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We have moved to SOUNDCLOUD at: soundcloud.com/jaway-665380859 Jamaica Way Podcast: We feature Reggae, Ska, Mento, Rocksteady, Kaiso, Dancehall, and Roots music. This is the podcast version on a radio program from WRUW called "Night of the Living Dread." Check out the weekly radio program at WRUW.org (search for "Night of the living Dread" on Friday & download it!)Also see the many YouTube video interviews at YouTube under the channel: Jamaica809 -You Won't be disappointed!


  • Lloyd Mason - Pre Ska Jamaican Bassist -

    06/08/2015 Duração: 01h02min

    Lloyd Mason – Jamaican Pre-Ska - Bass, Flute, Oboe, Piccolo The Val Bennett orchestra was playing dance music at a house party on Lloyd Mason’s street (7th Street in Greenwich Town) and a five year old Lloyd snuck out of the house to listen to the orchestra and he stayed there all night long. “Thats where I belong and I believe that’s where my music started – right there.” In 1945 at age ten, Lloyd was living with his mother and became unruly. Soon, his father came to get him and brought him to Stony Hill School. Lloyd’s father served in the Jamaican Army with the bandmaster and arranged for this move in order to teach Lloyd a trade or to learn music. Lloyd was not put into music immediately. He was taken to learn shoe-making. Six months later, the bandmaster came to speak with him and examined Lloyd’s fingers and his mouth, handed him a six-hole fife and said, “You’re going to learn this.” Bass player, Cluett Johnson’s brother was also a youth at Stony Hill School and he played the piccolo. Cluet

  • John Holt - Jamaica Way Reggae Podcast

    01/12/2014 Duração: 01h15min

    www.reggaejamaicaway.com Jamaican music singer John Holt recently passed away. What a great singer. John Holt has a number of very significant qualities that will last over time: Holt was the lead singer for a classic Jamaican harmony group, The Paragons. Holt scored iconic hits with The Paragons like “On The Beach” and “Tide Is High” which was an early crossover hit. Holt then continued with a solo career and again created smash hits with “Ali Baba,” “Stealing, Stealing,” “Police In Helicopter, and “Up Park Camp.” Holt sang the original of “A Love I Can Feel” which became one of the most prominent versioned Reggae songs in history. Holt also sang many of the classic Reggae songs and placed his original touch – marking them as Holt classics: “Only A Smile,” “Before The Next Teardrop,” Tribal War,” and “Can I Change My Mind.” John Holt was a Jamaican super star from a young age and his career spanned decades of music, from Ska, to Rocksteady, to Reggae, and in to modern day Dancehall. Take a list

  • Elephant Man Special - Jamaica Way

    28/04/2014 Duração: 01h18min

    Elephant Man’s music is fun. Not only is the music enjoyable to listen to, but Elephant Man has fun with his music. Usually not too serious, it has some form of gimmick, and it’s packed with energy. Then add a live performance and the formula is complete. As a modern day Dancehall artist, Elephant Man has used this formula to bridge his work from the late 90’s and has continued to make himself viable. In the arena of gimmickry, Elephant Man is a force. He walked onto the scene with red and orange colored hair alongside Harry Toddler, Nitty Kutchie, Boom Dandimite as The Scare Dem Crew. Elephant developed catch phrases like “Good To Go,” “Shizzle Mi Nizzle,” "Bomb A Drop," and was known by the nickname of Energy God. The nickname relates to Elephant’s well known stage performances. Elephant comments, “Mi is a man, so ya see me ya see energy. Mi nah put on. Is just me dat. From mi a lickle yout it just deh ya in mi. The fans, they give me the name Energy god. They see mi climb pon de box, mi go

  • Phillip Smart - "Smart Reggae" Programme 1985

    23/03/2014 Duração: 01h28min

    This is a radio program in original form that Phillip Smart distributed in approximately 1985. The intention was to syndicate the program and it is not know if the program continued or not. Mr. Smart also operated a program from New York University's WNYU radio station called "Get Smart" during the years 1979 to 2004. Surely what is aired here was inspired and fueled though the work at WNYU. Phillip Smart was a recording studio owner, recording engineer, producer, radio host and one that must be remembered when it comes to Jamaican music history. Mr. Smart worked with King Tubby as an apprentice until a move to New York City in 1976. In New York City Mr. Smart started the HC&F recording studio. Enjoy this vintage radio program. It will make you smarter. Rich Lowe www.reggaejamaicaway.com

  • Bunny Rugs TRIBUTE - Jamaica Way

    17/02/2014 Duração: 02h01min

    Bunny Rugs was an early member of Inner Circle, worked as an earlier duo member with “Bunny & Ricky” and recorded "Freedom Fighter" and "Bushweed Corntrash," but he is best known as the front man for Third World. Bunny had a magnificent voice that he maintained throughout his career. His voice was strong, powerful, and commanding. It’s hard to separate Bunny Rugs from Third World as the image is strong and cohesive. When William Clark – Bunny Rugs passed away, we played two hours of his music in tribute. Our selections included two solo albums “Talking To You” on Shanachie and “Time” which was release in 2012. More treasures are contained in the Third World recordings. Dozens and dozens of releases to choose from and we built a “top ten” on the spot which was based on listener calls and requests. Bunny Rugs joined Third World after Milton Hamilton left in 1976. In the following decades the core group of Third World consisted of Bunny Rugs, Irvin “Carrot” Jarrett, Michael “Ibo” Cooper, Stephen “Ca

  • Jamaica Way - Luciano – The Messenger

    07/01/2014 Duração: 32min

    Jamaica Way - Luciano – The Messenger We spoke with Luciano and he reasoned on Rastafari and his visit to Africa. This podcast features that commentary along with a series of ”mutant singles” by Luciano. Mutant in the sense that they are all 7” releases not thought to be widely distributed (not on albums or major labels). In the late 80’s – early 90’s, Luciano recorded dubplates for neighborhood sounds until he and Ricky Trooper crossed paths. Trooper recognized Luciano’s singing ability and took him to the Aquarius recording studio in Half Way Tree Square. Fatis Burrell of Exterminator Productions managed Luciano along with Sizzla and Turbulance at a time of dramatic growth of the Bobo Dread movement. Over time Luciano expanded his recording limitlessly, recording on singles, albums and under contract with International labels. Luciano clearly does not believe in overexposure. In the early 1980’s when Yellowman and singer Don Carlos released volumes of singles and albums, some felt that recording

  • JaWay - Bounty Killer – “The Poor People’s Governor” – with Beenie Man Clash Discussion & Chunes

    29/12/2013 Duração: 29min

    Bounty Killer – “The Poor People’s Governor” – with Beenie Man Clash Discussion & Chunes Bounty Killer a.k.a Rodney Price is one of the Kings of The Clash as well as being tops in the field of Dancehall artists from Jamaica. Bounty helped to boost Reggae Internationally by playing a critical role. Bounty Killer is a clash dj – very blunt and in your face. In the late 90’s and 2000’s, Bounty’s hardcore style was identifiable to the Hip Hop audience and helped to pull in those listeners to Jamaican music. Bounty blended hardcore with down to earth cultural lyrics and built a foundation which others utilized to push Reggae music even further. Still, Bounty has been prolific over the years and today continues to record in great volume and tour the world. In the process, Beenie Man stepped in and crossed Bounty. Beenie is a self described “adaptor.” Much like water, he can fill any space and take on that form. On the tune “Wicked Man,” Beenie used some of the style that Bounty had perfected in the tune

  • Prince Jazzbo Interview and Musik - Ja Way

    06/10/2013 Duração: 23min

    Prince Jazzbo is a Jamaican DJ and was very successful as a Producer in Reggae music with his Ujama record label. Jazzbo started as a DJ on Killa Whip sound in the Homestead area of Spanish Town. At A dance between Killa Whip and Ruddy's Sound in 1971, Jazzbo "clashed" with the great I-Roy. This clash was the start of some of the first musical "beef" between artists - well before Beenie and Capleton and Tupac and Biggie. More importantly, it was a patron by the name of Coxsone Dodd who was at that dance, that invited Jazzbo to Studio One to record the very next morning. Jazzbo was there at 5:00am waiting for Coxsone. Prince Jazzbo is from the original school of toasters in Jamaica - alongside U-Roy, I-Roy, Big Youth, Lizzy, Dennis Alcapone, and others. The style of Dj'ing has a unique sound and style in that era. At the time of this interview Jazzbo was actively producing the artists Horace Ferguson, Horace Andy, Buzz Parker, Little Jazzbo (his son), and Black Thunder out of Belgium. Visit the sourc

  • Mento From Jamaica Part Two - JA Way

    18/03/2013 Duração: 01h13min

    Don't "like" this show, please love this show. This is great Jamaican music from musical history. It is vivacious and fun and a fond memory to many of your relatives. There's so much that we can say, but listen to the Podcast and enjoy! Want more facts? Check out www.reggaejamaicaway.com for an article on this very Mento program. Mento Part Two – Jamaica Way - March 2013 1. Lord Fly & Dan Williams Orchestra – I Don’t Know 2. Lord Fly - Donkey City 3. Lord Flea – Irene and Yo fr’en 4. Lord Flea - Solas Market Water Come A Mi Eye 5. Lord Power and his Calypso Quintet – Miss Goosey – MRS (Stanley Motta) 6. Count Lasher - Pick Your Choice – MRS (Stanley Motta) 7. Count Owen - Melody D’Amour 8. Hubert Porter with the Jamaican Calypsonians – Mass Charley Bell – LP Calypsos From Jamaica – TIMES 9. Monty Reynolds & His Shaw Park Calypso Band – Car Park – Motta’s 10. Arthur Knibbs & Cecil Knott & His Joybell Orchestra – Soldier man - Motta’s 11. Clyde Hoyte & The George Moxey Quartet – Monte

  • Everything Green MIX-Ricky Tenn feature

    18/02/2013 Duração: 44min

    Everything Green is a riddim that was created by Artiist/Producer Ricky Tenn aka Montana Green. This is a riddim that you have probably not heard before as it was produced by Ricky Tenn and had limited distribution. Still, top shelf artists are featured and it has a great sound. As I was spinning the original seven inch releases, I started searching the collection for the Gregory & Ricky combination single that Ricky Tenn released on his Tenn Star record label. I found it along with an old interview with Ricky. Ricky Tenn was a close friend of Gregory Isaacs, so we discuss that connection and share a few stories (that I can tell) of Ricky Tenn. “Everything Green” Riddim Daweh Congo – Strong – Sa Dos 7” 2002 Junior Reid – Misidentification Josey Wales – Thug Life Everything Green Version Pinchers – Somebody Like Me Montana Green – (aka Ricky Tenn) –Top A Top George Nooks – The Lord Gregory Isaacs & Ricky Tenn - Jimmy John - Tenn Star Records Interview Ricky Tenn- WRUW Radio 22 Dec, 2000

  • James Bond in Jamaica - JAWay Podcast

    12/11/2012 Duração: 29min

    This podcast features James Bond's association with the island of Jamaica. Jamaica is exotic, remote, and mysterious and that how it fits so well for Ian Fleming's novels. Fleming lived in Jamaica at Goldeneye and loved the island's culture, people, flora and fauna and much more. James Bond and Jamaica have had strong connections for over 50 years. This podcast focuses on that connection with discussions by Don Topping (Radio announcer and actor in To Live and let Die) and with Keith Lyn (Lead singer for Byron Lee and The Dragaonaires, also featured in Dr. No). We also supply numerous tunes from Dr. No and James Bond music with an Island flavor. Enjoy and please supply us with comments & feedback! Selections: James Bond theme - John Barry Orchestra Skatalites - James Bond - Keith Lyn Interview Jump Up - Eric Rodgers James bond Theme - Rolad Alphonso Don Topping Interview Mango Tree - Eric Rodgers James Bond Girl - The Cimarons

  • Reggae Tribute #3 - JA Way

    11/11/2012 Duração: 01h09min

    This episode features Carlton Barrett, Slim Smith, Nitty Gritty, King Tubby & Freddie McKay. Be sure not to miss the Carlton Barrett and King Tubby features, those are the best! This is a rebroadcast from a 1994 radio program that we compiled on artists in jamaican music that had passed away. We have a total of 52 that we featured in a magazine called The Reggae Directory and most of them are featured here in audio form. Thanks for all of your support so far, we appreciate all comments on the Podomatic site and be sure to "like" us, subscribe and press some of those button! If you are on I-Tunes, we are also available there at "JamaicaWay." More to come, so be on the lookout! Featured: Carlton Barrett Slim Smith Nitty Gritty King Tubby Freddie McKay

  • Barry G Part 3 - JA Way Podcast

    19/09/2012 Duração: 51min

    This is the third and final episode of the Barry G specials. Barry G played an instrumental role in the explosion of Yellowman in 1982 after the Tastee Talent Show victory by Yellowman (Beenie Man took second place in 1982). We feature a 1983 interview with Winston Foster (Yellowman) where he discusses Barry G and then talk with Barry G about King Yellowman's rise to fame. Next is a JBC studio visit with Shabba Ranks, then more radio clips, a discussion on the Royal Philharmonic John Holt show where Barry G was an MC. Miguel Lorne is then interviewed by Barry G about the Bob Marley estate in 1989. *Many thanks to Barry G for his assistance in this Podcast, to Yellowman who we spoke with so many years ago, to David Rodigan, the great Mikey Dread, Don Topping, the A&P Crew from Ohio, and everyone else who has assisted in the creation of this podcast. Segments: Yellowman Interview (1983) Barry G Interview (2006) Yellowman at Reggae Sunsplash (5 August 1982,Jarrett Park Montego Bay) Barry G Interviews Shabba

  • Jamaica Way Reggae Podcast-Barry G (vs. Rodigan) Part 2 of 3

    02/09/2012 Duração: 01h10min

    Barry G is the "Boogeyman" down in JA. Barry G is also Barrington Seymour Gordon a sophisticated Jamaican radio announcer since 1975. He has worked at JBC, RJR, Power 106, Hot 102, KLAS, and nows hosts an afternoon slot at Mello Fm 88.5 Barry G is also known for his work with Yellowman in the early 1980s, which helped to boost Yellowman into the international market. This podcast features Barry G's work with England's David Rodigan as well as Barry G's own sound system - Wha Dat Sound. Barry and Rodigan had radio clashes during the period 1983-1989 in JA and performed a series of shows throughout Jamaica. Years later they hosted a huge show in New York City. These "radio clashes" (as Ricky Trooper would call them) were a phenomenon. We hipe that this podcast captures a fraction of that excitement and as a result you may get hooked! Calling all ReggaeMusicLovinPeople!

  • Barry G on RJR Radio - JA Way Podcast

    10/06/2012 Duração: 01h01min

    This is a 1990 recording of Barry G on RJR Radio. Barry G talks about Sunslpash 1990, plays Dennis Brown tracks, and takes calls from listeners throughout the whole of Jamaica. It was a hot afternoon with an electrical storm. You can hear the electrical interference over the radio waves during the show. So, sit back and imagine that you are listening to YOUR radio in Jamaica in the year 1990 and enjoying the Boogeyman! **Soon come - A Barry G special with interviews, Wha Dat sound selections, and radio clashes between Barry and Rodigan! That will be the next program that we feature... this is to just warm you up!

  • Jamaica Way - 80s Dancehall

    12/03/2012 Duração: 01h05min

    As promised a podcast committed to 1980's Dancehall. Many of the tunes are accompanied by artiste interviews, most of which were recorded in the 1980's. A couple are a bit poor in quality, but that much more precious. This is one of my favorite periods of Jamaican music and we hope you enjoy it! *There's more where this came from! Jamaica Way - 80s Dancehall 1. Tiger - Puppy Love - 7" 2. Eek A Mouse – Assassinator – Heartbeat - 1984 3. David Rodigan Vs. Barry G – Live – NYC – 1985 4. Peter Metro – DJ of the Year – Witty’s – 1985 5. Yellowman & Home T 4 – Mr Consular – S & R – 1985 6. Beenie Man & Hurricane Hutchie – Put Back The Music – Qualified – 1988 7. Half Pint – Cost of Living – RA 8. Little John & Josey Wales – Dance & Studio – Powerhouse – 1986? 9. Lord Sassafrass – Raiding Party – 1982? 10. General Trees – Mash Mouth Bus – Kangal 7” - 1987 11. Josey Wales & Little John - Dance & Studio 7"

  • Jamaica Way - Techniques - Winston Riley

    23/01/2012 Duração: 49min

    Winston Riley very recently passed away. He is one of the best in Jamaican musical history: A producer, singer, record shop and record label owner. Riley's Techniques record label produced rich, quality sound for decades. Over the years, we have collected Techniques music and this podcast features only 7" singles straight from Kingston, Jamaica on the Techniques record label. We feature more unusual recordings this go-round, so take time to enjoy these tracks as there are some great releases from a Jamaican hit-maker that must be remembered. Got that? Track Listing: (All tracks on the "Techniques" record label unless otherwise noted) Anthony Malvo & Tiger - Coime Back To Me' Max Romeo - Evening News The Techniques and lady G - Samfie Lover Ansil Collin - Far East Special- Riley Inc label Tiger and Gregory Isaacs - She Give Me Hic-Up Carl Dawkins - Satisfaction Flourgon - One Foot Skank Red Dragon - Agony Papa San and Lady G - Legal Rights Admiral Tibet - Terrorist Slim Smith - My Conversation Jimmy Ri

  • Dancehall MIXX - JA Way Reggae Podcast 10

    07/12/2011 Duração: 55min

    More Dancehall mixes. This episode includes Warning, 100 Watt, Ginseng and the Gully Slime Riddims. These are original mixes of these retro riddims. Plenty of artists featured on each riddim lasting approximately one hour in time. We're piecing together a range of shows including spoken word, Dancehall riddims, artist features, subject focus, etc. Ultimately the goal is to cover a variety of areas to see what gets the best reception, so let us know what you like! Also forward your favorite JA Way show to a friend so they can listen. It's worth what you pay for it! Riddims: Warning 100 Watt Ginseng Gully Slime

  • Jamaica Way Reggae Podcast Episode 009

    27/11/2011 Duração: 35min

    Once again Dancehall Reggae is surging internationally. Classique Reggae, Ska, and Rocksteady hold their position with great substance, but Dancehall is in huge demand. I say give the people what they want! In response, here is a mix of Dancehall Reggae riddims for your musical pleasure. Jamaica Way Dancehall Mix: Double Joint Look Gal Long Time Ago Bandalero

  • Jamaica Way Reggae Podcast, Bob Marley Dubplate, Episode 004

    11/01/2011 Duração: 51min

    This episode is all about the Bob Marley dubplate. Many sounds have claims to a Bob Marley Dubplate. This program features dub/specials/exclusives from David Rodigan, Jah Love/Gemini Sounds, King Jammy$, Killamanjaro. Also featured are interviews with Roger Steffens, David Rodigan, Jah Wise of Tippa Tone, Ricky Trooper, Candyman, Froggy of Pieces & Modd Squad Sounds, and Albert Griffiths. Is there an authentic Bob Marley Dubplate? Listen and find out. We also touch on the concept of the dubplate, the special, an exclusive, and soft wax. Reggae, dancehall, Tuff Gong, Jamaica, West Indies, Ska Rocksteady, Chris Blackwell, Kingston. Track Order: David Rodigan Interview Owen Gray & King Stitt, "On The Beach," Dancehall '63 LP, Studio One King Jammy$ Sound, "Mellow mood" Dubplate/special Froggy of Pieces & Modd Squad Sound, Interview Roger Steffens Interview Bob Marley, "Babylon Feel This One," Gemini Sound, 1978 Ricky Trooper Interview Killamanjaro vs. Poison Dart, 1995, "Bad card" Dubplate/special David R

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