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Dropping some theological beats.


  • Preechin June 8th


    Many comments about how I didn’t discuss the two conversations which were causing me to rethink my theology. Despite my efforts to convince people that the major point of the sermon was the discomfort rather than the actual content of the discussions, I think I created too powerful an image that got people stuck. C’est […]

  • Salt/Light Sermon


    From a while back posting light. A reminder to be who you are from Jesus.

  • Preechin 1.12


    For some reason I’ve had a few of these lately, comparing stories in the text and asking what’s there and what’s missing. This time it’s Jesus’ baptism.

  • Children’s Preechin 1.12


    So, I kind of threw water on top of a bunch of kids. There was squealing and giggling, it was fun.

  • Preechin 01.05


    This sermon all revolves around this video: This video is playing during the loud-music portion of the sermon. It is built around the idea that the reality of our relationships is messy and complicated and a burden, but (for a majority of those) it’s worth it.

  • Children’s Preechin 01.05


    Lagging a bit behind and missed December’s preechin due to lack of recording, but here we go: this is an explanation of light in the church with the kids and with 1 candle.

  • Preechin 11.24


    There’s a lot of talk of end times around here. There will be a Women’s Bible study focusing on the Revelation to John starting in January, I will be teaching the same topic in youth group this Tuesday, and while it’s not on Revelation, this sermon touches on the coming reign of Christ. The one […]