Live Gamers' Conference



Three dudes, one chick and a Canadian talk about some of the most random stuff you've ever heard.


  • Live Gamers' Conference #8


    This podcast is extremely short due to issues from two of the speakers. The issues were edited out and will not be mentioned.Join Mordikye, Zouren, YB, James, Jason, and Nathan as we discuss a creepy song, Katy Perry, the creepy song again, and other stuff!

  • Live Gamers' Conference #7


    Since the majority of the normal crew are gone to play Halo: Reach, we have YB, Zouren, and newcomers Mordikye and... Tenuke? Apologies already, I wasn't there to get a roster and nobody's online to tell me the correct spelling.This is probably the weirdest podcast to date.Please remember to email any questions, comments or concerns to [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Live Gamers' Conference #6


    A foreword: there is a moment of silence that begins about eight minutes before the podcast ends. Although you do not have to sit for that time, we all would appreciate if you took a moment of silence, whether it be on your own or with us.Join Zouren, George, Lena, Fox, Jordan, James, Jason, and YB as we discuss the upcoming Halo: Reach release and other things!

  • Live Gamers' Conference #5


    Join Zouren, James, YB, Lena, and Jordan as they discuss video game subscription inflation, the classic Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 debate, and hardon colliders.

  • Live Gamers' Conference #4


    Apologies for the lateness... We've got YB, Zouren, Jason, and Lena this week for a long podcast, compared to our last few. Sorry for no link dump, and I'd like to make a change: send emails to the Legacy Gaming Community official email at [email protected]!

  • Live Gamers' Conference #3


    Lena's gone again this week, and James is at football(and no, he wasn't asked by the coach to join varsity), so we have George, Jason, Colton, YB, and newcomer Jordan today to talk about Sony, OnLive, and a bunch of other stuff.

  • Live Gamers' Conference #2


    Join George, James, Colton, and YB, as well as two guests, for another podcast!Madden NFL 11G4's Madden NFL 11 ReviewGoldenEye 007 for WiiAngry gamers fight back against robbersIntro cinematic to Halo 3 where Chief fallsBungie hiring PS3 EngineersTriceratops doesn't existG4's list of games that had the triceratops1 isn't a prime numberGirl quits job with white boardsJetBlue flight attendant goes bonkersOreo Eminem's YouTube pageJustin Bieber gets hit by a water bottleDOW drops 1000 pointsThe ExpendablesScott Pilgrim vs. The WorldStar Wars Trilogy ArcadeCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 demoCall of Duty: Black Ops trailerYB killing himselfVote if Carmine Lives or DiesContact us at [email protected] for any questions, comments, concerns, etc.

  • Live Gamers' Conference #1


    The very first podcast from the Live Gamers' Conference!