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Discussions of the many facets of Motherhood, with a particular focus on the Postpartum journey. You've had the baby - now what?! As told from a Doulas perspective, helping women to empower themselves from fertility through to postpartum. Sharing ways for women to be supported in order to heal, thrive and kill the mom game.


  • 118 | Podcast Pause

    01/08/2022 Duração: 23min

     In today's solo episode, McLean talks about going through the process of her own rebirth and mid-life awakening. Feeling at peace and untethered as she steps into the unknown. She talks about letting go of any attachments that need to fall away without demonizing them and just being aligned with what aligns with who you are today. Plus, McLean shares her thoughts about the podcast pause, expanding, rebranding, and coming back with a new version of herself. Finally, McLean is sending love to everyone going through their own journey of up-leveling and awakening. In this episode of Mother the Mother:Entering the Leo season and stepping up into our sovereignty Traveling and coming back to Tennessee, McLean’s hometownMcLean going through her rebirth and mid-life awakeningFrequency medicine and fearlessly being in a new timelineTrusting your own journey and letting go of any attachments that are holding you backTaking a pause with the podcast and rebrandingOther ways you can work with McLean during her podcast

  • 117 | Rebirth with Kenzie Burke

    13/07/2022 Duração: 59min

    In today’s episode, McLean is joined by Kenzie Burke as they dive into Kenzie's journey of awakening and rebirth. Based in Malibu, California, Kenzie Burke is the founder of BRÛLÉ; a clothing line whose namesake stems from its definitional association with fire. For founder and designer Kenzie Burke, fire is the impetus from which artistry springs forth. After gaining acclaim in the health and wellness space, Kenzie burnt it down to launch her lifelong passion: a clothing line focused on bringing lasting taste into fashion. BRÛLÉ is where life emerges from ashes. Kenzie previously managed a wellness social media account and created a podcast with more than 600,000 downloads. She also produced three health and wellness books and a superfood line of biodynamic coffee and cacao. However, in 2021, she disengaged from wellness and focused solely on fashion. McLean was inspired by Kenzie’s pivot and wanted to have her on the show to be an authentic example of how to support yourself through massive change. Kenz

  • 116 | Consciously Navigating The Medicalized Journey of IVF with Kelli Moore

    29/06/2022 Duração: 01h05min

    Today on Mother The Mother, McLean talks about the struggles and victories of going through fertility treatment with her good friend, Kelli Moore. Kelli is the co-founder and CEO of Soulfire Productions, the premier podcast network for thought leaders, free thinkers, and visionaries. In this episode, Kelli shares with McLean all the ups and downs of her IVF journey with her husband. Plus, Kelli talks about how she’s dealing with her mother's death and how she's healing from it.In this episode of Mother the Mother:How Kelli and her husband's relationship started and how it led to their pregnancy journey Her IVF journey and how it affected her relationship with her husbandEffects of going through the fertility treatmentDealing and healing from losing her motherGetting through unhealed mother traumas Preparing for home-birthSponsor Info:This show is supported by:Bamboobies | Use code MTM to get 25% off sitewide!Organifi use code: mother for 15% offNeeded use code: MOTHERTHEMOTHER20 for 20% offC &

  • 115 | Mother, Mentor, Leader - Becoming Iconic with Jen Szpigiel

    15/06/2022 Duração: 01h23min

    Today on the show, McLean is joined by Jen Szpigiel as they talk about what it's like to be in harmony with the lifepath of motherhood, work, and being your unique self. Jen has created a multi-million dollar global iconic brand for life, business, and leadership. As the owner and founder of Becoming Iconic®️, Jen is infusing years of wisdom, pure-clean energy, and proven strategies for the visionaries, legends, and entrepreneurs who want to break expired paradigms and shift the narrative within their businesses, relationships and lives. As an industry leader, top mentor, and podcast host, be ready for Jen to expand you into your full potential as the most epic, vision-centric leader for yourself and your legacy.In this episode of Mother the Mother:How to stop the pursuit of balance and live your life in harmony by being in the momentTaking the guilt and shame off from mothers who are working and doing their own thingThe logistics of simultaneously handling work and motherhood Recognizing your journey thr

  • 114 | Eclipse: Endings and Beginnings

    25/05/2022 Duração: 50min

    In today's episode of Mother The Mother, McLean talks about grief as she reflects on how she felt in the 7th year of her father's passing and the death of a friend — a shade tree. Hear her contemplate how we should honor our life's journey and not skip ahead of ourselves. Plus, McLean talks about depression and the increasing rate of suicide due to sickness and the effects of the pandemic.In this episode of Mother the Mother:The ripple effect of presently grieving something brings back grief from the pastThe energy McLean wants to bring forth and help resonate with everyone in her lifeHonoring life's journey and not jumping ahead of where you currently areThe beauty of eclipse season where endings and beginnings happenSpiritual warfare in experiencing suicidal tendencies through sickness Sponsor Info:This show is supported by:Bamboobies | Use code MTM to get 25% off sitewide!Organifi use code: mother for 15% offNeeded use code: motherthemother for 20% offC & the Moon use code mclean15 for

  • 113 | Beyond Relationship Labels with Jessica Esfandiary

    11/05/2022 Duração: 01h25min

    Today on the show, McLean dives into the world of polyamory with coach and podcaster Jessica Esfandiary! Jessica, host of the Open Late podcast, tells her story of opening up her marriage and finding a better version of herself in the process. She shares what led her and her husband to wanting to date outside of their marriage, all the struggles and challenges they faced along the way, and clears up some common misconceptions about non-monogamy. And now, she’s on the path to becoming a mother via surrogacy, and she and McLean discuss what that means for her relationship now. In this episode of Mother the Mother:Breaking down preconceived notions about non-monogamyHow to balance more than one romantic relationshipChallenging the nuclear family dynamic and why community is a huge piece in polyamory Jessica’s experience starting the surrogacy journey Tips for if you’re interested in opening up your relationshipThis show is supported by:Bamboobies | Use code MTM to get 25% off sitewide!McLean’s Resources: Instagr

  • 112 | Birth Outside the Matrix with Emily Stanwyck

    27/04/2022 Duração: 01h37min

    Today on the show, McLean is joined by her good friend Emily Stanwyck. A mom of two, wife, trainer & BIRTHFIT Coach, and a birth doula, Emily has a vast amount of experience in the wellness and birthing world. She works advocating for freedom, informed consent, and birthing out of the medical system. She teaches birth education and leads a year long doula training and mentorship program in the hopes that more women will stand up for their rights in the face of childbirth so that they can feel empowered, whole, and complete when she brings a child into the world and becomes a mother! Today, she and McLean dive deep into the world of birthing. Listen as they chat about the birthing wisdom we’ve allowed ourselves to forget, why women need to learn how to trust their bodies again, and rethinking the role men should play in labor and delivery. In this episode of Mother the Mother:Creating new paradigms with old wisdomHow women can use birth as an opportunity to take back their power  Reclaiming female-centered

  • 111 | Why Your Intuition is Enough

    13/04/2022 Duração: 58min

    McLean is back with another solo episode! And today, she’s talking about intuition and birth. We as women are so often taught not to trust our bodies, but there’s an innate wisdom we hold, despite what any experts may say. McLean breaks down why birth has become a big business in recent years, touches on what it’s like to work towards empowering women within a broken medical system, and shares a powerful story about freebirthing that changed her. Listen to feel empowered, refreshed, and to learn how to start finding your way back to that innate wisdom and intuition you have inside of you. In this episode of Mother the Mother:Reflecting on birth and renewal through the lens of springtimeWhy there’s power in your heart space and womb space Breaking the cycle of generational birth traumaWhy we’ve lost sisterhood and how to get it backWhy your intuition is enoughMcLean shares the powerful experience of being able to witness a freebirth This show is supported by:Bamboobies | Use code MTM to get 25% off sitewide!Mc

  • 110 | The Truth About Breast Implant Illness & Explant Surgery with Amanda Porta

    30/03/2022 Duração: 01h19min

    Today McLean is joined by holistic beauty coach and advocate for BII (Breast Implant Illness) awareness, Amanda Porta. She’s here to share her story, from getting breast plants in her 20s, selling implants as her career, to the dozens of symptoms she then suffered from for years, and eventually finding healing with getting an explant surgery. She’s now a patient advocate for women going through Breast Implant Illness, having gone through the illness herself, she has explanted, detoxed, healed, and can guide women through their own explant journeys. She has advised thousands of women around the world from celebrities to athletes to prominent businesswomen that have trusted her expertise to support them through this health crisis. She and McLean discuss the history and types of implants, the lack of informed consent with implants, and how they can even affect breastfeeding. Her story is amazing; she went from unknowingly selling the very thing that was making her sick, to now helping other women find healing. I

  • 109 | Honor the Season You Are In: Spring Alignment

    16/03/2022 Duração: 38min

    The seasons are changing, and we have a choice to either fight the change, or move and flow with it. And on today’s solo episode, McLean brings clarity and encouragement to those fighting the movement of the seasons, and shares how she’s been learning to honor the seasons in her own life and what benefits she’s reaped from it. Plus, hear her contemplate on the lack of community and help in our patriarchal culture, why mothering is the most important work, and how to begin honoring the season you’re in by surrendering your days to the flow of life.In this episode of Mother the Mother:Learning the art of surrendering your day the importance of asking for helpHow to begin honoring the season you’re currently inNavigating the paradox and unknowns of motherhoodWhy we’ve lost community we’ve been set up to fail in this patriarchal systemMcLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Ways to be held by McLean: Sovereign Society: This is a space for you to be with whatever you are goi

  • 108 | Spiritual Lives of Babies & Mothers with Emily The Medium

    02/03/2022 Duração: 01h23min

    Today on Mother The Mother, McLean is joined by good friend and professional Psychic Medium, Emily Greene, also known as Emily The Medium. Emily helps connect people with their loved ones on the other side, provide psychic guidance on people's life path, and connect people to the Souls of the children they are meant to have. She and McLean share some powerful moments from a card pull, and then dive into how they’ve been honoring the changing seasons in their own lives, even if it means taking a step back. Plus, they discuss Emily’s work and how she’s been experiencing the energetic shift in pregnancy and births. In this episode of Mother the Mother:Emily’s story and why she felt pulled into the work she does How intuition has become a mainstream concept Why the energetic missions of babies being born today are more amplified than everThe rise in miscarriages and stillbirths in relation to our current cultural moment McLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Emily’s Re

  • 107 | Co-creating Your Life with Spirit

    16/02/2022 Duração: 33min

    In today’s episode, McLean reflects on her family's recent experience with COVID, and the spiritual lessons she’s learned from it. There’s something powerful and healing that happens when confronted with illness, and she shares her thoughts on what it meant to her not just physically, but emotionally. She also touches on why we as women struggle with receiving love, how to accept and give it out freely, and shares a different way to think about self-care.In this episode of Mother the Mother:McLean’s experience with contracting COVIDThe healing and growth that comes with confronting what you’ve been fearingWhy self-care is not always simply indulgence, but investing in things that are good for youHow to not fall into the trap of comparison and discontentMcLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Check out Christina Rice’s book Manifestation Mastery Ways to be held by McLean: Sovereign Society: This is a space for you to be with whatever you are going through in the pre

  • 106 | Waking the Bear with Governor 2022 Candidate Reinette Senum

    02/02/2022 Duração: 01h04s

    Calling all Mama Bears - it is time to wake up! McLean is kicking off the return of her podcast this year with Governor 2022 Candidate Reinette Senum. Reinette is a 4th generation Californian born in San Francisco and adopted and raised by her parents in the Sierra foothills. Reinette believes in the real California spirit of can-do individualism, bold entrepreneurship, and fully transparent accountability. She is a proven truth-teller; even when the truths are hard and right now, there are some real hard truths that we have to deal with as a state, country, and humanity. She will always fight for a robust civic engagement that ensures a healthy and prosperous legacy for generations to come. This conversation is guaranteed to ignite within you a remembrance of sacred responsibility in this lifetime. A remembrance that what we choose today will impact the next seven generations and beyond. It will inspire you to speak out, take a seat at the table and get more involved in your community. By the end of this epi

  • 105 | Growing Together with Birth Doula Carson Meyer

    24/11/2021 Duração: 01h51s

    In today’s episode, McLean is joined by a certified birth doula, nutrition consultant, and birth photographer, Carson Meyer. Carson is located in Malibu, California but attended New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she pursued studies in child development, art therapy, and complementary medicine. In 2016, Carson returned to Los Angeles and began her journey as a doula supporting parents through a healthy and peaceful pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, in the environment that best suits their needs. With a strong passion for environmental health, Carson also launched an all-natural and environmentally conscious skincare line, C & The Moon. She is an old soul, a powerful space holder, and fellow Scorpio with clear direction, passion, and purpose for what she came to this Earth to accomplish. Come here the inspiration that is, Carson Meyer. In this episode of Mother the Mother: How Carson fell in love with the birth world and found her calling How Carson navigated the pan

  • 104 | “Asking For a Pregnant Friend...” with Bailey Gaddis

    10/11/2021 Duração: 01h05min

    In today’s episode, McLean is joined by author, birth doula, and hypnotherapist, Bailey Gaddis. Bailey authored Asking for a Pregnant Friend and Feng Shui Mommy and is a regular contributor to media outlets including Working Mother, Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Newborn, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Disney’s Babble, and more. She also volunteers for a program where she offers in-home support to parents of newborn babies, specifically single mothers and those with babies with special needs. In this episode, they discuss the healing process of writing her book Asking for a Pregnant Friend, the heartbreaking prevalence of shame, guilt, and embarrassment for many women during their pregnancy and postpartum experience, navigating triggers, and heavy emotions following pregnancy loss and so much more. These are the conversations that are needed and at the core of what Mother the Mother is all about. Lastly, you will hear in this recording that Bailey is in the final weeks of pregnancy and preparing for the birth of he

  • 103 | Dying: Acceptance, Grief & Discussing Death with Children | Real Talk

    27/10/2021 Duração: 35min

    In today’s Real Talk with McLean, she shines a light on the area society tends to shy away from the most - death. Like birth, it is a portal that all of humanity experiences and yet as a culture, we struggle with finding the right words to discuss this deep and mysterious part of our existence. As always, McLean has found the words to both comfort, explain the unexplainable and leave all who have had death touch their lives feel seen, heard, and supported. Whether you have carried the haunting questions that arise from someone you love committing suicide, experienced the drawn-out loss from chronic illness, or are in the impossible place of needing to explain death to your child, McLean has your back. In this episode of Mother the Mother: How to talk about death with our children Finding acceptance and beauty in the death dimension and transition of souls Support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide  Navigating life after experiencing the death dimension McLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemothe

  • 102 | In Service to Mother with Georgiana Johnson

    13/10/2021 Duração: 01h05min

    Today, McLean is joined by friend and fellow birth doula, Georgiana Johnson. Georgiana has been cooking for families and working as a full-spectrum doula in LA for the past 8 years. She is originally from London, England but has been on an adventure in the United States for almost 15 years now. Her passion is to protect, celebrate and nourish the family unit. This conversation is soul medicine. It is woven with notes of comfort, support, and dripping with the oils of sacred magic that is Motherhood.  In this episode of Mother the Mother: The importance of training for the marathon that is birth, postpartum, and motherhood Speaking to conscious conception + the gift of spirituality How to protect your family unit in a loudly influential world Celebrating the magic of womanhood  McLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Georgiana’s Resources: Instagram: @georgianalouella Mom Club Membership: For ongoing monthly support in a nourishing container please check out the Mom Club

  • 101 | The Sacredness of Pregnancy & Postpartum | Real Talk

    29/09/2021 Duração: 36min

    In today’s Real Talk with McLean she invites you into the sacred portal of pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Her journey will forever begin and end with recognizing where the world falls short and quickly stepping in to provide the support needed. Hit play to soak your being with her words, cleanse your soul with her offerings, and above all, receive the reminder that you are worthy of creating the life you want.  In this episode of Mother the Mother: Reflections on humanity’s addiction to control How to create the life you want The importance of immersing yourself in the sacred portal that is pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond Auric field protection and making choices for the future generations to come  McLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Mom Club Membership: For ongoing monthly support in a nourishing container please check out the Mom Club Membership via are 2 tiers - Ascension & Alignment for group support as well as  New Mo

  • 100 | Reflections + Visions for the Future | Real Talk

    15/09/2021 Duração: 30min

    In today’s Real Talk with McLean she shares deep reflection. Reflections about the collective energy over the past several months, her personal energy levels, and the beautiful journey that has become this podcast. Today is Mother the Mother’s 100th episode and in pure McLean fashion, she is sharing where it all started, where it has been and visions for the future of this show. In this episode of Mother the Mother: Reflections on the world and how to be brave Unpacking the underlying truth of overwhelm How to be the light in a time of darknessReflecting on where the podcast started, where it has been and visions for its future  McLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Mom Club Membership: For ongoing monthly support in a nourishing container please check out the Mom Club Membership via are 2 tiers - Ascension & Alignment for group support as well as  New Moon Circle that will be offered monthly on the evening of the New Moon. All li

  • 099 | Stepping Into Your Sovereign Truth | Real Talk

    01/09/2021 Duração: 27min

    In today’s Real Talk with McLean she shows up to her life dharma in a big, bold, and stunningly authentic way. This portal of time has been rough for so many and the fires of fear, doubt, and isolation seem to rage on with no end in sight. This conversation is a life raft when you are at your lowest point, a glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow, and a sacred invitation to once and for all step into your sovereignty. McLean believes it is time for us all to come together and it starts with hitting play on this episode. In this episode of Mother the Mother:  How to step boldly into your life dharma  The power of human connection + danger of isolation  Finding sovereignty + power in your truth  Navigating friend groups, relationships, and social media during divisive times  McLean’s Resources: Instagram: @motherthemotherWebsite: Mom Club Membership: For ongoing monthly support in a nourishing container please check out the Mom Club Membership via are 2

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