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Next Level - Stepping Out of the Ordinary into the ExtraOrdinary is a Podcast with you in mind. As an extension of the NEXT LEVEL blog on Wordpress (, this podcast seeks to encourage and motivate you to your NEXT LEVEL through the spoken Word of God. My prayer is that you will be stirred to pursue more for the Kingdom and to increase in every area of your life!

God Bless,
Dr. Malissa M Barbosa
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  • EPISODE13 - NEXT LEVEL - Podcast "Armorbearers of the Old Testament"

    10/08/2011 Duração: 01h49min
  • EPISODE12 - NEXT LEVEL - Podcast "Functions of an ArmorBearer"

    09/03/2011 Duração: 01h29min
  • EPISODE11 - NEXT LEVEL - Podcast "Duties on an Armorbearer"

    12/01/2011 Duração: 02h03min
  • EPISODE10 NEXT LEVEL - Podcast "Revelation of an Armorbearer"

    15/12/2010 Duração: 02h09min
  • EPISODE9 - NEXT LEVEL - Podcast "God's Armorbearer: Introduction"

    10/11/2010 Duração: 02h04min
  • EPISODE5 - From a Doctor's Point of View: Total Prosperity

    19/02/2010 Duração: 01h12min
  • EPISODE4 - NEXT LEVEL - Podcast Tranquil Times Devotionals

    01/02/2010 Duração: 24min
  • EPISODE3 - Can These Dry Bones Live?

    25/07/2009 Duração: 30min
  • Episode2 - Seasons of Transition

    12/05/2009 Duração: 44min