Every day, I spend five minutes helping you live a better life. I dont want anything in return, and you wont get bombarded with ads. I just want to help. Its that simple.I believe that sharing my life story with the world, and the lessons I have learned from these experiences, can help someone out there. Thats why I do what I do.Sometimes its a random anecdote, sometimes its a new idea, and sometimes its just a good old fashioned pep talk. In my humble opinion, its always time well spent.You can listen to TK Talks Daily on the iTunes Podcast Directory, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, and even by adding my TK Talks Alexa skill to your Amazon Echo. I try to make a five minute, daily podcast, that anyone can fit into their day and get something useful out of regardless of what device theyre using. If you have any ideas for topics, make sure you get in touch by visiting my website Thanks for listening, and keep trying to make today your best day yet!


  • Starting over is hard.

    Starting over is hard.


    Let's talk about the challenges of starting over and leaving a life behind you.

  • You made it. Again.

    You made it. Again.


    Let's talk about how you made it through, again.

  • Hoping and dreaming with friends.

    Hoping and dreaming with friends.


    Let's talk about the lonely road of solitary dreams.

  • Doing our best, instead of their best.

    Doing our best, instead of their best.


    Let's talk about what it really means to do our best.

  • Big changes take big patience.

    Big changes take big patience.


    Let's talk about the patience required to see real change.

  • Happiness Saturday

    Happiness Saturday


    Let's talk about prioritizing your happiness today, because why not?

  • You’re gonna kill it.

    You’re gonna kill it.


    Let's talk about how ready you are.

  • Reflections of Joy

    Reflections of Joy


    Let's talk about what we really want to hear and share at the end of the day.

  • The Anti Distraction

    The Anti Distraction


    Let's talk about all those little things that distraction you what's most important to you in your life.

  • Bearded Friday

    Bearded Friday


    Let's talk about becoming new things.

  • Those old ideas.

    Those old ideas.


    Let's talk about using old ideas to solve new problems.

  • Talking w/ Ashley Carestia!

    Talking w/ Ashley Carestia!


    Ashley talks to me today about the opportunities she has taken advantage of during the lockdown.

  • No excuses!

    No excuses!


    Let's talk about how interruptions in our lives cause us to make excuses.

  • We’re feeling a bit rusty…

    We’re feeling a bit rusty…


    Let's talk about getting back into the swing of everyday life as we transition out of the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Goodness spreads like a virus.

    Goodness spreads like a virus.


    Let's talk about the overwhelming power of goodness.

  • Patience pays.

    Patience pays.


    Let's talk about the need for patience right now more than ever.

  • Six year old wisdom.

    Six year old wisdom.


    Let's talk about our fears today, with a very special guest. My friend Beckham.

  • Take risks on yourself.

    Take risks on yourself.


    Let's talk about the most important risky business there is.

  • The Wednesday Hustle

    The Wednesday Hustle


    Let's talk about taking mid-week inventory of our goals, and where we go from there.

  • Invisible illness.

    Invisible illness.


    Let's talk about living with invisible illness, and how to help those who live with problems like this every single day.

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