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Monday Mental Meltdown is hosted by me C.P.B. on Global Funk Radio every Monday Night 8pm to 10pm GMT. I also have a show on Wednesday night 8pm to 10pm GMT called Beats, Beers 'n Booty


  • 17th June 2009 (Re-Upload)


    Beats, Beers 'n BootyAs requested in the chat box here is the show you asked for01 Violet Micro - I Know02 Sterac - Spector03 Diskordia - Psiho Delia04 The Advent - Sketch-O-Matic05 N.U.K.E. - Nana06 Alien Factory - Big Brother (Heavy Mix)07 Bomb The Bass feat. Maureen - Say A Little Prayer (Extended Mix)08 Joey Beltram - The Cold09 Melody - Cool Chillin'10 NRG - Never Lost His Hardcore (Original)11 Massivo feat. Tracey - Loving You12 Liaz - Affection13 Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (CPB Mix)14 Soul Family Foundation - I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby15 Reese & Santonio - Rock To The Beat (New Mix)16 Robot & The D.J. - Energy17 Blastromen - Computer Simulator18 Heiko Laux - Hangin'19 Dave Tarrida - Hell Toupe20 Blastromen - Transition Time21 Poochez & DJ Stevie P feat Stacey G - Dope On The Mic22 Marshall Jefforson presents Dancing Flutes - Do The Do23 The Housemaster Boyz - House Nation (Original 12")24 Enemies Of Carlotta F.O.C. II - Der Feind25 Invision - Don't Break The Rul

  • 08/08/2013

    Finishing off our Original Electro Series is the latest release Crucial Electro 4 mixed by Kurtis Mantronik. I will also be playing tracks from 2012 and 2013 which means we have covered 30 years of Hip Hop / Electro throughout these shows. Come by and join me from 8pm GMT on Criminal Minds - Stand UpDark Vektor - EspeluztacularKurtis Mantronik - Crucial 4 Mastermix Debonaire - My Mind Is GoingThe Fabreeze Brothers - The Pack Up (Part 1)London Posse - Money Mad (Wrongtom Remix)Chrome & Ill Inspired - You Know Who I AmLatee - Brainstorm (Original Version)London Posse - Future No.1Fearless 4 - Club SlappaRick Ross - 100 Black CoffinsBaxim - Boyz Get bassThe Hodd - Lit Up (Locust Assault Mix)Debonaire - The Six Dollar ManDogg Master & Busta Brown - Like A Robot (Original Album Version)Huggy G. Jam - It's Going OffThe Freakazoids - What is a DJ 2012Maggotron - Masters of the QuadrantDJ Tom Oliver feat Maggotron - Brazilian StepsThe Freakazoids - Freakazoid Exper

  • 03/08/2013

    Not strictly a full mixed album like our previous versions, but on Side 2 there is a megamix of all the tracks on Hip Hop 22 mixed by G Force. So, I thought I would include it. I was also hoping Crucial 4 would be here this week, but alas it isn't so this buys us another week (fingers crossed). Tune in from 8pm GMT on where we will be entering into 1988 and dropping some UK flavour, as well as some classics.Juss Bad - Free StyleToo Tuff - Why Am I WaitingSlick Rick - Hey Young WorldM.V.P. (a.k.a.The Click) - The Kings Men Are Out To Get YahMC Lyte - Kickin' 4 BrooklynSindecut - Can't Get Enough (Of Who)JC 001 & DJ D-Zire - I Dis Therefore I AmMasters Of Ceremony - Hard CoreMC duke - I Dont Care Anymore Kiss AMC - Kiss AMCStereo M.C.'s - No One GoodKing Tee - Just ClowningLondon Rhyme Syndicate -  My PoetryMikey D and the L.A. Posse - Out of ControlJury - Thank You Glamorous - I Know You Want Me Public Enemy - Don't Believe The HypeFresh Ski &am

  • 29/07/2013

    Tune in from 8pm for this weeks selection in our Original Street Sounds Electro series... Crucial Electro 3 and other tracks from 1987.M-4 Sers & Fresh Celeste - Leave Me AloneThe Almighty El-Cee - School's Out Sir Jake The StoryTeller - Jayhawk Kool Moe Dee - Rock YouLL Cool J - .357 - Break It On DownD.J. Watkins & Tony T. - Watkins Get Busy Traedonya - Sixteen London Posse - My Beatbox Reggae StyleJuice Crew All Stars - Evolution M.C. Tony Rone & The Devastating 2 - You Turned Your Back On Your Friends E.J.S. - The Party's Pumpin' 3D - Crushin' and Bussin'Grandmaster Flash - Big Black CaddyGigolo Tony & Cutmaster Crash - Tear Shit Up Crucial Electro 3 (Side 2) Tuff Crew - So RidiculousCisco Kid Inc. - Rock To The Beat Double Duce - Fresh Out the Box 2 Live Crew - Drop the Bomb Derek B - Rock The BeatDerek B - Get Down (Extended Remix)Mantronix - Scream (Jack 'n' Chill mix)3D Crew - And That's Word Mighty Mouth - Holywood Party

  • 21/07/2013

    Tune in from 8pm GMT for this weeks selection in our Original Street Sounds Electro Series Best of West Coast and other tracks from 1987Third Degree - Super BassM.C. Player - Rhyming Rampage Bilaaly Bee & Rock Box - Free-Style Sweet Talkin J - Servin Em Well The General & EZ-AL B feat. D.J. Notorious T - The Old School New Choice - Cold Stupid (Extended CPB Party Mix) N.W.A. - 8-BallMixmaster Gee & The Turntable Orchestra - Rip It Off Seville - Make It Funky (2 Minute Encore) The Superkids - Go Queensbridge U.T.F.O. - LethalUltimate Choice - You Can't FrontBody Rock Crew - Power In Our RhymesMC Rap - ZahraKings Of Rapp - Nice 'N EasyRoyal T. - Feel My Wrath Cut King - Why It Gotta Happen To Me D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Taking It To The TopLongsy d - Hip Hop ReggaeKool Moe Dee - Get PaidL.X.D. - My Symphony M.C. Tony Rone & The Devastating 2 - Fight Back Cherlie 'D' - Your Love Is DeadThe Best Of West Coast Hip Hop (Side

  • 15/07/2013

    Tune in from 8pm GMT for Volume 19 in our original Electro series... This is the last of the mixed albums in the numbered category, and with only 2 more weeks remaining (Best of West Coast & Crucial 3) I am still undecided on playing the terrible "Definitive Electro & Hip Hop Collection" mixed by DJ Swerve.Reggie Reg & The Magnificent Minds - I'm Just Rockin' Whipper Whip - Back for More Whipnotizing Hip Hop Crew - Nasty Beat Run D.M.C. - Penthouse Ad 1987Oasis II - The Car Believe It Or Not Ryan Rockwell & Baby D - Makin' Money Ron-Ron & The Agency - Ron-Ron Sundance - Who We AreFat Girls - ViciousFat Boys - Crushin' (Marley Marl mix) D.J. Watkins & Tony T. - Show Me BZ2 M.C.'s - We're Troopers LL Cool J & Rick Rubin - Jack the RipperKool Moe Dee - Let's GoDivine Force - The Jizer Cool C - Juice Crew Dis Sly & Robbie - Don't Stop The MusicGrandmaster Flash - Get YoursElectro 19 (Side 1) Boogie Down Productions - The B

  • 20th July 2013


    Tonight in our Original Electro series is the turn of one of my favourite mixes which is Hip Hop 18. Tune in from 8pm GMT and hear tracks from 1987 to fill the time in ^_^Impact - The Def BeatCompany B (Ish Ledesma) - 808 Express (Unreleased Mix)Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew - Now Dance (original)Electro 18 (Side 1) Kool Moe Dee - SuckersD.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Don't Even Try ItFunky Beat Investigators (FBI) - Kidnapped Eric B. & Rakim - Move The Crowd (Wild Bunch Mix)Krown Rulers - B-Boy DocumentThe Prince Whipper Whip - You Don't Have To Be A Rollin' StoneKrushin MC's - Murder We WroteBeware Affair - I'm Really Rockin'Ms Melodie - It's Fresh ( Cause Ms Melodie Made It ) Electro 18 (Side 2) The Superkids - Live At Hip Hop U.S.A. Ultramagnetic MCs - Bait (12 inch Version)Vitamix - Vitamix, I Love You Divine Force - T.V. Guide London Posse - London PosseKiss AMC & Ruthless Rap Assassins - Kiss AMCDouble Duce - Fresh Out The BoxColdcut - The Music M

  • 26/06/2013

    This weeks Monday Mental Meltdown set including Hip Hop 17 in our seriesAfrika and The Zulu Kings - CarsOverlord X - Let There Be RockLonnie - This Is Our StyleThis Is A Jam - Demon BoyzLady Sugar Sweet - Sugar SweetJunior Gee & The A Team - The Terminator M.C. Duke - Jus DisAsher d & daddy freddy - Ragamuffin Hip HopDJ Groove - Cold Trippin'Sir Quick Draw - Rap-A-Hollic Divine Force - We Came Here Electro 17 (Side 1)M-4 Sers & Fresh Celeste - Jam on the RadioTuff Crew - Def JounGTS (Girls Talkin' Shit) - Skin Tight Dynamix II & Too Tough Tee - Straight from the JungleCookie Crew - Females (Get On Up)Public Enemy - Bring The NoiseRoxanne Shante - Pay BackHurby's Machine feat. Antoinette - I Got An AttitudeMixmaster Gee & The Turntable Orchestra - Loud And Clear Kings Of Rapp - gangster lordsRhymin 2B Climin - Still Chillin Worthy D & The Boys - Nikes On My Feet Raheem The Dream - He Said She Said Fila Fresh Crew - I Hate To Go To WorkBig Daddy Ka

  • 24/06/2013

    Starting off 1987 with Electro 16 in our seriesKings Of Rapp - Kings Control ItMixmaster Gee & The Turntable Orchestra - Bombs Come Down D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - The Magnificent Jazzy JeffElectro 16 (Side 1) Melle Mel Vs. MC BreezeBoys Next Door - Imperial ScratchVandy C. & Bill Blast - Just Feel It Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush the SnowSchoolly D - I Don't Like Rock n RollOriginal Lee Love - Get On The Troop TipHands-Up - Do Crack Take The Rap (Longer Version) Gucci Crew II & Disco Rick - Gucci BrokeNew Music Seminar - Grandmaster Caz Vs BangoMC Twist & The Def Squad - The House JumpsGigolo Tony & Cutmaster Crash - Cutmaster Crash Audio Force Crew - Rapper's Delight with Good Times (Don't Stop Groove Mix)Fat Boys - The Fat Boys at FortyPrivate Party - Puppet CapersTuff Crew-Techno-TuffCentral Unit - Computer Music Software Mix Big Daddy Kane - RawElectro 16 (Side 2) Trio Connection - The Dope BeatNew Music Seminar - Grandmaster Caz Vs Melle

  • 15/06/2013

    Finishing off 1986 with a few selections by me that didn't get played for the Electro seriesCrush Force - Don't Do ItRun-DMC - Slow & LowJoe Cool - That's What I Do At Night (Chill Mix)Cool Carl - Me & My DJ Disco P & The Fresh MC - GirlsK-Lee - No Drugs, No Judge T.C. Islam - Play It Loud (Remix) Beastie Boys - Posse In EffectFantasy Force - Saturday Night Dougie Doug & Master Rhyme - CamelotDoug E Fresh - Play This Only At Night Doctor J.R. Kool - That's DeepCousin's MC's - EmotionsSha-Jam - Cocaine Country Stetsasonic - My Rhyme Emanon -  Lady L Meets EmanonVelore & Double-O - Get Loose Positive K - Getting PaidCentripetal Force - We're So Qrush Rapmasters & DJ 3 - SliceJewel T - Believe It Or NotDana Dane - Delancey StreetSalt 'n' Pepa - My Mic Sounds NiceSuper Kids - The Tragedy (Don't Do It)3 PM - Cocaine, Cocaine Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - The Main Event (Round Two)Robert S. - Don't Dis Me (Long Version) Ru

  • 08/06/2013

    Finishing off 1986 in our Original Electro Series we have Electro 15 and a selection of tracks from the same year with a focus on Philadelphia and the sounds of Schoolly D, Easy Mike and Steady B. Come by and join us from 8pm GMT on Live Crew - Ghetto Bass Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Bed Stuy FreestyleGroove B Chill - Why MeMantronix - Music MadnessDeuces Wild - Hard Is Hard Crush Force - Me and My Levi'sElectro 15 (Side 1)Grandmaster Caz - Count Basey Steady B - Nothin' But The BassE Vette Money - E Vette's Revenge Devastating Dee - Go Brush K Rob - I'm A Homeboy (Radio Version) The Showboys - Drag Rap '86MC Chill - JealousyStevie J - I'm Cold Rockin ItJ.D Krush - Krush style Jockbox - The Skinny Boys Schoolly D - Gangster Boogie (MC, MCs) The Singing M.C. Breeze - Yodelay-Dee-HoooRude Crew - NastyLove Master Ace With Triple S Fee - DiseasesFrick & Frack - You Shouldn't Have Done It Jefferson Ink - Fight the Pip

  • 31/05/2013

    D.J. Polo and Kool G Rap- It's A Demo Philly Crew featuring Mac-Money - P.S. P.S.K. Kotton Kandy - Hit The StudioMasterdon Committee - Get Off My Tip!Chapter 3 - The Biters (Party Version)Salt 'n' Pepa - I DesireFresh Brothers Incorporated - Super Def Rhymes Chilly B Ware - HardcoreAwesome MC's - Dumb Man Goldie - Get Funky B-Boyz - Rock Detroit Blue Pigs - Fight The Crime King Lovsexx - Mr. T.V. Evangelist (Extended Version Dance Mix) Vocalist Brother - It's My World Phaze II - City Groove (Beat Box Party Mix)Micki Dee And The Tru-Crew - Incredible Mantronix - We Control the DiceZ-3 MC's - Triple Threat Electro 14 (Side 1)Professor Rock & RCC Roxbury Crush Crew - Stop Look & ListenUSA Breakers - This Beat Is Hard Simply Deft - DrugsUltimate GQ - We're Def3 PM - Money Is King Fingerwave Dave - Fingerwave Dave I.R.M. crew - I Dream of DJ's Original Concept - Knowledge Me (12" Version) Sir Mix-A-Lot - I Want A Freak Sco

  • 24/05/2013

    This week it is the turn of Electro 13 and all those memories of UK Fresh '86... Come by and join us from 8pm GMT on for more tracks from 1986Centripetal Force - Def Rockin Cool-L & M.D. - Two 4 Success Easy Mike - It's Real Active Boys - Mother On My Back Fresh Express - Stop (Before You Get Started) Goldie - Crack Kid Too Short - Bitch Sucks DickJen Yes - Love Games Robbie B & Jazzy J - Boogie DownM.C.-3 - Rap-A-Holic Smoove Matty Matt - Rappin' Wrestling Paradise - Paradise A Go GoM.C. B. - Oh Inspector Electro 13 - (Side 1)Bass Patrol - Eddy Mix The C.L.O.C. - Searchin' Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Freddy's BackSymbolic Three - Extravagant Girls (Long Version)The Singing M.C. Breeze - Bass & Tone On The MicrophoneTim Greene - Tear Down The Wall Emanon -  SusieK Rock Crew - Betty LouSir Mix-A-Lot - My Studio Simply Deft - Drugs Two Shades of Black - SoftMarty T -

  • 18/05/2013

    Come by and join us in the chatroom, or tune in from 8pm every Monday night on Globalfunkradio as we continue our journey through 1986 and Electro 12 in the Original Street Sounds Series!!!Disco Dave - Yum Yum Eat Em UpMC Serch - Melissa Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - It's The Hip HopThe Two - The Real GrandmasterThe Most - Some MoreDoug E. Fresh - Lovin' Every Minute Of It Emanon -  Fresh BeatsLady L - Ice Cream DreamsKotton Kandy - Hit The Studio (Jeep Mix) Reality Enterprises - Stick & MoveCrush Force - Buckwheat Dance RapCrew Devestation - Good Noyz (Long Version) The Krush Kreators and Mike-D - Girls Do It 2M.C. Breeze - Discombobulatorbubalator Righteous Crew - Cocaine Electro 12 - (Side 2) Starr - Just Say NoWurd - Bad Breath (Disco Mix) TNT - Caught In the Act Toney B & The Boys - Check The Mic Spice - Dance And PartyTwo Shades of Black - We Rock Like HellThe Deuce Crew - Jammin Worse Em - Triple M Bass J.W. - Comic

  • 11/05/2013

    I took a break last week playing a selection of tracks from 1985 whilst I organised the the next set of shows. We start 1986 of the Original Street Sounds Series with Electro 11 so come by and join us from 8pm GMT on Comet - Dee Jay's Dream Bobby B & Dj Slide - Many Women Rock Nation Crew - No Respect Double Force - Abandoned Places The Girl - It's a CrimeColdcut and Steinski - Beats and PiecesThe Klass - Techno Pop Rock Raheem (The Dream) & D.J. Toomp - The Rahim Twins Micki Dee And The Tru-Crew - Party People Lady Fire and Mr. Freeze - Get Busy Spyder-D Feat DJ Doc - I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike)Legion - Merlin (Idlers)Electro 11 (Side 1)D.J. Mix-O-Rap - Rock This Tuf MC's - Ego ManiacDJ Scratch - World ClassSymbolic Three - Bite It If You Wanna (Long Version) UTFO - Split PersonalityEasy Mike - Watcha Call A BeatFreddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Go G. WhizMr. Tuxedo & The Floor Takers - Name Brand