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  • Professional Amateurs - ShayJToday Episode

    Professional Amateurs - ShayJToday Episode

    16/12/2017 Duração: 01h22min

    1st episode of "Professional Amateurs Podcast" w/ ShayJToday. I talk to Shay about his new album "{val}you", women, Hip-Hop, and more! Visit today and download his new album! Links We Talk About: "{val}you" Album - ShayJToday Merch - Merch - Tristan Walker - Bevel Blade - Stay (+) Clothing Brand - (@flockaland - Instagram) INM Clothing Brand - - (@inmgxds - Instagram) Friends: Taylor Dall (@lilldallface - Instagram & Twitter) Elly Kaya (@ellykaya - Instagram & Twitter) (@emceenetwork)