Lunar Media Broadcast



Lunar Media Broadcast is dedicated to the overconsumption and subsequent coverage of all forms of media: Movies, music, books, television and video games. Also we are on the moon.We record a new episode every Sunday, and send it hurtling through the void of space sometime within a couple of days after that. You are currently looking at our podcast's companion blog.


  • Lunar Media Broadcast Presents: Frankie Says Go To Sleep


    LUNAR MEDIA BROADCAST PRESENTS: FRANKIE SAYS GO TO SLEEPInsomnia is an issue that affects people of all types and from all places, especially the moon! We have created this audio sleep aid to help alleviate this issue... so turn up the volume, get comfortable, and prepare to fall asleep through the pseudo-science of hypnosis!

  • Episode Six -Either Our Best or Worst Episode Yet


    EPISODE 6 - Either Our Best or Worst Episode YetIn this extra long and extra late episode of Lunar Media Broadcast, David is grumpy, Windsor is drunky, Kudos is jumpy, and then they all take some hexafluoride to talk about E3, Super 8, and... what, Indiana Jones AGAIN??? Uggghh...

  • Episode Four - Oh God, We Loved L.A. Noire Sooo Much...


    Episode 4 - Oh God, We Loved L.A. Noire Sooo Much...In this episode, Hulford, Windsor, and an uncharacteristically withdrawn Kudos discuss L.A. Noire, a couple of Vietnam movies, Solomon Grundy (famously born on a Monday), and the Dark Knight for some reason.

  • Episode Three - Our Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular


    EPISODE 3 - Our Indiana Jones Stunt SpectacularHulford, Windsor, and Kudos put off their L.A. Noire discussion until next week due to logistical issues and a moon buck shortage, and instead discuss the Indiana Jones Tetralogy, the ending of Enslaved, and delicious delicious blue sprinkles.

  • Episode Two


    EPISODE 2In the second episode of the Lunar Media Broadcast Windsor, Hulford, and their dolphin sidekick Kudos discuss the Green Hornet, Darren Daulton, The Kinks, and the incredible usefulness of Moon Shoes for those actually on the moon.

  • Episode One


    EPISODE 1The inaugural episode of Lunar Media Broadcast, where Hulford and Windsor discuss Thor, L.A. Noire, and the late, debatably great Michael Chrichton with their dolphin pal Kudos.