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A daily Christian devotional based on real-life experiences


  • Moving People On


    When I read Martin Wiles' devotional on January 9, 2024, Unexpected Blessing, I was reminded of a time when God made a way for my family to move. In July, 2008, just prior to our daughter … Read more

  • Doing It As Unto The Lord


    I live in a large metropolitan area with a mild climate and an abundance of generous social services. Consequently, one needn't look far to see panhandlers and homeless tents. Whatever one's viewpoint, great human need all around us is … Read more

  • Small Pieces


    I find working on a jigsaw puzzle to be fascinating, addictive, and annoying, all at the same time. My mother loved doing them while she still had vision, spending hours figuring out the edges, then the main images. It's even harder when … Read more

  • Balance — Or …


    There is balance to a life of faith. Our Reformed ancestors sought to re-establish such a balance centuries ago as they placed emphasis on "faith" and not so much on "works", so much so that Martin Luther called the book of James "an … Read more

  • Issuing Orders


    I'm currently reading a series of biographical books: Great Generals. I've finished two books on General Patton and General Grant and am now reading a book about General Eisenhower. All three of them were called on to make major … Read more

  • A Cup Of God's Comfort


    The first line of the email read: "Have you ever felt the weight of the world pressing in, drowning out the gentle whispers of God's love?" It was an email from a Christian clothing company, so I figured that it was some kind of pitch for … Read more

  • Trust And Obey


    These days, I find that I am stressed — I'm juggling a bunch of deadlines. While I was praying recently, I began thinking about the distractions and pressures that tend to pull me away from following Jesus. Stress, anxiety, and worry are … Read more