Calvary Church Messages



Calvary Church Messages


  • A Donkeys Purpose - Audio

    A Donkey's Purpose - Audio

    22/03/2015 Duração: 1357h00s

    God has a plan and purpose for your life

  • John the Baptist - Audio

    John the Baptist - Audio

    08/03/2015 Duração: 1874h00s

    He must become greater, I must become less

  • Get Spiritually Fit - Audio

    Get Spiritually Fit - Audio

    25/01/2015 Duração: 1609h00s

    What's your spiritual fitness like?

  • Pride - Audio

    Pride - Audio

    18/01/2015 Duração: 1913h00s

    Luke 18:9-14. What pride are you harbouring?

  • Discipleship - Audio

    Discipleship - Audio

    19/10/2014 Duração: 1912h00s

    Being grafted into the vine

  • Failure - Audio

    Failure - Audio

    28/09/2014 Duração: 2055h00s

    God doesn't focus on our failures

  • Expect the Unexpected - Audio

    Expect the Unexpected - Audio

    21/09/2014 Duração: 1613h00s

    Peter walks on water

  • Jesus at the Centre - Audio

    Jesus at the Centre - Audio

    14/09/2014 Duração: 2699h00s

    Do you ever ask yourself 'What would Jesus do?' when difficult situations arise?

  • Talents  Gifts - Audio

    Talents & Gifts - Audio

    07/09/2014 Duração: 1673h00s

    Are you using the gifts and talents you have been given. Matt 25:14-30

  • Speaking in Tongues - Audio

    Speaking in Tongues - Audio

    24/08/2014 Duração: 2099h00s

    power in God's language

  • Voice of the Holy Spirit - Audio

    Voice of the Holy Spirit - Audio

    17/08/2014 Duração: 2360h00s

    Are we obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

  • Gods Masterpiece - Audio

    God's Masterpiece - Audio

    10/08/2014 Duração: 925h00s

    Please wash this Youtube clip before the message Ephesians says “For we are God’s workmanship” (Eph. 2:10). Elsewhere we’re described as a “poem.” God views us as being his original masterpiece.

  • What or who is controlling you? - Audio

    What or who is controlling you? - Audio

    03/08/2014 Duração: 2038h00s

    what's controlling you

  • Passion - Audio

    Passion - Audio

    29/06/2014 Duração: 2054h00s

    What is you passion; is it to see the lost saved?

  • Freedom from the Law - Audio

    Freedom from the Law - Audio

    15/06/2014 Duração: 1991h00s

    Chris spoke about the old and new covenant - Is your heart about the letter of the law and not about the spirit of the law?

  • Ascension - Audio

    Ascension - Audio

    08/06/2014 Duração: 1631h00s

    Calvary Church Messages

  • Conflict - Audio

    Conflict - Audio

    01/06/2014 Duração: 1635h00s

    handling conflict

  • Friendships - Audio

    Friendships - Audio

    25/05/2014 Duração: 1620h00s

    have you got good friends - are you a good friend to others

  • Lift up your head (sorry for poor sound quality) - Audio

    Lift up your head (sorry for poor sound quality) - Audio

    11/05/2014 Duração: 2077h00s

    He is the lifter of your head.

  • Drifting - Audio

    Drifting - Audio

    04/05/2014 Duração: 1504h00s

    Calvary Church Messages

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