri and Louisiana. This no doubt is a shock to the sensibilities of Psaki, a certified member of the Left Wing Aristocracy that seeks to rule us. I am thankful to be a non-insurance doctor practicing co

  • End of Elections, GOP McSucks, Vaccine Myocarditis, Obamacare Mandate Needs to Die, Trump Announces

    15/11/2022 Duração: 01h01min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where Ron DeSantis has ensured that we have election results on election day, not 7-10 days later. Early voting, voting by mail, and drop boxes for ballots has likely insured a permanent Democrat President. No longer do they have to campaign or provide compelling messages (see Joe Biden, John Fetterman, Katie Hobbs) in order to win elections. Rush Limbaugh predicted this and we revisit his wise words. GOP leaders McCarthy, McConnell, and McDaniel have offered no compelling reason to continue in leadership roles. All will consider any election "reform" as "looking in the rearview mirror" and work to help Democrats stay in power forever. Obamacare mandates mean you can't buy affordable insurance. Most people would like to be able to buy insurance that just pays for hospitalization or major illness, but that is not legal thanks to Obamacare (unless you are under 30 or have a "hardship"). Moderna vaccines have higher risk of myocarditis than Pfizer according to rec

  • (Florida) Red Wave, End of Trump or End or MAGA, Elections Should Be on Election Day

    09/11/2022 Duração: 42min

    Broadcasting from the Free State where the GOP sailed on a red wave while the rest of the country saw a split decision victory for the GOP. Trump has his eyes set on DeSantis. With his recent threat to reveal "dirt" on DeSantis, Trump has proven that his time has past. DeSantis is for the sure the future of the GOP whether the former POTUS likes it or not. We will see how Trump handles this going forward. Progressive states and conservative states hold serve in the governor's races with a few still up in the air. Maricopa County has its biennial election failure so we're not sure if Lake or Hobbs won yet. Media will now focus on destroying DeSantis. Hopefully Trump will not be there for the assist. DoctorTommy.com/podcast

  • Toxic Progressives in School, Covid Amnesty, Election Roundup, TSO Tour

    04/11/2022 Duração: 01h05min

    Broadcasting from the Free State (but in a blue county) where the local school district is teaching gender ideology, abortion, and about "How the Boner Grows" under the guise of "sex ed." Just remember, if you oppose this, you are a fuddy-duddy. A writer for the Atlantic wants "Covid Amnesty" for all the missteps she and people like her made during the pandemic because "we didn't know." Things like masking outdoors and getting the J&J shot were not helpful, she says, in retrospect. But then she says we must have vaccine mandates in school. AND she says we must learn from history. This control freaks will never learn. Election roundup looks good for Oz, Rubio, DeSantis, Kari Lake and more. Why did they send Biden to campaign for Demmings and Crist in Florida when they are behind by double digits. I think they wanted to be able to say, "see HE IS campaigning" all while sending him somewhere where he cannot mess things up. They know he is not popular. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is back with their The Ghosts of

  • Old Donkeys, Establishment Covid Remorse, Musk Fumigates Twitter, Booster Fail

    28/10/2022 Duração: 44min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where Ron DeSantis beat Charlie Crist like a rented mule pledging that the he would put "old donkey" Crist "out to pasture." John Fetterman debated Dr. Oz and it didn't start well or get any better. Who knows if Dr. Oz will be a conservative or another Mitt Romney, but he is better than another rubber stamp for the continued march to collectivist hell we are experiencing. NY Supreme Court rules against NYC, says covid mandates were unconstitutional and fired city workers must be given back pay and their jobs back. Hopefully this sets off a trend across America of lawsuits against purveyors of unjust action against Americans who didn't want a particular therapeutic, which is what the Covid vaccine is. Jake Tapper recognizes that children were harmed by Covid policies in schools but now we must move on, no place blame, work together. Wow that was easy. Not more than a year ago Jake and people who think like him wanted parents who went to school board meetings, to ar

  • FrankenCovid, Hot for Teacher, How to Make Schools Safe, EV Bombs, Mouse Brains Play Pong

    19/10/2022 Duração: 49min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where EVs wet from Hurricane Ian are blowing up due to corroded batteries. Just how "green" are EVs, according to some not green at all. Did you know it takes 500,000 lbs of material to make a 1000 lb battery. That's just the beginning of the carbon debt from an EV. Where does EV energy come from? Well, it's kind of like where did the money Obama was giving away come from, the people getting don't know but they know it good. In the case of EVs it's green and in the case or the money it's from "Obama's stash" H/T Rush Limbaugh Scientists have created a new variant of Covid that kills 80% of the mice it infects. It combines the infectivity of Omicron with the lethality of the original strain. And why exactly did they do this? A teacher aide in Ohio faces 5 years for having sex with a 17 year-old eight times. Seems a little harsh to us unless the 17 year had some kind of mental incapacity. We debate arming teachers to make schools safer. Tracy has misgivings, I sa

  • The Crumbling Covid Narrative, Smashing Pumpkins Review, EFF-BEE-EYE

    12/10/2022 Duração: 53min

    Broadcasting from the Free State where thanks to Gov. DeSantis we feel like we are our own little country in a lot of ways, free from the stupidity that reigns supreme over much of the US. Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Surgeon General of Florida, drops some truth bombs on War Room with Steven Bannon. He says the big shots in the federal govt ignored findings on Covid they didn't like and didn't investigate the vaccine side effects like they should have. The review done by FL shows an increased risk of death of 84% for young men after the "vaccine." Pfizer executive admits what we have suspected. In testimony before the EU Parliament a Pfizer exec says they never tested to see whether the Covid vaccine stopped the transmission of Covid. As the Covid narrative unravels look for Govt to clamp down harder. They don't appreciate losing power or influence...or elections. EFF-BEE-EYE undercounts "good guys with guns" that stop mass shootings? Why? Because Big Govt doesn't like individuals. They also have admitted, under

  • Hurricane Relief: Kamala vs. DeSantis, OPEC Punks Biden, Biden Punks You, NYers Flee to FL

    07/10/2022 Duração: 46min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where we are recovering from Hurricane Ian. Kamala Harris thinks resources for hurricane relief should be based on Equity (read: skin color, income). A Democrat Voter in Florida thinks DeSantis is doing a fine job in a NSFW viral video. OPEC tells Biden to stick it where the sun don't shine by cutting oil production. Meanwhile the geniuses at the WH tell gas companies, sell gas at cost in order to lower prices. Their only answer to to suck more oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Idiots. Climate Change policies are a recipe for poverty for most and a recipe for wealth and power for elites. Never forget that, especially not in the future if you vote for these people and end up with no fossil fuels after the next natural disaster. NY Gov Hochul told Republicans to "leave" and they listened. A record number of people changed their DL from NY to FL in August 2020. Meanwhile Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams of NYC want to Govt to do more to support the illegal m

  • Science & Stacy Abrams, Is Racial Discrimination Okay, Medical Marijuana, Hollywood's Woke Problem

    23/09/2022 Duração: 01h25s

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where Fall is here and it's pool weather! Stacy Abrams and Washington Compost Fact Checkers say ultrasound heartbeats of 6 week pregnancies are Fake News. What's the big deal about heartbeats anyway? Planned Parenthood deleted portions of their website that says some 2nd trimester abortions require a "shot in the abdomen" to stop the beating heart before the abortion. I had to got into Wayback Machine to 2014 to find this part of the procedure. Today on the website it just says the part about the shot but no mention of the heart. They can't be truthful about what they stand for. Pfizer and Google (and many others) think skin color is an important way to discriminate. Is it racist to give people special treatment because they have a certain skin color? Big Biz and Big Govt think it's great to discriminate. Some say that DeSantis has a better shot of winning the Presidency than Trump because he doesn't have the baggage Trump does. We discuss the various factors tha

  • Excess Deaths, Dems for DeSantis, Illegal Immigration Votes, Facebook Spied for FBI

    22/09/2022 Duração: 45min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida. First day of Fall and it's still 92 degrees! Oh well, beats the snow. Excess deaths are deaths than are higher than the year-to-year average. They are possibly related to Covid lockdown policies and possible related to Covid [censored]s. Are we allowed to talk about myocarditis and pericarditis? Here's Mark Steyn's take https://youtu.be/gkQ7LsHPASA Gov. DeSantis has a war chest bigger than in Gov in history and just picked the endorsement of a key Dem in a deep Blue county. That's good news. Now we just need to make sure he doesn't run for Prez until 2028. Why? Because the establishment will turn their guns on him and try to take him out just the same as Trump. Facebook spied on private messages and reported them to the FBI. Just another reason not to be on these social sewers. What is the payoff for illegal immigration? Votes. But do people who come here illegally automatically vote for Dems? It looks like they may be switching to GOP because they hate crime

  • DeSantis Airlines, Leftist Establishment Criminalizes Dissent, Memory Holes for Vaccine Mandates

    20/09/2022 Duração: 43min

    Broadcasting from the Free State where illegal Border Crossers are getting one way tickets to Liberal Paradises on DeSantis Airlines. Libs will tell you that it's inhumane but don't let them fool you. Despite all of their virtue signaling, these elite snobs no more want migrant brown people in their neighborhoods than does Barack Obama himself. Mayors Bowers, Lightfoot, and Adams make a big show of being Sanctuary City mayors but don't want any of the border crossers in their cities. Hypocrites. Leftists in the media, Govt, and law enforcement are doing their best to intimidate right-leaning voters into not expressing their opinions. Hiding behind such banners Protecting our Democracy™ and Fighting White Supremacy, these totalitarians seek to root out any and all political dissent so that they can have One Party Rule once and for all. They aren't afraid to use the police to get there either. In our Post Constitutional America you must be brave and fight these tyrants. Remember vaccine mandates and firing pe

  • Florida Plane Rides, Cash for Zelensky, Establishment v. MAGA, Bye Covid Mandates

    15/09/2022 Duração: 52min

    Broadcasting from the Free State with Tracy and Tommy. What's the diff with DPC and concierge medicine? Which one is better? Newly arrived illegal aliens are given Florida Plane Rides straight to the liberal paradise of Martha's Vineyard. As part of a program to resettle undocumented border crossers into sanctuary cities, Gov. DeSantis has set aside millions of dollars in Transportation funds to help these newly arrived travelers find the American Dream....in a Blue State. Charlie Crist says DeSantis is "DeSatan" and he is for freedom just like Prez Zelensky. Who, by the way, thinks it is just plain greedy for Americans to be worried about the price of gas when his country is getting invaded. Remind me, who is in charge of making sure your country doesn't get invaded

  • UF and FSU are Back, Memphis Message: Arm Yourself, Covid Corporatism, US Govt: Shoot Up Drugs

    09/09/2022 Duração: 46min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where the UF Gators and FSU Seminoles both are off to roaring starts after exciting wins over big name opponents this past weekend. Hopefully they can continue their winning way all the way to the annual collision course at the end of the year for the soul of College Football in Florida. The Queen of England has died. She left a legacy of in the gift of swans to the city of Lakeland here in Florida. She seemed like a genuinely nice person. Two killers in Memphis target innocent victims this past week. The take home message: arm yourself against society's predators. Don't rely on the Govt, don't rely on the police. You are the best chance to save yourself and your family when or if these predators come for you. Guns are not the problem despite what the left-wing mayors say, but a gun could save your life. The pharmaceutical companies through their philanthropic efforts with the CDC are pushing people with misgivings to get the new Covid jab--that has been tested o

  • unFree to Practice (in CA), Biden Demonizes MAGA, Illicit Book in Tampa School, New Covid Jab

    02/09/2022 Duração: 44min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where we care free to practice medicine the way we choose, unlike CA where soon you may lose your license if you say things like, "I don't think the Covid vaccines work that well." Joe Biden gave a speech from a place that looked like hell and demonized MAGA in true Alisky fashion. The puppet went on to say some other things off the teleprompter then was put to bed after warm milk and cookie. The people who run Biden don't care that they, and the media, are turning people against each other. That's their whole goal. What happens when corporations start playing favorites based on skin color? Well it further takes us away from the MLK vision of judging people based on character rather than skin color. Amazon is giving $10,000 start-up to those starting delivery businesses, if you have the "right" skin color. Bank of America is doing the same by offering sweetheart deals to some customers buying homes in predominantly black or hispanic neighborhoods. A book titled T

  • Charlie Crist May Hate You, Fauci Runs for Cover, Biden's Loan Forgiveness, Pelosi's White Privilege

    25/08/2022 Duração: 55min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida Doctor Tommy and Nurse Tracy break down Crist vs. DeSantis and Trump and DeSantis as potential running mates in 2024. Why did the CDC offer a mea culpa, Dr. Fauci announce his retirement, and Democrats start blaming Trump for rushing the vaccine all within a matter of days? Is there something coming down the pike about Covid that we don't know? Charlie Crist says he doesn't want anybody who supports DeSantis voting for him because they have "hate in their heart." What a guy. Paul Pelosi has real white privilege, white liberal elite privilege. So does Fauci. So does Hillary. Biden is screwing over a bunch of hard-working people with the student loan forgiveness all so he can get a few votes for Dems in 2022. Meanwhile those who paid off loans or those who didn't go to school because they didn't think it made financial sense get to pay off these loans through higher taxes. And what about people who are going to school in the future, where is their handout? There

  • Biden MIA, Dems Kamala Problem, Helter Stelter, Bill Gates the Farmer, Dating Conservatives

    19/08/2022 Duração: 49min

    Broadcasting from the Free State. Biden is missing in action for 3 days. Is he okay? If not, then Kamala is next up and that's not good. And the Democrats sure don't want her as POTUS, that much we know. CNN cans the human potato Brian Stelter. I'll miss the Mark Dice impersonations. Conservatives face an uphill battle on dating apps like OkCupid. Well, luckily there is The Right Stuff, a new app for those who aren't liberals. Dutch farmers are pissed off about Govt trying to end their livelihoods to please "Mother Earth" as Nancy Pelosi says. They allegedly burned down some grocery stores that Mr. Farmland and fake meat connoisseur Bill Gates invested in. By the way, the mini-Green New Deal signing means this is coming to a town near year. Weak GOPers like Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson are never going to be able to lead conservatives against the hordes. They won't be first over the wall in any battle, so it really doesn't matter what they think about the FBI raid on Trump. Govt says ITT defrauded stud

  • Godfather, Banana Republic of America, Vax Myocarditis, New IRS Army, Affirmative Action

    12/08/2022 Duração: 58min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida which is part of the Banana Republic of America. The Establishment is after Donald Trump because they are after Free Thinkers. That's it. Donald Trump is the temporary face of the opposition. The opposition is Americans who believe in Equal Justice Under the Law and who oppose Rule of the Elites. Simple. And when Trump is gone, they will move on to the next face of the movement until the movement is dead. Which brings to mind the Inflation Reduction (ahem!) Act which is going to build an Army of IRS agents. What is the chance these agents of the Establishment aren't coming after you? Better yet, what evidence can you point to to show they won't come after dissidents? The recent history is rife with persecution based on political belief be it Lois Lerner slow-walking conservative non-profit applications or the Jan 6 Gulag of political dissidents. They are probably adding this to my file as we speak (Hi Guys!). There is a Thai study preprint that shows 3.5% rate o

  • Free Market Medicine, Biden's Recession*, Corrupt Media, What to Do if You Win $1billion

    29/07/2022 Duração: 43min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida we examine differences between corporate insurance-based medicine and independent concierge medicine. We also talk about what drives payment in insurance-based medicine and it's not the market. How do doctor's get paid and who should get paid the most? I say General Surgeons, Brain Surgeons, and Heart Surgeons should. Biden's recession proves the media is complicit in covering up his cognitive problem and his failures. Would there be one single article from these guys arguing 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth didn't equal recession if Trump were POTUS. Of course not because we have an activist media. What to do if you win the $1 Billion lottery this weekend. Mitch McConnell reportedly gets punked on supporting corporate welfare bill. Chances are though he just wants cover for more Big Govt spending that he secretly adores. DoctorTommy.com/podcast

  • Moderna Mansions, Gaslighting America, Two-Tiered Justice, Chess Robot Finger Breaker, Liz for POTUS

    26/07/2022 Duração: 44min

    Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where Turning Point USA had a convention. Lots of conservatives showed up including some, ahem, Neo-Nazi DeSantis supporters who looked surprisingly like the Patriot Front people. The media is trying hard to paint conservatives as really bad meanies, so this false flag operation is likely part of their pathetic attempt. What if ivermectin was useful against Covid. Would Moderna executives be able buy up all the mansions in Boston that they have? Probably not. Luckily for Moderna, and Pfizer, we never got an answer on ivermectin, or plaquenil, because there was a concerted effort to silence anyone who dared to question the Establishment when they said, "The only way to salvation is through our vaccines, and now Paxlovid." Pathetic Liz Cheney announces Season 2 of Our Democracy, the pathetic Soviet Show Trial reality show starring January 6th Committee. Then she hints she may run for President. What a joke Congress is. The murderer Nikolas Cruz is in the 2nd week

  • Biden Has Covid Yet We Still Mandate Vaccines, Woke Obsession with Guns, Illegals for Thee Not Me

    21/07/2022 Duração: 38min

    Broadcasting from the Free State where you can get Liberty Oriented Healthcare especially is you are fleeing one of the People's Republic States like CA. Biden has Covid. Can we now say once and for all that Covid Vaccine Mandates are immoral, insane, and useless. Biden told us before that if you got the vaccine you wouldn't get Covid, then if you got Covid it was a 1 in 5000 chance. Now what is the talking point? If you get the vaccine you will get to try out Paxlovid? Meanwhile people in the US military are about to get kicked out for not getting the vaccine. We have reached Peak Stupid. AOC get arrested and pretends to be hand-cuffed. That shows you what she really thinks of her voters' intellect. Hero gun owner kills Indiana mall shooter and yet on the Left it's not a good thing because he used....a gun. Again Peak Stupid reached. Late Night "comedians" not charged because...they are liberal. Let's be honest. That's the way the DOJ works now. Liberal? No charge. Not-Liberal, charge. Ask Hunter Biden,

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