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Inspiring and life-giving messages from North Shore Church in Hastings, Nebraska.


  • Overqualified

    18/07/2021 Duração: 47min

    Sometimes God will ask you to embrace the menial because he is positioning you for the miraculous.

  • Check Your Circle

    11/07/2021 Duração: 51min

    Check your Circle: If you are in the World — be the Church! If you are in the Gathering — be the Church!

  • A Tale of 2 Hearts

    27/06/2021 Duração: 42min

    Barnabus didn’t just give, but obediently and sacrificially gave. On the other hand, Ananias and Sapphira used lies and deception. These two stories offer us both encouragement and a warning.

  • DadPerfect

    20/06/2021 Duração: 45min

    Don’t think as a father, you have to be perfect in order to have influence. Look Back, Look Ahead, Look Often, and Look Up!

  • An Army of Elephants

    13/06/2021 Duração: 38min

    And as long as the church stays tied to the stake of prayerless we remain artificially bound. Like an elephant, with enormous power, held in place by a small rope.

  • The Problem with The Promise

    06/06/2021 Duração: 54min

    When you step into the Promises of God, it will require strength and courage because the enemy always opposes the promises.

  • It's About Jesus

    30/05/2021 Duração: 51min

    In the story of Acts 3, an interruption happened so that Peter and John could point people to Jesus. Then the investigation was answered so that people could see clearly the power of Jesus. Finally, the invitation was to flee from sin and toward Jesus.

  • What Should We Do When God Moves?

    23/05/2021 Duração: 46min

    When God moves, we should too!

  • What Does This Mean?

    16/05/2021 Duração: 01h10min

    In Acts 2:14 is Peter’s response to the question… “What does this mean?” on the day of Pentecost. Which in reality is the very first sermon preached in the Church.

  • Messy Momma

    09/05/2021 Duração: 48min

    Women can often feel messy. We cannot always control the messy things in our lives but we can live with faith and not with flesh through the mess.

  • We Got Spirit

    02/05/2021 Duração: 44min
  • You're Gonna Need a Band

    25/04/2021 Duração: 45min

    Tension has the potential to force us back together. And tension has the potential to ignite a separation that can cause a lot of pain and suffering. But where there is tension there is potential.

  • Restore the Kingdom

    18/04/2021 Duração: 49min

    The commission given to the believers in Acts 1 is the same commission given to the believers in 2021, to be an empowered witness of the Gospel of Jesus. And that is why He sent the Holy Spirit so that you would have the POWER to do all the things that Jesus asked his followers to do.

  • Be the Church

    11/04/2021 Duração: 47min

    The beauty of the book of Acts is that the Holy Spirit was given some random ingredients and created something so amazing, it verges on perfection. If He can do that with the ingredients he was given in the early church, He is certainly capable of creating something amazing today!

  • A New Fire

    17/11/2019 Duração: 44min

    God is preparing a new fire in fresh torches and he is looking for men and women bold enough to carry them in a dark world. Will you grab it?

  • Let's Make a Deal

    03/11/2019 Duração: 26min
  • Uh-Oh!

    27/10/2019 Duração: 42min
  • Be a Bouncer

    20/10/2019 Duração: 40min

    When you remain steadfast and pursue godliness, God begins to open supernatural doors you never could have walked through on your own! The key is learning how to bounce back.

  • #87

    13/10/2019 Duração: 42min

    When life lands on a chute… we can throw a temper tantrum, flip over the board, and walk away from our faith. Or we can stand on our faith and grow in the qualities mentioned in 2nd Peter that will make our faith vibrant and our lives Effective… and summon the strength to spin again.

  • Un-annoyable

    29/09/2019 Duração: 36min

    The first step to living Un-offendable is to learn to become Un-Annoyable. Jesus says to "Love your Neighbor and Enemies"... He also wants us to love the annoying, irritating, selfish, frustrating and offensive people.

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