Inside The Business Mind



In this podcast series, youll discover how top performers access their full capacity and how you can do the same.The first edition uncovers the Three Key Facts, that will allow you to access optimum state of mind, flow, creativity and high performance.Understanding facts not beliefs.We recommend listening several times to understand for yourself the relevance in your current business experience and the business you would love to create. You may then hear something you know to be true, beyond current beliefs, to greater insight and clarity.All top performers who realise the power of the three keys, access their true capacity. A capacity that resides in everyone of us.


  • Unshakeable Resilience

    12/08/2015 Duração: 29min

    How would you like to never be a victim of circumstance?Never mind improving resilience, simply have so much less to ‘bounce back’ from.Michael Gilmore is joined by Shereen Qutob a Learning and Development Professional who explains how she was able to keep her head whilst all around, others were losing theirs.During a year that the energy (oil) sector was at an all time low. Shereen gives a candid account of her experience, during significant corporate change.Facing apparent ‘realities’ of fear, security, redundancy, job cuts and acquisitions. Versus the paradox of accessing a calm, clear, balanced state of mind.Not to be missed!

  • Working Less, Earning More.

    30/07/2015 Duração: 32min

    Michael Gilmore discusses the impact on business and the amazing results achieved by Ian Selby (MD of Timbawood Ltd) during their one year coaching relationship. Over the period Ian’s business doubled the sales revenue and is currently on target, this year, to make further significant increases in sales. This result, will position Timbawood in the top 10% of UK companies, in the sector.Discover for yourself, by hearing Ian explain, how he became aware that the business leader, was the key point of leverage for change and success in any organisation.

  • The Three Keys To High Performance

    22/07/2015 Duração: 14min

    Establishing the three key facts behind optimum state of mind, flow, creativity and high performance.Facts not beliefs. Thats worth repeating, facts not beliefs.We ask you to listen to what occurs to you during these Podcasts, not on  the specific content. You'll then hear something you know to be true, beyond belief to what you know.This is why top performers can access their true capacity. A capacity that resides in all of us.