Applied Spirituality with Radhanath Swami



Radhanath Swami is a Vaishnava sanyassin (a monk in a Krishna-bhakti lineage) and teacher of the devotional path of Bhakti-yoga. He is author of The Journey Home, a memoir of his search for spiritual truth. His teachings draw from the sacred texts of India such as The Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, and Ramayana, and aim to reveal the practical application of the sacred traditions, while focusing on the SHARED essence which unites apparently disparate religious or spiritual paths.


  • Simple Living High Thinking

    30/05/2016 Duração: 18h00s
  • Winning The Game Of Life

    04/03/2016 Duração: 19h00s
  • Art Of Tolerance

    12/02/2016 Duração: 17h00s
  • Vedic Perspective On Climatic Change

    26/01/2016 Duração: 19h00s
  • Stop Worrying, Start Living

    19/01/2016 Duração: 19h00s
  • Unity Is Strength

    29/12/2015 Duração: 18h00s
  • Dying To Live

    15/12/2015 Duração: 18h00s
  • The Desire To Love and Be Loved

    08/12/2015 Duração: 23h00s
  • The Power To Change

    24/11/2015 Duração: 18h00s
  • Forgiveness – The basis of all relationships

    03/11/2015 Duração: 17h00s