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#Adoptees tell their stories of finding their biological family members.


  • 191 - On The Other Side Of The Fence

    26/11/2022 Duração: 54min

    Samantha, from south Florida, watched her adoptive mother reunite with the son she placed for adoption. Samantha found herself anticipating her own reunion one day, so she decided to take action. When she located her birth mother, she learned the woman was very young when she gave birth, was told to forget about the whole thing and had built walls around herself from the trauma of her youth. Samantha remains a positive person, even though she feels like she's an outsider looking in on her birth family.  This is Samantha's journeyWho Am I Really?Who Am I Really? Share Your StoryDamon's story "Who Am I Really? An Adoptee Memoir” Listen OnApple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PlayTuneInStitcherPlayer FMPodbeanYouTubeSocial MediaFacebook Instagram

  • 190 - The Gathering Place, An Adoptee Story

    19/11/2022 Duração: 40min

    Emma described her adoption with words and concepts like "purchased", "captor", and "Stockholm syndrome". Those aren't the ideas behind a healthy parent child relationshipWhen she decided to find her birth mother, Emma would not be deterred by the redacted information her case worker gave her, so she took action... illegally, to steal her birth mother's name. In reunion Emma lacked the tools to maintain a relationship with her birth mother, and stood face to face with her birth father who portrayed himself as an innocent bystander, not a biological relative.This is Emma's journey. The Gathering Place, An Adoptee StoryWho Am I Really?Who Am I Really? Website Share Your StoryDamon's story Find the show on:InstagramFacebookAppleYouTubeSpotifyGoogleTuneIn StitcherPlayer FMPodbean

  • 189 - Reckoning With The Primal Wound

    12/11/2022 Duração: 43min

    Rebecca, from Tallahassee, Florida, grew up in a religious home where she was over protected and adoption was not discussed or explored. In reunion, She learned her social worker who helped her placement had remained friends with her birth mother and was able to connect them immediately. Rebecca is the documentarian behind the movie Reckoning With The Primal Wound, a visual exploration of the landmark book, "The Primal Wound" by Nancy Verrier. She's worked on the movie and an audio version of the book. One has gone very well. The other is blocked by a litigious brick wall that Rebecca didn't anticipate and that's triggering adoptee abandonment issues.This is Rebecca's journeyReckoning With The Primal WoundWho Am I Really?Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/Share Your Story - bit.ly/2imgrtv_ShareDamon's story "Who Am I Really? An Adoptee Memoir” - https://amzn.to/2Y9RNf8Social MediaFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/WAIReally/Instagram - https://www.instagram

  • 188 - Junkyard Girl

    05/11/2022 Duração: 58min

    Carlyn (Kar-leen), from Santa Fe, New Mexico, grew up in a junkyard house in a tough relationship with her adoptive mother. Caryln felt over protected, trapped, and wondering why that was her life. After submitting a DNA test for fun, Carlyn was connected with a biological relative she had never heard of forcing her adoptive sister to finally reveal Carlyn's adoption. The news sent a wrecking ball, sailing through her life. Carlyn's newly found DNA matched biological sister was seeking connection because the woman never really had a family. Soon the pair were told they had no time to waste meeting Carlyn's birth mother.This is Carlyn's journey. Purchase Junkyard GirlWho Am I Really?Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/Share Your Story - bit.ly/2imgrtv_ShareListen OnApple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25mSpotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oEU7bHTuneIn - http://tun.in/piyg9Stitcher - http://bit.ly/2DsqBxk

  • 187 - Through the Eyes Of The Most Vulnerable

    29/10/2022 Duração: 38min

    Today you're going to meet candidate for Congress Maxwell Frost who called me from Orlando, Florida. Maxwell is a transracial adoptee who grew up loved and supported. When he found himself at a crossroads in his life, the decision to run for public office are not, he realized he wanted to get some answers about his birth mother and his adoption. Speaking with the woman Maxwell learned about the cycle of poverty her community has faced. Hearing her story and her unscripted delivery of one of his life mantras was part of what he needed to validate his run for office. This is Maxwell's journey https://www.frostforcongress.com/ (Maxwell Frost For Congress) Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  G

  • ADOPTEE REMEMBRANCE DAY #AdopteeRemembrance Day #ARD

    25/10/2022 Duração: 31min

    This is a special episode of the, Who Am I Really? podcast. My guest today is Pamela Karanova, who first appeared on the show on episode 160, "Stepping Into A Space Of Freedom". She told her story of addiction, thoughts of taking her own life and debilitating depression all in the context of her journey through adoption and reunion. Thankfully, Pam has recovered from much of her life's trauma and finding her way out of the darkness inspired Pam to create some special things. I brought Pam back because she is the empowering adoptee advocate behind two amazing movements - Adoptee Remembrance Day, a global observance of several serious adoptee focused issues and Adoptees Connect a soon to be international movement to get adoptees together in person to support one another. I asked Pam to share about the movements she has started. https://adopteeremembranceday.com/what-is-adoptee-remembrance-day-october-30th/ (Adoptee Remembrance Day ) #AdopteeRemembranceDay #ARD #AdopteesWeRemember Adoptees Connect: https:

  • 186 - No Answers, Just Goodbye

    22/10/2022 Duração: 01h02min

    Lynn, from Danville, Virginia knew she was adopted, but she never knew the secret that hers was a kinship adoption... and she had always known her birth mother. So, Lynn didn't have a reunion as much as a re-introduction to her birth mother through the lens of her true relationship to Lynn. Meeting her birth father, things started off great but the honeymoon faded leaving Lynn confused, but open to exploring how to repair things. Lynn spends her extra time advocating for young pregnant women at a clinic where she lives and she hopes adoptive parents will educate themselves about how to navigate adoption. This is Lynn's journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - 

  • 185 - Cosmically Related

    15/10/2022 Duração: 52min

    Donna, from Scottsdale, Arizona, had a condition at birth which meant she was going straight to the hospital before her adoption, insuring her detachment from her birth mother and her future family, until she recovered. When she was a teenager, Donna was cut off by her adoptive father when she got pregnant then placed her own daughter for adoption. In reunion, Donna has found a best friend in her birth mother, a birth father who's too full of himself and unkind to remain in contact with, and her daughter whom she had to wait years for until the time was right for everyone to connect more deeply. This is Donna's journey Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - http://bit.

  • 184 - Merging Who I Was Supposed To Be With Who I Am

    08/10/2022 Duração: 55min

    Heidi, from Silicon Valley, California, grew up walking on eggshells, crying a lot and "staying small" in her world despite being gifted. She found her maternal family guided by a somewhat famous reunion specialist who helped the reunion along. Heidi says reunion can be weird and awkward for how much time has passed while an adoptee tries to get to know their biological relatives in the present. Her reunions are further complicated by the emotions of her birth mother and birth father being the opposite reactions to her return than she expected. This is Heidi's journey Lyrics to Looking For Me (Lyrics) Looking for Me (Heidi Frederick © 2021) My life a blurry canvas, full of pain and sometimes numb No voice, no choice, grasping for joy, yet slipping through my hands So lost without direction, afraid to ask for help full of fear and loneliness, days and nights all by myself Silent struggle of a misfit, just trying to fit in please tell me what to hope for, don’t let me down again Missing peace, missing pieces,

  • 183 - The Journey Changes Your Soul

    01/10/2022 Duração: 42min

    Jack from Phoenix, Arizona, said as a boy, he was kept separate from his sister who was biologically related to his parents. While he was interested in reunion jack was clearly told his desires were unacceptable. He held off from searching for years only to find later that his birth mother was eagerly awaiting his return. On his paternal side, Jack was met with a wall of protection with the exception of one sister. From a distance jack says he's learned more about his paternal family than they probably know about themselves. This is jack's journey Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH (http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH) TuneIn - http://tun.in/piyg9 (

  • 182 - Avoiding Dysfunction For My Mental Health

    24/09/2022 Duração: 36min

    David, from San Jose, CA said when he was a kid he knew he was talented and smart but his gifts didn't seem to measure up to his adoptive parents expectations. When David learned he was adopted the news, left him wanting to find his birth mother rebelling and challenged to control his behavior. In reunion, David found his paternal family, but similar elements of dysfunction in their family and drastically differing opinions prevent him from getting any closer. This is David's journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Damon's own story in print and audio: Damon's story "Who Am I Really? An Adoptee Memoir” - https://amzn.to/2Y9RNf8 (https://amzn.to/2Y9RNf8) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - ht

  • Veronica

    24/09/2022 Duração: 11min

    I'm back for season 11 of the, who am I really podcast. It's going to be another moving season of open heartfelt discussions about the adoption experience from people from all walks of life. But before we get to the season, I want to update you on my own journey. Some of, you may know that I lost my adoptive mother Veronica on Friday, September 2nd, 2022. It was the end of a long road for her as mental illness had taken such a toll on both her mind and her body. This is another part of my journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH (http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH) TuneIn - http://tun.in/piyg9 (http://tun.in/piyg9) Stitcher - http://bit.ly/2Ds

  • 181 - Living In Adoptionland

    25/06/2022 Duração: 01h19min

    Bryan Elliott, writer, director, producer, grew up in Southern California feeling under prioritized by his adoptive mother. At an early age, he had ambitions of finding his birth family. After extensive research Bryan called a long list of women only to realize she was among those who had repeatedly told him, "sorry, it's not me." when he called. Maternal secondary rejection was solidified with the threat of legal action, but later legal correspondence clarified his birth father's identity in the search for a man Bryan had searched for for decades. It took some coaxing, but Bryan was finally granted full access to his paternal family. This is Bryan's journey https://www.podcastone.com/pd/Living-in-Adoptionland-with-Bryan-Elliott (Living In Adoptionland podcast) Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple

  • 180 - The Wandering Tree

    18/06/2022 Duração: 55min

    Lisa, my guest from episode 168, "A Vein of Gratitude" is back to share how her reunion has been in the year since we spoke. Lisa and I chatted the night before Lisa met her birth mother for the first time. The COVID-19 pandemic had kept them apart, so the moment was imminent that they would finally meet. The reunion went well, even though some discussion topics were closed for exploration. Afterwards, Lisa struggled with her birth mother's expressions of love and the woman's intense desire to connect Lisa to her half-brother. Lisa had an array of reunion, emotions and experiences in the year, since we first spoke. Now it's time for an update on Lisa's journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jc

  • 179 - Building A Personal Trust Community

    11/06/2022 Duração: 56min

    Mike, from SoCo, Maine was cruising through childhood until he was told he was adopted. The news shook Mike's confidence in relationships and the aftermath lingered in self doubt, creeping through his personal and professional life. When he found his maternal family, Mike was welcomed in as his sister lamented that they missed so much time apart. Now Mike serves as Chairman of the Board of the National Council for Adoption (NCFA). He coaches others on bringing their best selves to every relationship through a process of building personal trust communities. This is Mike's journey Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH (http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH) TuneIn

  • 178 - The Adoptee's Aftermath, Jenni Alpert aka Cami

    04/06/2022 Duração: 54min

    Singer/song writer Jenni Alpert, aka Cami, my guest from episode 96, is back to share an update on her life with her birth father, Don. Recall Jenni took on her birth nickname Cami and went under cover in the streets of Los Angeles to locate Don who was hiding from the law, using drugs, and living outside. Using the tools in her belt that she'd accumulated throughout her life, Jenni became Don's advocate and introduced him to alternatives to life in the streets. When she revealed she was a musician, a creative partnership blossomed and they began performing together at non-profit homeless advocacy events, adoption and fostering events, and touring around the country. Don is no longer with us, but Jenni is honoring her birth father by making her life's purpose to uplift others. This is an update on Jenni's journey. Go back and listen to: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/096-the-safe-space-thats-dons-place/id1223841587?i=1000447685072 (Episode 096 - The Safe Place That's Don's Place) Music with Don: U

  • 096 - The Safe Space That's Don's Place

    28/05/2022 Duração: 01h02min

    Singer Song writer Jenni Alpert, commonly referred to by her birth name, Cami had a wonderful life supported by her adoptive parents as she pursued the performing arts. After her adoptive father passed away, she learned that her biological mother had too. Her maternal connections went well over time, but her paternal side remained a mystery. Locating her birth father was one thing… doing reconnaissance, ensuring her safety, and tapping into over a decade of her various volunteer experiences with people who’s lives were in the streets was something different. In their story you’ll hear the dedication of a daughter who found her birth father down and out, accepted him as he was , and worked hard to find a pathway for them to reunite and share their love of music. This is Jenni’s journey. Photo:Cami (aka Jenni Alpert) and her birth father Don Photo credit: Jeff Fasano  Here’s a link to the news story I referenced: https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/father-and-daughter-duo-reunited-in-song-

  • 177 - No Option To Ignore The Hard Stuff

    21/05/2022 Duração: 01h41min

    Alyssa, from Jacksonville, Florida, is a biracial woman who was adopted into a white family in a white community. Living without racial mirrors. She realized in her youth, she was missing a connection to the black community. With identifying information, Alyssa was able to locate her biological parents quickly, but Alyssa is eternally grateful that her maternal aunt was the cherished person she connected with first. Alyssa's relationships with her biological parents are strained for now, but she holds out hope that her birth mother will come to understand how she feels, appreciate that she's doing the work to maintain her own happiness, and that they can reconnect one day. This is Alyssa's journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.

  • 176 - I'm Glad I Opened Pandora's Box

    14/05/2022 Duração: 01h01min

    Shannon, from Hazel Green, Alabama, stood out from her adoptive family in looks and some personality traits. So there was a natural curiosity about her birth family. She assumed she'd be able to locate them, her whole story would be laid out with clear facts about her conception, and everything would make sense. Instead, Shannon found a birth mother who had very little recollection of that time in her life, she was given misleading information, and she spent many years in a reunion with the wrong guy. This is Shannon's journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH (http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH) TuneIn - http://tun.in/piyg9 (http://tun.in/piyg9) Sti

  • 175 - The Thing I Needed To Forgive Myself

    07/05/2022 Duração: 48min

    Kristen, from Minnesota, was a multi-sport athlete in high school, even competing while pregnant with her daughter. She tells the story of giving birth, placing her daughter, then needing years to get her life back on track. In one incredible year, Kristen learned that her birth parents were looking for her, her daughter wanted to find her and that reunion can bring closure and healing while revealing unbelievable coincidences. Kristen talks about some of the right decisions she made in her life and some of the missteps that she wishes she would have done differently as a parent. This is Kristen's journey. Who Am I Really? Who Am I Really? Website - http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/ (http://www.whoamireallypodcast.com/) Share Your Story - http://bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share (bit.ly/2imgrtv_Share) Listen On Apple Podcasts - http://apple.co/2oOd25m (http://apple.co/2oOd25m) Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB (https://spoti.fi/2RN3jcB)  Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oEU7bH

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