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Make My Day is a musical comedy podcast created by genius/model/visionary/legend Marcus Brown. He is humbled by your presence. He also wants me to tell you that he thinks that you're "real cool."For more Marcus head to


  • Alex Fulton and the Halloween Holiday

    28/10/2022 Duração: 43min

    In what critics are calling a “return to form” Make My Day is back with an all new episode. Public intellectual and music business mogul Alex Fulton joins me for a special holiday episode featuring plenty of useful advice to get the most out of your Halloween experience. We cover topics including but not limited to fatherhood, overcoming challenges, positive self talk and the inner workings of Alex’s company FSMG. Please like and share this post to be a good citizen.

  • Health and Healing with Liz Davis

    10/03/2022 Duração: 41min

    Liz Davis is a wellness coach, yoga teacher, reiki and hypnotherapy practitioner and a wonderful person. Join us for a chat surrounding health and wellness, the importance of mastering your mornings, and the power of taking control of your thoughts. As always, Marcus covers the latest in breaking sports news and answers questions from his devoted callers. This episode is brought to you by gasoline and it's new and improved prices!

  • Ethical Manufacturing with Ryan Light

    01/03/2022 Duração: 31min

    Ryan Light is the CEO of Pistol Lake in Los Angeles. Join us as we discuss ethical manufacturing in men's athletic-ware, as well as his story spanning his time with startups in Austin and Boston. Head to to check out more. Also, we take calls on how to deal with political burnout and creative blocks.' You can follow Ryan @snazzymustache and Pistol Lake @pistollake

  • Virtual Concerts, VR and the Future of Media w/ Aaron Lemke

    05/10/2021 Duração: 40min

    Today we welcome Aaron Lemke, the Chief Creative officer and Co-Founder of Wave. We talk about producing virtual concerts with artists like The Weeknd, John Legend, Imogen Heap, and working with director Steven Spielberg during the release of Ready Player One. We also discuss NFTs, virtual reality and how to tread cautiously as new tech becomes more ubiquitous. You can check out wave at Special thanks to our sponsor Blazer Tag and Use promo code MAKEMYDAY for full price!

  • Fauci's Emails, Crypto and More!

    03/06/2021 Duração: 13min

    Today we break down the fallout from Fauci's emails, updates in cryptocurrency, and take the pulse of the nation as callers from around the country let us know their hot takes on these hard times. Today's episode is brought to you by Merriam Webster, the Dictionary, and their Word of the Day: Follow @marcusbr0wn on Twitter and Instagram as well as at

  • Are We Living in a Simulation w/ Nick Hinton

    13/01/2021 Duração: 42min

    The world has been pretty weird lately, so I thought we should get weird too. In this episode we do a deep dive on simulation theory and discuss what exactly is the nature of reality with the legendary Nick Hinton. Plus callers let me know what's on their mind after protestors stormed the Capitol on Monday. You can follow Nick on Twitter @NickHintonn for some amazing and mind bending content. I highly suggest you check him out. This episode is brought to you by "What are you, ProCovid?"

  • Tarot with Keyth Neso

    01/11/2020 Duração: 35min

    Today we dive into the SPOOKY world of the occult with Keyth Neso. Keyth is an artist, producer, author, QHHT practitioner and Tarot reader. For more on Keyth, follow on instagram and head over to to check out his work with QHHT.

  • Jonathan Horstmann on Civil Discourse and the Case for Nonviolence

    02/10/2020 Duração: 41min

    Today we have Jonathan Horstmann on the show. Jonathan is the creator of Just Thought You Should Know, a video series discussing pertinent issues of our day. You can follow Jonathan and his projects at and The Movement for Civil Discourse at Special thanks to Depends for sponsoring today’s episode. Check out their amazing line of products at and be sure to use promo code POOPYPANTS30 at check out to get a special discount for MMD listeners.

  • Max Kerwick on How to Build a Brand

    23/09/2020 Duração: 36min

    In this episode we welcome the host of the Brand Builder Podcast, Max Kerwick. We talk about how to create an impactful and effective brand in the physical product space. If you've ever thought about starting a company or bringing your ideas to fruition in the business-sphere, you'll get a lot out of this interview. Link to The Brand Builder Podcast: If you'd like to support the show, head to or make a contribution on my Soundcloud page. Thanks so much, bye bye!

  • Imaginal Techniques with Noah Lampert

    12/05/2020 Duração: 25min

    On today's episode, we're joined by Noah Lampert of Synchronicity. We break down how to bring about realities and outcomes that you desire through the use of imaginal techniques. You can follow and support Noah at the links below: If you'd like to support MMD head over to

  • How to look good while Quarantined w/ Pat Mertens

    01/04/2020 Duração: 21min

    Longtime friend of the show joins me to talk fashion, guitar and how to stay sane in the age of corona quarantining. Follow him on all the socials at @patmer10s Hit him up for guitar lessons [email protected] Also check out his new record "It's Happening' Now"

  • Annie Grace

    15/01/2020 Duração: 35min

    New year, new you! As we enter into 2020, we're granted an opportunity for clarity and a fresh perspective. Join Marcus and his guest Annie Grace for a meaningful conversation about alcohol, sobriety and making empowered choices. Annie Grace is the author of "This Naked Mind."Through her writing and her new program "The Alcohol Experiment," Annie has helped thousands of people reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. Check out for more!

  • Swapcast! w/ Stephanie's Podcast

    19/11/2019 Duração: 12min

    In this episode Marcus is interviewed by an unknown Podcaster Stephanie. All records of "Stephanie's Podcast" have been erased from the internet for very suspicious reasons. If anyone knows what happened to Stephanie from "Stephanie's Pocast" please contact the editors over at [email protected] with your favorite holiday recipes for a chance to hear yours shared on the show!

  • Make My Day: Episode 46 w/ Henry Terepka

    01/05/2018 Duração: 26min

    Making music is like making a pizza. It's all about the sauce. And the dough. Also the toppings. But really it's the cheese, unless you're vegan. Vegan cheese is terrible. Basically, in the process of making something great, everything matters. Henry Terepka's work in Zula exemplifies this. From his performances and production to the lyricism and the writing, Henry and his bandmates have been making some spectacular music. Check them out at After a nice healthy break Make My Day is back with a brand new episode. I would say it's somewhere between a domino and a soggy papa Jon with extra garlic juice sauce. Thanks for listening!

  • Make My Day: Episode 45 ft. Chelsea LaBate

    14/12/2017 Duração: 50min

    Chelsea LaBate For more than a decade, Chelsea has been relentless. Song after song, creating and touring endlessly. Under the moniker Ten Cent Poetry, Chelsea makes music. Chelsea discovered her knack for songwriting in New York City through the grind and promise of an open mic. Surprised by the early recognition she received from her performances, music took over as the guiding force in her life. Originally a painter, Chelsea followed a new path that led to life, story and adventure. I was introduced to Chelsea through an old friend whose opinions I value highly. As I looked into her work, I immediately gravitated toward her Songcrafter radio series. Built with hours and hours of mixed media, Songcrafter is a course intended to help open the creativity of others, while existing simultaneously as a personal manifesto of expressive power. Chelsea is a creative genius, and her work is an echo of that fact. I am more than honored to share with you our conversation covering path, purpose, persistence and the

  • Make My Day: Episode 44 ft. Candice Leigh

    07/12/2017 Duração: 28min

    Candice Leigh is a healer. I met Candice a few months ago through a mutual friend while out and about in Brooklyn. When she told me what she did for a living, I’d made up in my mind that I’d ask her to come on to the show sometime in the future. “With over a decade of teaching and practicing yoga,” Candice blends Hatha and Vinyasa with the traditions of Tantra as she traverses her own spiritual path. As described on her website (, Candice has “developed a philosophy surrounding the emotional stress caused by presenting an incomplete image of ourselves to the world.” Join me for a special episode of Make My Day that I hope will be both fun and enlightening. MB PS this episode is not brought to you by Miller Lite...

  • Make My Day: Episode 43 ft. Taft Mashburn

    29/11/2017 Duração: 21min

    Taft is one of the most compelling artists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. A relentless creator, captivating performer, and an uncompromising producer. I first met him after he’d moved back from his time spent in New York. Watching him perform, I became envious of the control he maintained over his material. He gracefully dug into song after song, each of the high caliber one witnesses when attending the performance of a true artist. One indistinguishable summer afternoon in Austin, I had gotten together with Josh Halpern (drummer for Marmalakes, Shearwater, TAFT among many others). He was living with Taft in a house just a few minutes walking distance from my own. I didn’t know Taft too well at the time. We came in to say hi and found him in a poorly lit bedroom, hunched over a computer screen working on his music. At that moment, I started to realize that there were artists recording and producing their own stuff. Getting their hands dirty. Not waiting for anyone to give them permission. Just doing it.

  • Make My Day: Episode 42 ft. Adam Westbrook

    14/07/2017 Duração: 29min

    Make My Day: Episode 42 ft. Adam Westbrook. Make My Day returns with an #incredible episode. Get practical fashion advice for this sweltering season, and catch up on sports and all that stuff. Video essayist Adam Westbrook joins Marcus for a conversation on creativity and perseverance.

  • Make My Day: Episode 41 ft. Emily Bell

    27/05/2017 Duração: 32min

    Make My Day: Episode 41 ft. Emily Bell In this episode we welcome Austin musician Emily Bell to talk about creativity, baby birds, and her new EP Kali. You can check out all her awesome stuff at Special thanks to Delta Airlines, Sir Roger Bannister, LeBron James, and the number 41. Intro and background animation by Ofer Shouval @velosounds Show notes page: Random Product of the Day: Fish Tank Thermometer YouTube link: Soundcloud Link:

  • Make My Day: Episode 40 ft. Maki Borden

    12/05/2017 Duração: 26min

    Make My Day: Episode 40 Ft. Maki Borden In today's episode we welcome actor and writer Maki Borden to the show. In our interview we discuss using nervous energy to channel performance, moving to New York City, and table top role playing games. Special thanks to Headspace, American Idol, Spirit Airlines, and Warren Buffett. Intro and background animation by Ofer Shouval @velosounds Show notes page: Random product of the day: Grand Slam Turkey Hunt for PC YouTube link:

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