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The Freelance Podclass is not your ordinary podcast! It features a series of actionable lessons designed to help you solve the biggest challenges you are facing in launching and growing a profitable Freelance Business. Join the founder of Freelance University, Craig Cannings, and an amazing faculty of Freelance experts as they offer valuable and practical step-by-step lessons and guides to up-level your skills and make you competitive in this rapidly growing Freelance economy. As a Freelancer, you need to "keep learning to keep earning," so access fluff-free, practical mini-classes that will inspire and propel you to live a flexible, thriving and profitable Freelance life!


  • Student Spotlight: Building a Web Design Business from Scratch with Lisa Doiron

    25/05/2023 Duração: 23min

    How do you transition from being a stay-at-home parent to a freelance business owner? Today our guest is Lisa Doiron, a stay-at-home mom who built a web design business from scratch after years of taking time off to raise her family.  As a long-time student at Freelance University, she has valuable insights to share about developing skills and leaning on a community for support. Join us as we talk about valuable lessons learned during the freelance journey and effective strategies for finding clients!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Lisa Doiron - Lisa shares how she got started in the freelance space and how it’s impacted her and her family. [3:04] Being a stay-at-home parent and then going back to work - Lisa explains what it was like making that transition. [3:43] The value of transferable skills - Lisa describes the core services she currently focuses on in her business. [5:06] Offering WordPress services vs. Squarespace or Wix - how WordPress has challenges but also valuable benefits that make i

  • Student Spotlight: School Teacher to Asana Specialist with Paula Holsberry

    11/05/2023 Duração: 35min

    With all the innovation we’re seeing these days, how do you stay on top of technology and even offer freelance services in that area? Today our guest is Paula Holsberry, who has journeyed from being a school teacher to a freelance Asana specialist with her business, Tessera Virtual Business Solutions. Join us as we discuss some important principles and strategies about niching down and turning a software into an income stream. We’ll also share Paula’s best strategies for developing your expert status and finding clients!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Paula Holsberry and the topic of staying on top of technology and offering services in that area - Paula shares how she got into freelancing, what she did in the past, and where she’s at today. [4:46] Does your niche find you, or do you find your niche? - how Paula’s experience shows that her niche discovered her and used transferable skills from her past career. [6:48] What is Asana? - Paula explains how Asana works and breaks down the services she o

  • The Financial Management Class with Ashley Cline

    27/04/2023 Duração: 37min

    Managing your finances is crucial to running and managing a successful freelance business, whether it’s full time or a side hustle. But many of us struggle if bookkeeping is not our strength. Today our guest is Ashley Cline, a digital marketing consultant and freelancing expert with more than 15 years experience in the digital marketing space. Join us as she shares effective tips, tools, and strategies that will help you manage and sustain your business finances long term, even if you experience cycles of feast and famine!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Ashley Cline and the topic of managing your finances - Ashley tells her story and how she arrived at her current freelance role. [6:27] The importance of freedom to Ashley - the different types of freedom she values and how they shifted to include time freedom and flexibility. [9:16] How freelancers can become great managers of their finances - the importance of treating your freelance work as an actual business. [12:37] The side hustle culture - ho

  • The Work from Home Productivity Class with Hilary Sutton

    13/04/2023 Duração: 33min

    How do you manage the tension between your personal and professional life when you work from home? Today our guest is Hilary Sutton, a fractional CMO, writer, speaker, and host of the Hustle & Grace Podcast, where she serves as the chief explorer in helping people cultivate a flourishing career in life. Join us as we discuss both the challenges and freedoms of working from home. We’ll share important tips, strategies, and tools that will help you optimize your productivity and find your own unique rhythm!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Hilary Sutton and the topic of work-from-home productivity - Hilary shares her story and describes what she’s been doing over the years. [2:42] Craig shares his story and describes what it was like going back to working in a cubicle - how he longed to go back to working from home. [3:49] How working from home has been important to Hilary - explains her work style and the challenges she faced when working outside the home. [6:01] The challenges faced by extroverts

  • Student Spotlight: Military Spouse to Freelance Affiliate Manager with Emma Marriott-Predmore

    30/03/2023 Duração: 33min

    Today we’re thrilled to present a student spotlight with Emma Marriott-Predmore, a military spouse who’s been a virtual assistant since 1999 and now works as a freelance affiliate manager. She’s built a thriving VA agency and referral networks that benefit military spouses and dependents who work remotely and relocate often. Join us as she shares her story and provides many valuable takeaways that will have a profound impact on your business!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Emma Marriott-Predmore and the topic of working as a virtual assistant - Emma shares her journey and how she arrived at her current role. [4:17] Emma describes her VA agency - how it includes military spouses or dependents who relocate often and would like to have a job that doesn’t depend on physical networks. Emma explains how her family members also work as virtual assistants. [6:17] How the VA industry has grown up - Emma and Craig discuss how you can diversify your VA offerings in an era where people now understand what a VA

  • The Website Set Up Class with Brian Hall

    16/03/2023 Duração: 37min

    How do you design a great website for your freelance business? Today our guest is Brian Hall, a conversion optimization consultant. He’s helped big brands like Udemy, L’Oreal, and Ghirardelli increase their website revenue and now helps small business owners and freelancers improve their website strategy. Join us as we discuss the single most important element of a successful freelance website and recommended platforms to choose from. We’ll also share some effective alternatives to help you keep it simple and still reach your target audience!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Brian Hall and the topic of setting up a great website for your freelance business or your clients - Brian explains how he started freelancing/consulting and where he’s at today.  [4:32] How Brian’s transition to freelancing finally worked - Brian shares three important things that contributed to his success. [6:39] Craig describes his experience starting a business while implementing similar strategies - the importance of joinin

  • The Transferable Skills Class with Janine Kelbach

    02/03/2023 Duração: 38min

    How do you bring your previous skills and experience into the exciting new world of freelancing? Today our guest is Janine Kelbach, the CEO of Write RN and host of the Savvy Scribe Podcast. She is a long-time nurse, educator, author, and freelance health content writer who knows a lot about transitioning to freelancing after having a long-term career.   Join us as we discuss the top soft skills that can be transferred to freelancing and the top niches that are in demand in 2023. We guarantee this class will have a positive impact on many of you and encourage you to get started with your own freelancing career or side hustle!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Janine Kelbach and the topic of bringing your transferable skills to the world of freelancing - Janine tells the story of how she started nursing and then pivoted to her new freelancing life. [3:33] The issue of burnout - how it caused many nurses to retire or choose a different career. Janine explains her experience as a nurse and describes how t

  • The VA to CEO Class with Kristy Yoder

    16/02/2023 Duração: 27min

    Are you interested in building an agency or multi-VA firm? Today our guest is Kristy Yoder, the founder and CEO of Smart VAs and host of the Master Delegator Podcast. She leads a team of more than 70 VAs and knows a lot about transitioning from a solopreneur virtual assistant to a CEO. Join us as we discuss the strategies and mindset you’ll need to have so you can overcome challenges and make a successful transition to CEO!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Kristy Yoder and the topic of transforming a solopreneur business into an agency or a multi-VA firm - Kristy describes her journey, how she started and then pivoted to an agency she runs every day. [5:19] How to release control - Kristy describes the strategies and mindset that help her delegate and release control to other VAs in her agency. [8:52] The “ceiling effect” - how you cap your revenues, energy, and capacity when you try to do everything instead of trusting other people. [9:22] The mindset you need to shift from a VA or freelance solopre

  • The Canva Design Class with Rhiannon Rosas

    02/02/2023 Duração: 19min

    Canva is arguably one of the most popular design tools in the world right now. But how do you use it to offer a value-added service to your clients? Today our guest is Rhiannon Rosas, a graphic designer and social media manager who helps service providers stand out online with attractive content that’s cohesive to their brand. Join us as we discuss key graphic design opportunities and important steps for freelancers who want to get started in the Canva niche.   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Rhiannon Rosas and the topic of using Canva to offer a value-added service to your clients - Rhiannon shares the story of how she became a freelancer and what she’s doing today. [2:22] How Rhiannon dove into Canva and how important it is to her business now - Rhiannon explains how easy Canva is to use and how it helps people who are starting their businesses. [3:37] How Canva’s changed the game for companies like Adobe - Rhiannon and Craig describe features from Photoshop and InDesign that are being added to Canv

  • The Top 100 Freelance Jobs Class

    12/01/2023 Duração: 29min

    To kick off a new year and celebrate the 100th episode of the Freelance Podclass, we’ve created a brand new guide called “The Top 100 Freelance Jobs for 2023.” In this episode, we’ll share important aspects of the top 100 jobs and go through many of the categories that will be in demand this year. This guide is the result of intensive research and surveys that uncovered the most in-demand opportunities heading into 2023. It’s our hope that this 100th episode will inspire you to take action by moving in a new direction, tapping into a new niche, and pursuing new opportunities!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Craig shares the vision of Freelance University and the reason why this podcast was created - how FreeU’s focus is helping freelancers learn skills that create opportunities and potentially translate into new income streams. [1:48] Craig introduces the topic of “The Top 100 Freelance Jobs for 2023” - he explains how the different categories were broken down, with jobs selected for each category.   Seven Major Ca

  • The Plan for Success Class

    22/12/2022 Duração: 25min

    As you reflect on the past year and look toward the future, what does 2023 hold for you and your business? Even if you’ve had a difficult year or faced challenging economic times, you can face the new year with a positive perspective. In this episode, we share a 7-step formula on how you can plan for success in 2023 using the acronym FREEDOM – the hallmark of why we exist at Freelance University. Join us as we help you plan for a successful year in 2023!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to the topic of reflecting on what you’ve done in 2022 and pivoting to look at the future with a 7-step formula on how you can plan for success in 2023 [1:27] Craig introduces the acronym of FREEDOM to highlight the topic - he explains how this acronym is the hallmark of why Freelance University exists and embodies his goals and hopes for your business endeavors in 2023.    7-Step Formula to Plan for Success in 2023 [2:35] F: Find or fine-tune your niche - who you’re going to serve and what you’re going to offer. Craig d

  • The Winning Proposal Class with Eman Zabi

    08/12/2022 Duração: 30min

    How do you create proposals that turn into ideal clients? Today our guest is Eman Zabi, the founder of Scribesmith, a copywriting agency, and Terrain, an online learning business. She warns of mistakes you can make with proposals and suggests valuable tips for building a personal connection with potential clients. Join us as we discuss the best ways to ensure you deliver a winning proposal that has both relevance and excellence!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Eman Zabi and the topic of creating winning proposals that turn into ideal clients - Eman tells the story of how she got into the freelance space. [4:52] The benefits of fast-tracking skill development with bite-sized training [5:56] The topic of proposals - Craig explains how the freelance marketplace industry is growing and shares an example that illustrates the importance of writing a relevant proposal.   Mistakes We Can Make with Our Proposals [7:39] #1 Generic proposals - Eman suggests practical ways to avoid making this mistake so that y

  • The Promotions & Discounts Class

    25/11/2022 Duração: 24min

    How do you run effective promotions and discount offers in your freelance business? And should you even offer them? Today we’ll unpack six types of promotions and discounts, with examples of how you could apply them in real-life scenarios. Join us as we discuss the benefits of running discounts not just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday but at other strategic times in your business.   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to the topic of running effective promotions and discount offers in your freelance business - Craig also discusses the question of whether or not you should run promotions and discounts.  [2:43] Black Friday and Cyber Monday - how the holiday season can be a slow time for freelancers and reasons why it might be a strategic time to run a promotional offer that includes a discount. [4:33] The psychology of running discounts - how creating scarcity and urgency can be effective because our audience is conditioned to pursue opportunities for discounts.  [6:10] Why it’s good to run a discount and who

  • The Freelance Writing Niche Class with Melanie Padgett Powers

    17/11/2022 Duração: 24min

    In this episode, we’re diving into the wonderful world of freelance writing! It’s one of the longest running freelance trades and is still popular today. But how do you discover your ideal freelance writing niche when there are so many things you can do? Today we’re joined by Melanie Padgett Powers, a freelance writer and editor who is the owner of MelEdits. She shares a simple three-step process that includes strategies you can use to figure out the what, who, and where of your ideal niche and clients!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Melanie Padgett Powers and the topic of discovering your freelance writing niche - Melanie describes how she got started in the freelance writing space. [4:21] The best freelance niches in 2022 - Melanie lists examples of in-demand niches that pay well. She also shares advice on how to leverage a niche you’re interested in. [6:40] The challenges of working remotely - Melanie explains how she helped others figure out how to work from home. [7:37] Opportunities for writi

  • The SEO as a Service Class with Danielle Gagnon

    04/11/2022 Duração: 25min

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are vital for any business that’s looking to level up their game in Google and get more visibility. But how do you begin offering those services as a freelancer or virtual assistant? Today our guest is Danielle Gagnon, an SEO specialist and lover of all things content creation. Join us as she describes the types of services you can offer, along with key steps you need to follow to launch those services. This is the first time we've ever talked about SEO in the FreeU Podclass, and it’s a discussion you won’t want to miss!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Danielle Gagnon and the topic of search engine optimization (SEO) as a service - Danielle explains how she became a freelancer with a passion for SEO and shares what she’s doing today. [3:56] An example that shows the power Google can have in your business, but only when you’re targeting the right audience and content in your blog posts [5:05] How the average business owner today still struggles with SEO - Dan

  • The Reputation Class

    27/10/2022 Duração: 18min

    In the social media age we’re living in, you can lose your reputation in the blink of an eye. And that’s a problem, because your reputation is everything in the freelance industry. But never fear — today we’re talking about 10 different ways you can establish your reputation as a freelancer or virtual assistant. Join us as we discuss practical strategies you can implement right now to impress both current and potential clients!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to the topic of building a great reputation as a freelancer - Craig explains the importance of your reputation and tells a story that illustrates how companies can quickly earn a bad reputation.    10 Ways to Build a Good Reputation as a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant [3:20] #1 Design a great online presence - the importance of having a good website that will impress potential clients, along with other key elements to include in your online presence.  [6:14] #2 Specialize your services - two options for specializing your services and reasons why

  • The Social Media Manager Class with Latasha James

    14/10/2022 Duração: 18min

    Are you interested in offering freelance social media management services? Today our guest is Latasha James, an online educator and content creator who has encouraged thousands of people to start and scale online businesses. Join us as we discuss how to build a thriving freelance business as a social media manager. Whether you’re currently offering these services or considering adding them to your business, you’ll be encouraged to hear the reasons why this niche continues to be in high demand!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Latasha James and the topic of building a thriving freelance business as a Social Media Manager - Latasha explains how she got started in freelancing and how things evolved to where she is today. [3:07] What Latasha learned from her corporate experience and other jobs - how every experience is a part of your story. [4:12] How Latasha knew when to pivot from a full-time corporate job to a full-time freelance business - the important factors that influenced her decision and advice

  • The Exceptional Subcontractor Class with Sue Harrawood

    29/09/2022 Duração: 33min

    What are the qualities of an exceptional subcontractor? Today our guest is Sue Harrawood, founder of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. She’s been working in the VA industry for almost 20 years and knows a thing or two about subcontracting. Join us as we discuss the qualities of exceptional subcontractors and how you can prepare to be one. Whether you’re interested in hiring subcontractors or becoming one yourself, you’ll benefit from these valuable strategies and insights!    Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Sue Harrawood and the topic of being an exceptional subcontractor - Sue tells the story of how she got started in the VA industry and launched her business. [3:13] What it was like leaving corporate and working in a remote context - the challenges Sue faced and how she received help from others. [6:06] What it was like to hire a team - how Sue started the process of meeting and hiring team members. [9:33] How the know-like-trust factor plays a role in building a team  [10:08] Why subcontracting is

  • The Recession-Proof Your Freelance Business Class

    16/09/2022 Duração: 22min

    How do you build a recession-proof freelance business, able to withstand whatever circumstances you find yourself in? Today we’ll unpack seven strategies to help you prepare for a potential recession and even thrive in the midst of it. Join us as we look to the future with hope, discussing the resilience of the freelance and virtual assistant industries!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to the topic of building a recession-proof freelance business - Craig shares a story that illustrates how freelancing and entrepreneurship often flourish during a recession. [3:24] How a recession creates a level of anxiety and vulnerability that inspires innovation, creativity, and change   Two Types of People Who Emerge During Economic Recessions [4:27] Play It Safe Paul - how he embodies the characteristics of being stuck in survival mode. [5:37] Make It Happen Mary - how she embodies the characteristics we should aspire to as freelancers or virtual assistants. [6:33] Examples of businesses and professionals who showe

  • The Corporate Employee to Freelancer Class with Lindsay White

    01/09/2022 Duração: 29min

    How do you successfully transition from being a corporate employee to a freelancer? Today we’re joined by marketing authority Lindsay White, who left her corporate job in 2019 and created a profitable freelance marketing agency. Join us as we discuss strategies to leverage your transferable skills and enjoy the flexibility and autonomy offered by the remote work lifestyle!   Podcast Outline: [0:00] Introduction to Lindsay White and the topic of successfully transitioning from a corporate employee to a freelancer - Lindsay shares the story of how she made the journey from corporate to freelance. [5:05] How freelancing is now becoming more mainstream and desirable as a lifestyle - Lindsay shares her predictions about a corporate exodus toward remote work. [8:54] Predictions about the growth of freelance need - how many businesses have started outsourcing their work to freelancers. [9:50] The concept of autonomy - how the remote work lifestyle motivates people to do better work.   How to Make the Awkward Transit

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