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Trainspotters is a weekly show on 1BTN in Brighton 101.4FM, DAB+ and online, presented by Ian Lawton and guests. Think bleeps, broken beats, dub, grime jazz, neo-soul, dream pop, Afro-futurism, space disco, Ron Trent house, desert blues, ambient and neo-classical ... It is broadcast 10am fortnightly Mondays 10am. You can also subscribe to the podcast via the iTunes store.Definition of 'Trainspotter' from The act of staring over a DJ's shoulder to see what records he's spinningHave you ever craned you're neck over the booth trying to read the label of a record going round and round on a DJ's turntable and then spent the next 5 years trying to find it?This is the spirit of Trainspotters. We aim to please the anorak inside of you. We play an eclectic mix of great music with an ear for the over looked and under appreciated.Guests, if deemed anorak enough, are invited onto the show to deliver choonage from their deep 'record bags' and they are generally even bigger trainspotters than we are.All tracklists to our shows are on our Facebook page @mrianlawton


  • Trainspotters Podcast 30 Mar 2020

    Trainspotters Podcast 30 Mar 2020

    11/10/2020 Duração: 02h32s

    Recorded for 1BTN radio Brighton