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A daily Christian devotional based on real-life experiences


  • Small Miracles

    Small Miracles


    My husband and I planted our first garden last year. During the COVID-19 shutdown, we had more leisure time than usual and needed a project to keep our minds and hands occupied. Not all of our crop prospered, but the garden held our …( read more )

  • The Big Move

    The Big Move


    How many times have you moved in your lifetime? It always amazes me to learn that some people live in the same house their entire lives, perhaps never even travelling more than five or ten miles from the place that they were born. …( read more )

  • Captain Of Our Salvation

    Captain Of Our Salvation


    I have been on a cruise ship, travelling among the islands of the Caribbean. One of the privileges was for each passenger to meet and greet the captain of the ship. Fully dressed in uniform, he graciously welcomed each passenger and posed …( read more )

  • Those Stubborn Doubts

    Those Stubborn Doubts


    Some made promises, but I doubted that they'd keep them. No middle-schooler wants to be uprooted and moved hundreds of miles from his friends — but that's what happened when Dad decided to pastor a church in Jackson, Tennessee, USA. …( read more )

  • Who Is He?

    Who Is He?


    The phone rang. When I answered, a deep, intimidating male voice informed me that I was in serious trouble with respect to my income tax. The voice continued saying that the police were now on their way to arrest me, and that my best …( read more )

  • The Trees

    The Trees


    The heavy weight of the immense snows that we have had this winter has brought destruction upon many of the region's trees: limbs have been snapped off, huge trees have been felled. Others have been bent so low by their icy burden that …( read more )

  • The In Between

    The In Between


    When I was a child, prior to the invention of the Internet, I lived in Europe. I missed my family, who still lived in the United States. Once a week, though, my grandparents would initiate a phone call to us. When the phone finally rang, …( read more )