Pastor Matt Zodrow Podcast



Jesus Christ changed Matts life in February of 1995 and his goal is to help others come to Christ and grow in Him. Matt Zodrow is a sinner saved by grace, a husband to Tina, a father of four (amazing children), and (among other things) is the pastor of Immanuel Faith Community Church - Wells Creek (a.k.a. Wells Creek Church) in Belvue, KS, where he preaches (expository) Bible messages with application to real life. Life, faith, and eternity are about truth & relationships! It is Matts hope to communicate the goodness and greatness of God and the need of man through his preaching, especially: #1, Jesus Christ (His righteousness, grace, mercy, and forgiveness) is the greatest need that every person has, and that apart from him every person is lost. #2 Truth about Jesus and growing in Him is revealed through His Word, the Bible, which is relevant to all of life and relationships, and that the Bible is not the end point for salvation, but the fuel and food needed for a full life for here and eternity. #3 The (local) church is where God intends truth and relationships to develop, flourish, and through it to effect the world with the message of the gospel (by disciples of Jesus making disciples of Jesus), meaning the church is not a building or gathering place, but the organic family of every Christ-follower.


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