Here's the official feed for the podcasts. We discuss various news items and what we've been playing.


  • Podcast #8


    This is our E3 2009 special, recorded down in Los Angeles while Mark, TSD, and I were in our hotel room. It's a bit short with a run time of about 45 minutes or so, but it's packed with our impressions of what games we saw on the show floor.

  • Podcast #7


    This week we’re without Misa so it’s just Mike, Kiwi, Mark, and myself. The hot topic this week is E3 and what we expect from the various companies including Nintendo of course!

  • Podcast #6


    Once again Mike Phillips joins us as a guest as we discuss the newly launched Nintendo DSi. Also NintendoGal and Misa actually agree on something in this episode!

  • Podcast #5


    In this episode we have a new guest, Mike Philips, a friend who's done some voice acting. Come listen to the factual inaccuracies and humor that ensues!

  • Podcast #4


    A new voice joins the the cast in this episode. Also Mark Surber officially joins our staff! On the news side we discuss the Nintendo DSi coming in April.

  • Podcast #3


    Once again we have Mark Surber from Nintendo Players in the mix along with The Sound Defense and I for a quick chat about a few Reggie quotes and what we’ve been playing.