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Discussions about the practical effects of sea level rise.


  • What Can Congress Do To Prepare For Sea Level Rise?

    04/11/2014 Duração: 07min

    In this podcast, we explore several of the many opportunities Congress can focus on to help America adapt to rising seas. What help will Washington give to home and business owners who face costly adaptation and, in some cases, retreat measures, through no fault of their own?Is the nation's public health system ready for treatment of mental health concerns as established neighborhoods change?Can the U.S. Department of Agriculture promote the use of raised fields in vulnerable areas?How will Washington deal with adverse credit scores by people who must choose between paying their mortgages and saving to move away from flooded zones?How will the U.S. Small Business Administration handle intruding waters?Will forced place insurance in mortgages become a national problem as traditional insurers decline to write coverages?How will the tax code deal with the insistent oceans?How many jobs can be created by responsible sea level rise adaptation programs?Host Mitch Chester discusses these topics and more. For more in

  • Your Life, Your Family, Your Job and Sea Level Rise...Getting Down to Basics

    15/09/2014 Duração: 10min

    As Climate Week NYC takes place from September 21 to September 28 to focus on the global issues of climate change and sea level rise, we must not lose focus on how rising seas will affect the average person, family and business. Join Sea Level Rise Radio host Mitch Chester as he asks 28 key questions about your relationship with sea level rise from now to mid-century.Sea level rise at the individual level is our topic in this podcast. 

  • Updating Building Codes and Land Use Plans With New Rising Seas Projections

    31/08/2014 Duração: 10min

    When political figures avoid discussing sea level rise and climate change by proclaiming, "I am not a scientist," they need to complete that defense by stating, "but I am willing to listen carefully to them."Failing to become educated on these important topics is essential, since many who use that excuse as a shield are responsible for our building codes, land use plans and developement strategies, all of which will affect us for years to come.As government and private sector leaders grapple with the myriad of options to adapt to sea level rise, they must understand that the science of sea level rise research continues to increase, both in data, velocity, and understanding. The simple fact is, scientists know more about rising seas today than they did just one year ago.That means laws, codes and regulations need to be continually updated as human understanding of rising seas advances.Responsible leaders who work with scientists to understand what we do know, to properly plan for the middle of the century, wil

  • Will Your State Constitution Address Sea Level Rise?

    19/08/2014 Duração: 04min

    If political leadership at the state level is missing with regard to rising seas, it is foreseeable that citizens groups may proactively demand public policy action through the constitutional amendment process.These "citizen initiatives" would be consistent with responsibly addressing adaptation to swelling oceans in affected states if governors and state legislators fail to prepare for changing coastlines. Join host Mitch Chester for a brief exploration of how rising seas may affect the wording of state constitutions. For more information, please visit

  • What Capitol Hill Can Do Now To Prepare The Tax Code For Rising Seas

    11/08/2014 Duração: 05min

    When it comes to rising seas, the U.S. tax code is not ready. Neither are the IRS regulations. The federal definition of "Casualty Loss" does not seem to cover owner's losses when ocean waters permanently steal properties. Given established scientific projections concerning sea level rise, Congress needs to undertake a detailed review of the "casualty loss" term and broaden it to be ready for financial losses due to swelling oceans. The tax code was never written to address sea level rise. Now it must.Join host Mitch Chester for a brief exploration of an issue that will confront communities across the nation, and the halls of government.For more information, please visit, and