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  • Radical Surgeries & Vinnie's Neck - Episode 1898

    01/08/2021 Duração: 34min

    : Episode 1898 - On this Sunday School episode, Gina Grad and Vinnie Tortorich talk radical surgeries, Vinnie's neck pain and recent doctor visit, CBD vs. hemp, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS RADICAL SURGERIES Several years ago, Vinnie had an insane shoulder surgery. It was called a ream and run surgery. He could not sleep for decades prior to the surgery. Vinnie was off of all painkillers after two weeks despite the doctor telling him it would be 3-6 months. Now, Vinnie is having terrible pain again. This time, it's his neck. The lightning bolts are in his neck and sometimes radiate up to his skull. Vinnie is assessing the need for surgery now. He's putting in the research to find an amazing surgeon, and he knows this search could take years. Recently, Vinnie went to a doctor who simply did not help him. He had to wait months for the appointment, and it was completely underwhelming. Much of the appointment fe

  • Beating Daily Pain & More - Episode 1897

    31/07/2021 Duração: 45min

    : Episode 1897 - On this Saturday show, Carlos Duran joins Vinnie to talk his weight loss journey, cramping, beating daily pain, learning how to feed yourself, helping others, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS GETTING HEALTHY AND STAYING IN SHAPE Carlos began this way of eating a little over 5 years ago. He is 55 now, and very muscular. He's been lifting weights since he was 15 years old, and hasn't quit. Around 40 years old, he gained about five pounds every years, and got up to 265 at 6'5". At the time, he thought he was eating right, but eventually realized he was just lied to. He wasn't trying to lose weight, and figured he was healthy. By accident, Carlos found Vinnie's podcast. In just over a week, he lost 10 lbs. After around 3 or 4 months, he got to 225 or 230. When he started losing this weight, he also cut down on the exercise a bit, and is still in better shape and health. BEATING DAILY PAIN He ended

  • Hiking Mt. Whitney with Don Coddington - Episode 1896

    30/07/2021 Duração: 01h19min

    : Episode 1896 - On this Friday show, Don Coddington joins Vinnie Tortorich to discuss their trip to Lone Pine to hike Mount Whitney, misconceptions about salt, Don's fat loss, food addiction, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS HIKING MOUNT WHITNEY Don and Vinnie tried to hike Mt. Whitney recently. First, they stayed in Lone Pine. It's a very, very small place. For Mt. Whitney, they only give 100 passes a day. The question Vinnie and Don have is: why? There is so much space! For other mountains in CA, WA, and CO, there are thousands every day. They finally learned why, and got the 411 on the mountain's rangers. This year, Don and Vinnie climbed it without a pass -- they know this wasn't right, but they picked up trash on the way up and down. They tried to do the hike a couple of days. To prep, they did a shorter hike. After a failed attempt for Vinnie, they were plagued by thunderstorms. Vinni

  • New Ultra Fat Flavors, Omega-3s, & More - Episode 1895

    29/07/2021 Duração: 28min

    : Episode 1895 - On this Wednesday show, we talk upcoming new ultra fat flavors, our vitamin subscriptions, an omega-3 product launching in September, other new products, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS NEW ULTRA FAT FLAVORS We're going to announce some new ones in the coming weeks. Be patient and get ready for more Ultra Fat! Also, we're a couple of weeks from having this product on Amazon. OUR VITAMINS Bottom line, after almost seven years, we are opening our daily multicap and some of our bundles for single purchase. We will still incentivize the subscription. If you buy from our site, everything's a bit cheaper. Our Omega 3 is looking at an early September launch. It's the highest quality! Made from small fish, and supercharging with krill. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts.

  • Accidental Fasting, Mt. Whitney & More - Episode 1894

    26/07/2021 Duração: 01h16min

    : Episode 1894 - On this Monday show, Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk accidental fasting, Badwater and Mt. Whitney, airport food, Anna's 48 hours, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS ACCIDENTAL FASTING Vinnie isn't personally a big fan of intermittent fasting. He's not the guy who fasts, and he thinks fasting is not for everyone. But, the perk of being fat adapted, is if you can't get good food over some period of time, you'll be okay. This happened to Vinnie. When he climbed much of Mount Whitney, he didn't eat. He could only make it because he was fat-adapted. When you're in a pinch, being fat-adapted can certainly help. It's also good when you're traveling --- many airports only have crap. MT. WHITNEY Vinnie and Don tried to summit Mt. Whitney while Vinnie was in town for Badwater. However, he got up much of the mountain and began feeling like he had the flu. Don then couldn't find him on the mo

  • Studies That Don't Make Sense - Episode 1893

    25/07/2021 Duração: 25min

    : Episode 1893 - On this Sunday School episode, Gina Grad and Vinnie Tortorich talk milk chocolate, studies that don't make sense, crazy diets, sugarholics, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS STUDIES THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE There are many studies out there that don't make sense. Like, pasta helps you lose weight and the like. Sometimes they may be legit. But, take a look at who funded the studies. For the pasta study, for example, it was Barilla -- the biggest pasta producer in the country. Money talks! Other times, studies just aren't significant enough to show real results. This milk chocolate study Gina saw only studied 19 women for two weeks, and only controlled their chocolate consumption -- it didn't control for anything else they ate. These studies are problematic because people take them at face value and it doesn't have good results. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the c

  • Taking Care of Cows - Episode 1892

    24/07/2021 Duração: 32min

    : Episode 1892 - On this Saturday show, Vinnie Tortorich and Suzy Demeester talk taking care of cows, Vinnie's next movie, having an honest dialogue, Suzy's health and fitness, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS TAKING CARE OF COWS Suzy works to take good care of cows. She makes sure they are feeling well with essential oils and the like. We need them to feel good to produce milk and be healthy. Overall, cows are treated very well. Her team takes a holistic approach to sustainability. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts. We need it to get big for people to see it. Here's the (BLUERAY, DVD, PRIME) (MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE YET ACROSS THE POND). And the And the [the_ad id="17480"] PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW the film AFTER YOU WATCH!   FAT DOC 1 IS ALSO OUT Go watch it now

  • It Starts with Food with Cynthia Thurlow - Episode 1891

    23/07/2021 Duração: 01h06min

    : Episode 1891 - On this Friday show, Cynthia Thurlow joins Vinnie to talk about her interview chops, life as a Nurse Practitioner, how it starts with food, functional nutrition, her focus on women, intermittent fasting, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Cynthia is a Nurse Practitioner. She is like a doctor without MD next to her name. NPs can be autonomous in certain states. Her interview chops are impressive. Through giving interviews on thyroid issues, she delved deeper into the research and figured out how to present information in a clear and concise way. Cynthia has a podcast and Vinnie was on it. She also does coaching you can purchase. Cynthia has done two Ted Talks! IT STARTS WITH FOOD Cynthia realized that health really starts with food. She was tired of writing prescriptions and wanted to prevent them instead. Five years ago she left clinical medicin

  • Best Of: Taking Your Body to the Limit with Mike McKnight- Episode 1890

    21/07/2021 Duração: 01h14min

    : Episode 1890 - On this Best-Of, Mike McKnight, superstar ultra runner, joins Vinnie to discuss taking your body to the limit, getting back into sports after injury, fat-adapted running, and more! Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS MIKE MCKNIGHT After high school, he was a bit heavy. He picked up running. Once he did a half marathon, he realized he was a pretty good runner. Mike suffered a broken back after a ski accident–following this, he really got into ultra running. 3 weeks into his broken back with a body brace on, he went out and ran half a mile. He felt bad, but it didn't hurt, so he started running every day. He recovered very quickly and began running 10+ miles every day. Trail running really appealed to him and he got hooked. He is also the winner of the Ultra Running Triple Crown: he had the fastest cumulative time over the Bigfoot 200, the Tahoe 200, and the Moab 240 in 2017. T

  • High Ketone Levels & The Best Exercise - Episode 1889

    19/07/2021 Duração: 01h16min

    : Episode 1889 - On this Monday show, Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk Walkmans, the best exercise, high ketone levels, dinner parties, horrible fat shaming, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS THE BEST EXERCISE The BEST form is exercise is the one you will actually do. People scoff at this, but Vinnie means it. If there's something you'll do for longer while you listen to music, do that. If it's walking, that is ALWAYS better than nothing and can be excellent exercise. HIGH KETONE LEVELS Vinnie has been attempting to keep his ketone levels very high. Normally, he eats between 40 and 50 g of carbs a day and easily stays in ketosis. This is in part because he exercises so much. These days, Vinnie wants to be super fat-adapted before he climbs Mt. Whitney. Vinnie wants to be between 3 and 5 when he's active on the ketone level reader. Right now, he's eating 10 g of carbs a day or so. This isn't neces

  • Misleading Weight Loss Ads - Episode 1888

    18/07/2021 Duração: 32min

    : Episode 1888 - On this Sunday School episode, Gina Grad and Vinnie Tortorich talk wrong names, Pinterest, weight loss ads, evil fat shaming, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS WEIGHT LOSS ADS Pinterest has banned weight loss advertisements. They ban the good and the bad. Fad diets aren't on there, but neither are good lifestyles like NSNG®. Some people advertise as coaches even though they don't know  Vinnie likes the crackdown here. It's hard for people to distinguish between what's good and bad, real and a lie. DISCONNECTING FROM YOUR PHONE Disconnect to connect. When he isn't doing work on his phone, he isn't ON his phone! Our phones are so powerful; use them for powerful things, not too much entertainment. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts. We need it to get big for people to see it. Here's

  • Casual Exercise and Eating Meat - Episode 1887

    17/07/2021 Duração: 48min

    : Episode 1887 - On this Saturday show, Jackie Jones joins Vinnie to talk her NSNG® journey, casual exercise, eating meat, phone consults, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS JACKIE'S STORY Jackie has followed NSNG® for a long time -- 2015. And with that, the podcast. Jackie has also been instrumental in some of the meet-ups. At her heaviest, Jackie weighed 190. Now she weighs 135. In 2016, Jackie actually gained weight, but she knew it was her fault. She wasn't really doing NSNG® . Jackie was really sick, and now she's the healthiest and most natural she's ever been. CASUAL EXERCISE Jackie only casually exercises. She walks, hikes and rides a bike, but she's not hardcore about any of them. No more gym, just for fun. You don't need to be super fit or the like. It's just important to keep moving. EATING MEAT Jackie eats a LOT of meat. She likes to have meat with a lot of meat. Burger patties are a staple. A

  • Badwater: The World's Toughest Footrace - Episode 1886

    16/07/2021 Duração: 01h18min

    : Episode 1886 - Chris Kostman, creator of Badwater, joins Vinnie to talk the world's toughest footrace, Chris's journey to ultra events, the course, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS BADWATER Chris is the founder, creator and host of the Badwater events. There hasn't been a Badwater event since 2019! These events are incredibly complex, so adding anything is very difficult. He wants his events to have a human drama element. Many people who do these events overcome a LOT to do them. Those who participate have amazing stories (think of Mike McKnight, for example!). For Chris, many of the pioneers of ultra races were his heroes. He wanted to do what they were doing! THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST FOOTRACE This weekend, the Badwater 135 is happening. It begins July 19.  Runners will be taking off in the evening. This makes the race harder. People are sleep deprived and doing some of the toughest climbs during the

  • Fixing Small Mistakes - Episode 1885

    14/07/2021 Duração: 31min

    : Episode 1885 - On this Wednesday show, Andy Schreiber and Vinnie Tortorich talk fixing small mistakes, our dynamic bodies, our nut butter supply, future NSNG® Foods products, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS FIXING SMALL MISTAKES Many who believe they are eating clean are making small mistakes. You may not notice it, but your liver doesn't lie! If you get one or two things wrong, that can stall weight loss. Doing a very thorough examination of everything you're eating can be helpful. Talk it through with other people, or with Vinnie if you can manage a phone consult! It's all about figuring out what the problem is and fixing it. Vinnie doesn't thing true plateaus exist for many (though hormones can affect things). Your body is always dynamic. NSNG® FOODS Our nut butters should be close to caught up by now. Some of our equipment broke, and this taught us we need back up equipment! We have new products coming out. S

  • The Easiest Roast Chicken & More - Episode 1884

    12/07/2021 Duração: 01h09min

    : Episode 1884 - On this Monday show, Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk Stevie Ray Vaughn, Yelp reviews, the easiest roast chicken recipe, ketone levels, sauces, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS YELP REVIEWS Some websites like Yelp seem to take reviews up or down based on who pays. Yelp may be one of the ones who ensures this is not the case. Companies on Google are able to request their reviews be doctored. EASIEST ROAST CHICKEN Anna talks through an excellent chicken recipe. You can find this recipe  First, she does a dry brine. If you separate part of the chicken, you can put pads of butter in. Check out the video on YouTube! Anna shoves up a few slices of lemon and basil, cilantro, or whatever herbs she has. Add some Villa Cappelli, and she throws it in the oven at 425 F. On the side, Anna is roasting green beans and zucchini. Anna makes some brussell sprouts and pancetta, too. KETONE LEVELS Don't

  • Marketing Trickery - Episode 1883

    11/07/2021 Duração: 37min

    : Episode 1883 - On this Sunday School episode, Gina Grad and Vinnie Tortorich talk marketing trickery, "keto" products, important metabolic hormones, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS MARKETING TRICKERY A lot of products are marketed as keto or low carb when they are still unhealthy. Gina found a dessert mix that says 'keto-friendly' across the lid, but is full of chemicals, sweeteners, and crap. Generally, if something is specifically marketed as keto or the like, it's not good for you. These products are simply trying to catch your eye and play on your desire for sweet -- that sugar or grain addiction for many. Eat real, whole foods! Even these keto foods can have over 30 grams of carbs per serving. For most keto people, this is as much or more than you'd eat in a day. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the ch

  • Setting Goals & Getting Stronger - Episode 1882

    10/07/2021 Duração: 39min

    : Episode 1882 - On this Saturday show, Ashley Penkal and Vinnie Tortorich talk setting goals and getting stronger, adding weight, and more, and Vinnie talks Ashley through some exercises that will improve her strength.  Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS GETTING STRONGER Ashley has been on the show Many found her inspirational, and she's back! Now, she's working on building core strength. Currently, she's up to SIX chinups. She started from ZERO in January! She'll continue working her way up to ten, then she'll start adding weight. Vinnie would suggest she wait until she can do several sets of 20 to add weight. When people add weight, that's when they get hurt. For Ashley, setting the goal was really important. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES and AMAZON Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts. We need it to get big for people to see it. Here's

  • Feeling Healthy, Cookbooks, & the Boring Truth- Episode 1881

    09/07/2021 Duração: 01h06min

    : Episode 1881 - On this Friday show, Anna Vocino joins Vinnie to discuss feeling healthy, getting out of work mode, Monty, Amazon and Eat Happy, Too, Pinterest's crackdown, the boring truth, NSNG® starter tips, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS FEELING HEALTHY Since we've been stuck indoors, many of us have avoided getting sick. We'll all hate to remember the feeling of a cold or the flu when it happens. Vinnie tends to get sick for 24 hours or so around Christmastime each year. Also, Vinnie has been feeling good recently. He's had crippling back and neck pain for some time now. But, for the past few nights, something changed and he is feeling better! You don't realize the importance of feeling healthy until you feel sick. Sugar in wine makes Vinnie and Anna both feel sick. It can also be important to take time to rest -- both with respect to exercise and other work! If you're working from home, try to

  • Squeezing in Exercise - Episode 1880

    07/07/2021 Duração: 35min

    : Episode 1880 - On this Wednesday show, Andy Schreiber and Vinnie Tortorich talk squeezing in exercise on busy days, unnecessarily expensive health and fitness products, our commercial kitchen, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS SQUEEZING IN EXERCISE Lots of people say they can't find the time to exercise. However, everyone has time to do it! You don't have to do it all in one chunk. For Andy, it's going on some quicker walks with his dog. Vinnie will do a couple exercises for 10 to 15 minutes, and revisit other exercises for the same period throughout the day. It's not as good as exercising in one chunk, but it is CERTAINLY better than nothing. This is also more in line with our historical working out. If you want to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise, you just have to fit it into your day. EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS Lots of companies sell more because their products are expensive. Take the Peloton, for example: it's succes

  • Eggs and Legs and HIIT - Episode 1879

    05/07/2021 Duração: 01h15min

    : Episode 1879 - On this Monday show, Vinnie and Anna (and the billionaire Don Coddington) talk dating, estrogen in plastics, eggs and legs and HIIT, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS DATING Dating used to be quite different. At 19, Vinnie was in clubs at 1:30. Vinnie drove a fun car. Now, we have The Bachelor. There was no Uber or cell phones or anything of the like. EGGS AND LEGS AND HIIT Vinnie needs his eggs. It's how he stays lean and mean. He'll have three eggs minimum, usually. On leg day, Vinnie's consuming at least 6 eggs. He'll eat at 7:30/8, then do some work, then work out and 10 or 11. If no eggs, then bacon. Usually, Vinnie isn't doing HIIT. Lance Armstrong didn't even do much HIIT. Even with steroids and his peak physical condition, he would let his body reset each week after a HIIT session. The idea you burn more fat doing this and you should stop doing cardio and just intervals is bad advice.

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