Let'em Play Ball



Let 'em Play Ball is a basketball podcast which shares the insiders knowledge on everything from AAU, High school, College and Pro Basketball.We share valuable information to aid both parents and players alike as they aspire to take their own path to reach their Basketball goals and dreams. The information shared on this podcast will change your perception of the game and teach you the Do's and Don'ts, politics and business decisions that ultimately affect the player in ways they never imagined.Some of the most influential and impactful people stop by to share their stories with us in hopes of helping both parents and players gain clarity on everything from rankings to sneaker sponsored teams to why bad basketball is never going away. Why Listen to the Let'em Play Ball (basketball) Podcast? It's simple, because the more you know the "Game Behind the Game" the better your chance of reaching your goals and dreams!Become a patron on our Patreon for full interviews!