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Music and thoughts for the rideshare industry. I will also include some pet topics around #crypto #business #brainhealth and other shiny object topics that catch my attention. The more your brain is exercised and challenged the younger you remain. We all get older but we dont have to be old. I am working on a startup business to provide ride share services in NSW, Australia. There are legal constraints here which actually make life easy for rideshare operators. Feel free to call in Ill do my best to answer any questions or speak to a subject. Sta


  • 02 - Decades of Gratitude and Reviewing My Personal History

    14/02/2021 Duração: 14min

      In preparation for the MER therapy session I had to work out who I was grateful for, in each decade of my life.  As well as reviewing incidents that affected me throughout life that were negative.   If you are interested in getting some MER therapy for yourself, then reach out to me and I'll put you in touch with my mentor.  DM me, on most platforms I am @duncdad --- Send in a voice message:

  • 01 - Get a Coach

    28/01/2021 Duração: 13min

    Documenting my Journey and bringing value wherever I can/ Tracking my thoughts around finding a personal coach/mentor. Personal growth with MER therapy, it's great for getting un-stuck --- Send in a voice message:

  • 00 Introduction - How to get started with a podcast

    22/01/2021 Duração: 10min

    This episode was recorded on an iPhone7 which, in January 2021, is at least 4 generations out of date as far as iPhones go.  I used the Voice Memos function which is built into every iPhone, I trimmed the blanks bits at the beginning and end of the recording and that's as much editing I did. Upload to Anchor, write some words, add some links, press publish! I mentioned as my podcasting platform. Anchor will distribute your podcast on 10+ platforms. If you look at my public Anchor page, you can find links to the various platforms that its on. --- Send in a voice message:

  • Crypto and Rideshare musings

    14/12/2017 Duração: 05min

    Crypto and Rideshare • Value versus cost a couple of rants about these things. You can also follow my crypto musings at --- Send in a voice message:

  • Day 1.1 episode creation error


    I learnt that you can’t edit an episode after you have created it. So these clips should have been in Day 1 episode. --- Send in a voice message: