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  • John Wesley and Grace (Audio)


    While some traditions lead you to faith in Christ, many simply bring you to the foot of the cross and leave you there. For John Wesley, he believed it is as important to live as a Christian as it is to become a Christian. His theology provides a model...

  • Martin Luther and Christian Gratitude (Audio)


    In this sermon we examine Martin Luther's insight that it is God's mercy in Jesus Christ and not human attempts to satisfy God that makes reconciliation between God and humanity possible. In this picture of Christianity--rooted in gratitude...

  • St. Augustine’s Answer to Sin (Audio)


    In this sermon we turn to one of the great minds of the church's history, St. Augustine. From him we learn a way of thinking about our loves or desires. We learn as well the nature of sin which uses these very desires to turn us away from God...

  • How Do We Make Our Decisions? (Audio)


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  • A Christian Way of Living (Audio)


    Is Christianity more about what we believe or how we act? What does Christian faith have to do with my everyday behavior? What tools do I need to form a Christian ethic? How can I live a life worthy of the gospel? Most of us don't do enough bad...

  • Feb. 10 Sermon (Audio)


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  • Feb. 3 Sermon (Audio)


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  • Bashing Those We Hate (Audio)


    "It's OK to judge. It's OK to condemn. It's OK to write off, avoid, criticize, dislike, and even hate people whose lifestyle repulses you. The more sinful they are, the more it's permissible to bash them." Sadly...

  • Guilt vs. Genuine Conviction (Audio)


    “If you really loved God, you’d be good. Obviously, you don’t love God. Why do you keep falling into the same sin over and over again? Why do you keep failing like you do? You must not be a very serious Christian." We have all told ourselves...

  • God Can't Forgive Me (Audio)


    God cannot forgive me.” “I’ve gone too far and God doesn’t want anything to do with me.” In an age of zero tolerance and no room for error, we often struggle with the notion of forgiveness and free grace. In this sermon based on the book, “10 Things...

  • Covenant Renewal Service 2013 (Audio)


    When a young King Josiah found the book of the law in the temple he became passionate about teaching people what God's laws were and how to follow them. After studying the book of the law King Josiah led the people of Judah in a "covenant...

  • What Was Jesus' Childhood Like? (Audio)


    We don’t have much authoritative information on Jesus life before he reached the age of 30 which was solidly middle-aged for his time. What was the boy Jesus like? What did he know about his identity as the Son of God? Was Jesus shown favoritism or...

  • Micah's Promise (Audio)


    Micah promised that one was coming into the world to shepherd the people, bring an end to evil, and to usher in an era of peace. Whereas we do apply this scripture to Jesus, God has sent and empowered many individuals throughout history to stand in...

  • Dec. 9 Sermon (Audio)


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  • Dec. 2 Sermon (Audio)


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  • Nov. 25 Sermon (Audio)


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  • Getting Inspired by the Saints (Audio)


    In an All Saints Day message, Rev. Frankie explores the history and meaning of Saints in the Church.

  • Job Gets It (Audio)


    Preaching on the Book of Job, Rev. Frankie calls Job, "42 chapters of extended argument against the idea that the righteous are rewarded and the wicked are punished." At the end, Job comes to the spiritual way. Rev. Frankie paraphrases...

  • We Have Come to Serve (Audio)


    Pastor Frankie tells us stories from the New Testament and how, as Christians, we have not come to be served but to serve.

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