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  • EP46 - TSN Head of Brand Partnerships - Jamie Saull

    EP46 - TSN Head of Brand Partnerships - Jamie Saull

    03/11/2020 Duração: 57min

    For most of us? 2020 hasn’t been good for business, but if you work in the sport media world, it has been an absolute disaster. Professional leagues abruptly shut down mid-March because of COVID-19, and would spend months trying to find ways to safely restart. For today’s guest, Jamie Saull, his professional world came to a grinding halt. Jamie’s the Head of Brand Partnerships at TSN, a Canadian sports media company that produces live broadcasts and news content for its portfolio of online, TV, and radio platforms. When the sports world stopped, Jamie had to think fast to keep clients invested in TSN. Jamie has always been a sport nut. Playing and watching was a big part of his youth, and when it came time to pick a university program? He enrolled in sports business. He landed his first gig with the CBC while in university. From there his professional career began to take off, and it was doing so well that he had to defer graduation for years until the final class he needed to complete his degree was a

  • EP45 - Pelmorex Head of Data Sales and Product Strategy - Celeste Normington

    EP45 - Pelmorex Head of Data Sales and Product Strategy - Celeste Normington

    15/10/2020 Duração: 43min

    Do you work in digital media? If so, then you already know how comprehensive it can be. You could be working with anything from data to content to search or social—and that’s not even the full list. Today’s guest, Celeste Normington, has seen her career grow with the evolution of digital media. Celeste started out at the old, which offered local search engine advertising solutions well before Google was known for it. From there Celeste moved to Olive Media, where she rose through the ranks from sales executive to management—working on everything from monetizing partnership inventory to leading their charge in the mobile solutions space. Leading French-Canadian news company La Presse came calling, tapping her to lead sales in their Toronto office. Celeste has pivoted away from content and media sales, joining Pelmorex Data Solutions where she is currently their Head of Data Sales and Product Strategy. We chat about everything from growing up in small-town Ontario to the culture shock and exc

  • EP44 - Midas Exchange Senior Director of Strategy - Boris Cho

    EP44 - Midas Exchange Senior Director of Strategy - Boris Cho

    25/08/2020 Duração: 56min

    Marketer, strategist, and nerdologist—that’s the way Boris Cho introduces himself on LinkedIn. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll learn that the Midas Exchange’s Senior Director of Strategy has one helluva story to tell. Boris was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and emigrated with his family to Canada at an early age. 1980’s & 90’s pop culture was a big part of his upbringing—everything from cartoons, comic books, video games, music and even professional wrestling. All of which helped shape the person he is today. And it was pop culture that influenced his early career moves. This includes everything from working in the music industry to opening a pizzeria in Saskatchewan. What’s one of the keys to Boris’ success? I’d argue it’s the way he chases employment opportunities. Never one to take an apply-&-interview approach, he makes sure to do his due diligence on both the role he’s applying for and the company that’s hiring. From there he proactively seeks out the hiring managers, and then pitches to them ho

  • EP43 - CANNADA BRANDS Founder  Creator - Jordan Brooks

    EP43 - CANNADA BRANDS Founder & Creator - Jordan Brooks

    28/07/2020 Duração: 51min

    Science argues that people are either left brain or right brain thinkers. Left brain people are more likely to analytical, while right brain thinkers tend to be more creative. However, today’s guest, Jordan brooks, defies this theory by straddling both sides of the spectrum. A native of Barrie Ontario, music was one of Jordan’s passions growing up, but upon graduating from university he found himself working in the AdTech world. He’s held roles at AdConion, Olive Media, and was one of the early employees at Cadreon’s Canadian office. As a matter of fact if you go through his LinkedIn profile, you’d think he’s completely a numbers guy. Jordan has taken all of that collective AdTech & data experience and founded CTRL-X, a “cut the crap agency”. But he hasn’t stopped there. Indulging his creative side, Jordan recently launched CANNADA BRANDS—a new video production studio dedicated to telling the entrepreneurial stories of Canadian cannabis purveyors. CANNADA BRANDS Victor Genova I

  • EP42 - Pressboard Co-Founder  CEO - Jerrid Grimm

    EP42 - Pressboard Co-Founder & CEO - Jerrid Grimm

    23/06/2020 Duração: 01h05min

    Entrepreneurship is something that was engrained in Jerrid Grim’s psyche from an early age. In fact if you ask Jerrid, he’ll tell that his younger self believed that starting a business was the only way to make money. A native of suburban, Edmonton, Jerrid’s first job was a local flyer route. But unlike most kids who are stuck spending hours bundling flyers before lugging them out for delivery, young Jerrid outsourced part of the labour to his sisters—essentially turning his first job into his first ever managerial role. After high school Jerrid enrolled at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he studying marketing. After graduation he landed a job selling advertising space on bike racks throughout Edmonton. With little structure, it was the type of role that required an entrepreneurial mindset for success. From there he moved over to Pattison Outdoor, one of the latest outdoor advertising companies in Canada. Jerrid had planned to take a year off to backpack Europe. The only problem? A

  • EP41 - Wine Renaissance Woman  Entrepreneur - Angela Aiello [pka Super Wine Girl]

    EP41 - Wine Renaissance Woman & Entrepreneur - Angela Aiello [pka 'Super Wine Girl']

    09/06/2020 Duração: 43min

    Wine: It’s one of the few things as old as time. There are different types & colours, and it can range in price from inexpensive to unaffordable. It’s also the one of the few exports many countries aggressively compete to be known for. Picking the right wine is enough make your head spin, but today’s guest, Angela Aiello, has spent the better part of her career helping young adults make sense of it. Angela started in hospitality while at university, working in the Four Diamond restaurants at some of the Niagara Region’s biggest wineries. After graduation she relocated to Toronto, continuing in wine retail. From there she moved into the corporate world, working at XM Satellite Radio before pivoting into Executive Recruitment. But Angela continued to pursue her passion for wine on the side. She harnessed the power of social media, uploading self-made wine info videos to YouTube. Those videos laid the foundation for what would eventually become the iYellow Wine Club, Toronto’s premier wine club Angela so

  • EP40 - Clue Digital Co-Founder  CEO - Joshua Alvernia

    EP40 - Clue Digital Co-Founder & CEO - Joshua Alvernia

    28/04/2020 Duração: 42min

    Going out and starting your own company isn’t easy, but it’s difficult to resist when you have a solution that could benefit an entire industry. And that’s what today’s guest, Joshua Alvernia, and his peers have done. Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Clue Digital: a comprehensive marketing service that leverages automation, data science, and analytics to improve media performance on customer acquisition campaigns. Ad tech was the farthest thing from Josh’s mind growing up. He was in a band, with ambitions of making it in the music business. When that wasn’t panning out he pivoted into advertising, enrolling at Sheridan College just weeks before the semester began. His first advertising gig was agency side working on the mother-of-all clients, General Motors. But it was less about the client and more about the timing that would set Josh’s career on its current trajectory. His time on General Motors coincided with the growth of ad tech, where ad buying and analytic platforms started taking a bigger role in

  • EP39 - Group Director, Strategy @ Omnicom Media Group - Terra Sharek

    EP39 - Group Director, Strategy @ Omnicom Media Group - Terra Sharek

    14/04/2020 Duração: 26min

    From small-town Northern Ontario to the heart of Canada’s media industry, today we chat with Terra Sharek, Group Director of Strategy at Omincom Media Group’s, Red Magnet. Originally from Dundalk, Ontario, Terra spent the early part of her life on a farm. She moved to Beaverton during her high school years and then relocated to Barrie, Ontario to study advertising at Georgian College. Terra’s media career started before she even had the chance to graduate, beginning as a digital media assistant at M2 Universal, and looking after high-profile clients such as the Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Royal Bank of Canada. From there she moved on to senior digital roles at OMD and Vizuem. Terra pivoted to media sales when the opportunity presented itself with the Globe and Mail. But agency life would come calling again, and Terra took a full-on programmatic role at Touché under the Omicom Media Group banner. An internal promotion moved her to Red Magnet, a sister agency specifically created to serve Rogers Commun

  • EP38 - datakris inc. Founder - Kris MAKUCH

    EP38 - datakris inc. Founder - Kris MAKUCH

    31/03/2020 Duração: 28min

    Data, it’s what many people refer to as the ‘new oil’. It’s supposed to provide the unbiased insights companies need to make key decisions. But extracting those insights is easier said than done, and that’s what today’s guest, Kris Makuch, aims to change. Kris is the founder of datakris, a consultancy that interprets and uses data to help companies retain and acquire new customers. Originally from Poland, Kris’ family immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto when he was just 2 years old. He caught the video game bug early on when he received a Sega Genesis, and has been a lifelong gamer ever since. He spent a year studying geography at Carleton University before pivoting to Advertising & Marketing at Sheridan College. His first break in the media industry came at Mindshare, where was on the team handling Walmart’s media buying & planning. He moved deeper into the retail world, taking a data analyst role at EB Games. From there Kris made the jump to the Omincom Media Group, taking on a series of data

  • EP37 - CYTRINE CONSULTANCY Founder - Cynthia Rubino

    EP37 - CYTRINE CONSULTANCY Founder - Cynthia Rubino

    25/02/2020 Duração: 35min

    Entrepreneur, senior media executive & leader, award winning media buyer, and one of the early advocates for mental health & wellness in the media industry, Cynthia Rubino, stops by to chat. A Cosssette media alumnus, Cynthia landed at the agency right out of university. In an industry where it’s not uncommon for talent to move around she stayed at Cossette, moving from planning assistant to media manager during her 16-year tenure with the agency. When Novus Media expanded into Canada, Cynthia was one of their first hires. After building and establishing the Novus Canadian office, she moved into teaching where she currently mentors and educates the future media leaders of tomorrow. It was also during this time that Cynthia founded CYTRINE CONSULTANCY, a firm that provides 2 services. The first being media strategy, buying & planning, and the second dedicated to wellness and mental health solutions. Mental health in the media industry is something Cynthia has become very passionate about. She's the founde

  • Episode 36 - Daily Hive Co-Founder  CRO - Manny Bahia

    Episode 36 - Daily Hive Co-Founder & CRO - Manny Bahia

    07/01/2020 Duração: 25min

    Starting a website might be easy, but finding success in today’s digital publishing world is extremely difficult. Both audiences and advertising dollars tend to be concentrated between a few popular platforms, with the rest of the internet duking it out for the leftovers. But that didn’t deter today’s guest, Manny Bahia, from jumping in. Manny is the co-founder and Chief Revenue Office of Daily Hive—a news, information, and entertainment site servicing millennial audiences through localized editions in select Canadian and US cities. Originally a computer science major, Manny shifted to business after taking a microeconomics elective in his first year. It was during his time in University that he co-founded the website Vancity Buzz. Vancity Buzz would later be renamed Daily Hive as part of national expansion strategy into Toronto and Montreal. Expansion into Calgary and Edmonton followed, and just recently Daily Hive has gone international, adding Portland and Seattle to the family. Manny Bahia talks to

  • Episode 35 - BRS CEO  Founder - Brooke Robinson

    Episode 35 - BRS CEO & Founder - Brooke Robinson

    29/10/2019 Duração: 40min

    You can call Brooke Robinson many things- social media maven, entrepreneur, and multiple sclerosis survivor. One of the OG’s of social media strategy, Brooke’s career started at Sunlife Financial, where she was charged with managing their social media presence. Her experience took her to the agency world, where she would start and head-up, Mindshare Canada’s first-ever social media department. There she worked on campaigns for clients such as American Express and Ford, to name a couple. It was during this time that Brooke was handed her biggest challenge yet- she was diagnosed with an accelerated form of multiple sclerosis. One that had her walking with a cane, and was poised to have her wheelchair bound. A chance meeting with a stranger would set her recovery in motion. He advised Brooke about an experimental treatment in Ottawa. As luck would have it, she qualified for the procedure which put her MS into remission. Brooke’s gone out on her own founding BRS, where she’s lending her marketing experience

  • Episode 34 - Twitter Manager of Large Client Solutions - Ivan Pehar

    Episode 34 - Twitter Manager of Large Client Solutions - Ivan Pehar

    20/08/2019 Duração: 33min

    Educator and Sales Leader, these are two ways you can describe today’s guest, Ivan Pehar. Ivan’s media career started agency side, where he worked at a number of (agencies) including Mediacom and OMD. His work in performance marketing caught the eye of AOL, which recruited him to manage advertising campaigns for their home internet service. He pivoted to AOL’s media sales department after the company got out of the ISP business, and went on to hold senior media sales roles at Sympatico MSN and Yahoo! Canada. Ivan is currently the Manager of Large Client Solutions at Twitter Canada, and when isn’t helping brands creatively engage audiences in 280 characters or less, he’s teaching college students the fundamentals of advertising.

  • Episode 33 - Mellor Croy Managing Director - Zoltan Toth

    Episode 33 - Mellor Croy Managing Director - Zoltan Toth

    06/08/2019 Duração: 37min

    Many people have made the jump from media sales to agency life. But few have left the world of media sales to start their own agency, but that’s exactly what Zoltan Toth- Managing Director of Mellor Croy has done. A lifelong music aficionado, Zoltan's first media gig was overseeing the jazz time slot at his University's campus radio station. After graduation he parlayed that passion into a full time career, holding positions at Denon Music, Koch Entertainment, and Entertainment One. He pivoted into media sales at Famous Players—looking after the emerging world of in-cinema advertising. Famous Players was eventually bought by Cineplex Entertainment, and after nine years with the company he made his first entrepreneurial foray into agency life with Octopus Media. Zoltan’s latest venture is Mellor Croy, a boutique agency providing senior level media buying/planning expertise to a variety of clients.

  • Episode 32 - MightyHive Managing Director - Tessa Ohlendorf

    Episode 32 - MightyHive Managing Director - Tessa Ohlendorf

    02/04/2019 Duração: 37min

    From selling domain registrations to media buying & planning to building & managing advertising trading desks, Tessa Ohlendorf has quite the expansive resume. But if you look back at the early part of her life, you’d be hard pressed to find a direct path to the ad tech world. Born & raised in Toronto, Tessa’s early passions were rooted in photography and art. But it was philosophy that captured her mind and would become the cornerstone of her university education. After university, Tessa entered the world of internet marketing- holding positions Tucows & HostCompare. Tessa would eventually pack a suitcase for New York City and the life of a Madison Avenue media executive. While in New York, she held senior roles at CrossMedia and Convergence Point, all while starting her own agency— Online Media Management. The great recession of 2008 brought Tessa back home to Toronto where she went on to senior roles at Mindshare. She’s the founding employee of Cadreon’s Canadian office, and is now leading MightHive’s

  • Episode 31 - Blue Ant Media President of Canadian Media - Jamie Schouela

    Episode 31 - Blue Ant Media President of Canadian Media - Jamie Schouela

    15/01/2019 Duração: 40min

    Jamie Schouela, Blue Ant Media's President of Canadian Media stops by to chat. A Montreal native with a life-long passion entertainment, Jamie always found a way to tie this passion into both his academic and work life. From campus DJ to summer student running the promo van for a Montreal radio station, after university Jamie moved into full-time marketing gigs for some of the biggest names in Canadian media including Alliance Atlantis, Canwest, and Shaw Media.

  • Episode 30 - Compass Content Marketing Founder - Emily Baillie

    Episode 30 - Compass Content Marketing Founder - Emily Baillie

    04/12/2018 Duração: 38min

    The Media People Podcast turns the big 3-0! For our 30th episode we get a look into the life and career of educator & entrepreneur, Emily Baillie. The founder of Compass Content Marketing, Emily’s story starts in the small town of Grand Bend, Ontario, and continues to cities like Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, along with a brief stint in Dublin, Ireland. Social justice has played a major part in her career. Emily’s held positions at both the Irish Human Right’s Commission and Legal Aid Ontario. In-between she’s managed to mesh her passion for travel with communications, heading up content marketing for luxury travel group, Kensington Tours. Not only is Emily her own boss, but she is also putting her experience to work in the classroom, teaching the future marketers of tomorrow at McMaster University and Humber College.

  • Episode 29 - INNOCEAN Worldwide Canada Director of Programmatic  Ad Operations - Tracy Ball

    Episode 29 - INNOCEAN Worldwide Canada Director of Programmatic & Ad Operations - Tracy Ball

    23/10/2018 Duração: 41min

    Have you ever volunteered your way into a management role? Tracy Ball has. The founder of Stars & Strollers- a program where parents enjoy a day at the movies with their toddlers, impressed corporate partner Cineplex so much that they bought the idea, and made her made their manager of groups sales and special events. But this just one of many roles in the career of Tracy Ball. This Waterdown native studied Broadcast Journalism at Mohawk College. After graduation she jumped into the entertainment industry, booking talent for campus events. From there she pivoted into media, holding sales support and leadership roles at the CBC, Sun TV, Pelmorex Media, AcuityAds, among others. She made the jump from media sales into the agency world, and now heads-up programmatic advertising at INNOCEAN Worldwide Canada.

  • Episode 28 - Published Author/Head of Partnerships at True Calling - Tyler Cameron

    Episode 28 - Published Author/Head of Partnerships at True Calling - Tyler Cameron

    19/06/2018 Duração: 27min

    Tyler Cameron, published author and media sales leader stops by to chat. What make’s his story so interesting is that it’s full of career jumps and pivots. Born & raised in small-town Northern Ontario, Tyler relocated to study radio broadcasting at college in Hamilton, Ontario. After college he pivoted into media buying and planning, landing at mega media agency, OMD. From there he made the jump to media sales, hocking TV and digital ad space at TheScore, Rogers Media, and Brightroll. Tyler is currently the head of partnerships at True Calling, but he’s also a published author. He'll give us a peak into his first book- A Dude’s Guide to Surviving his Wedding.

  • Episode 27 - CIBC Director of Digital Marketing  Operations - Yuli Shumsky

    Episode 27 - CIBC Director of Digital Marketing & Operations - Yuli Shumsky

    17/04/2018 Duração: 37min

    Yuli Shumsky, the Director of Digital Marketing & Operations for Canadian financial institution, CIBC, stops by to chat. Born in the Ukraine before the fall of communism, Yuli, emigrated to Canada as a teenager. He went on to study at York University in Toronto, and quickly caught the advertising bug through a summer marketing gig. He liked both the work and the paycheque, and decided to swap his life around going from full time student and part time employee, to part time student and full time employee. The rest of his story reads like an unofficial history of programmatic advertising, where we worked on early digital bidding platforms well before anyone had coined the terms real-time-bidding or programmatic. Yuli is also one of the founding members of Toronto AdOps, a not-for-profit organization aimed at bringing together advertising operations professionals from all corners of advertising industry.

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