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Two comedian nerds were sitting around one day guessing the answers to questions that came up in conversation... "How many people were around 200 years ago?" "I don't know, like 3 billion?" "Hold on, I'll look it up... only 1 billion!" "Oh, I was way off!" They turned that concept into a game show where they invite a different comedian to guess along with them each week. Like horseshoes, whoever is closest gets the point. Guess along with us, and submit questions for us to ask on the show! Your how-many's, what-year's, and what-percent questions tend to work best, but we're flexible. Go to to submit questions for us to read on the show!Hosted by Cody McCafferty and Arlo Chapple-Berletic


  • 22. Fight For Your Right to Robot - Ben Harpe

    13/10/2015 Duração: 01h08min

    We have a very special guesst this week... It's Ben!!! Ben Harpe that is! We learn about all kinds of stuff through the power of guesstimation, like how Google was originally called Backrub, and how robots will have their own civil rights movement pretty soon.We play When'd It Drop, Talkin' Tech Time, Guesstions, My Kind of Frown, Cost is Correct, and What're They Worth!Music by An Officer and Two Gentlemen, and Neil Cicierega

  • Season One Finale! - Chris Woolsey

    07/10/2015 Duração: 01h18min

    Season one ends the way it began, with special guesst Chris Woolsey! We pack in almost every segment we've ever come up with. We play:Ew, GrowthThis Segment is GarbageWhen'd it Drop?Talkin' Tech TimeSpace GuessplorationYou Autocomplete MeLet's talk about Guess E. X.Cost is CorrectGuess What I'm ThinkingGuess GenesPredictipedia Guess That TuneWe talk about everything from rubber butts to Gene Hackman. Put on your Wayfarer's and make sure you're locked in!

  • 20. Guess Podcast 20th Episode Spectacular - Neil Arsenty

    18/08/2015 Duração: 56min

    Neil Arsenty joins us in guessing! Neil is a comedian and Simpsons scholar who hosts the biggest Simpsons trivia night in Chicago (possibly the world?!), and also hosts a weekly non-Simpsons pub trivia of the Geeks Who Drink variety. He joins Cody and Arlo this week in guessing stuff like…How many (famous) people have ever died during a performance?What year brought us the first animated sequence in a film?What’s the record for the most tree huggers in one place?Segments this week include: Talkin’ Tech Time, Wait Wait Don’t Fell Me, Guess What I’m Thinking, War What Is It Good For? Guessing., Guess Genes, and The Cost is CorrectAre you ready for the VHS Renaissance, and more importantly, are you locked in?Hosted by Cody McCafferty and Arlo ChappleMusic by An Officer and Two GentlemenSimpsons Trivia Chicago - Who Drink @ Holiday Club - Guessing Type Questions to -