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http://prewrathmedia.comA collection of audio and video teachings about the prewrath rapture. As compared to the pre, post, and mid trib positions


  • The Prewrath Rapture Presentation - (Audio Only)

    18/04/2011 Duração: 01h23min

    The Prewrath Rapture position is a biblical synthesis of pre-, mid-, and posttribulationalism, together with a refinement of the timing issue that brings harmony to all of the rapture passages in question. A thorough examination of the Prewrath position reveals that an unquestionable truth from each of the three positions is kept while the errors of each position are discarded. The proponents of these three major positions would probably concur that the major area of disagreement concerns the actual timing of the rapture which, they would have to admit, also influences their interpretation of many passages that deal with issues related to the rapture question. Each camp on the rapture question has committed followers of Jesus Christ as adherents. Dr. John F. Walvoord was an advocate of the pretribulational view. Having studied at Dallas Theological Seminary and spent time in his company, I can personally testify to Dr. Walvoord’s love for God and His Word. “A giant of the faith in modern time” is a fitting ti