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Each week, Spirit In Action brings you stories of people living lives of fruitful service, of peace, community, compassion, creative action and progressive efforts. We'll trace the spiritual roots that support and nourish them in their service. Above all, we'll seek out Light, Love and Helping Hands, being shared between our many neighbors on this planet, hoping to inspire and encourage you to sink deep roots and produce sacred fruit in your own life. Spirit In Action is an hour of interviews with those providing leadership in peace, justice and "good works", interspersed with relevant music. The theme music is "The Turning of the World" performed by Sara Thomsen (written by Ruth Pellham) and "I Have No Hands But Yours" by Carol Johnson


  • Private Eye/Organic Eye - Watchdog For Us All

    Private Eye/Organic Eye - Watchdog For Us All


    Many Spirit In Action listeners eat consciously, maybe natural foods, local foods, or organic foods. Maybe you grow a portion of your own foods, or buy from CSAs and local farms, but if you can't verify the quality of your food first-hand, you may depend on the official federal Organic certification for that assurance. Unfortunately, big business and big money will tend to dilute organic standards and practices, if we let them, so we need help from a public-interest private eye, and that's the role of Organic Eye, an organic industry watchdog, and Mark Kastel is one of its founders. Mark has been through the system, first working for some of the agribusiness giants, before having his eyes and mind opened to vital importance of organic foods and farming, for the consumers, plants, animals, & the planet. He even had his important role in the forming of the Organic Valley Farm Cooperative, helping the coop grow from 7 members to over 2000 now. Featured Music: Working In My Garden - by Peanut Butter Jellyfish

  • Blacksmiths Forge: Polarization  Democracy

    Blacksmith's Forge: Polarization & Democracy


    Most of us lament the polarization of our society, but George Lakey finds promise in the blacksmith's forge. He's founded and/or worked with so many peace & justice organizations, among them A Quaker Action Group, Movement for a New Society, TraningForChange.org, Earth Quaker Action Team, WagingNonviolence.org, and, most recently, ChooseDemocracy.us. George is author of 10 books, with an 11th, his memoir, due this coming year.

  • Standing Up For Soldiers - Really!

    Standing Up For Soldiers - Really!


    Guest-host Patricia Stansbury/Sunny Gardener shares interviews with speakers at the 50th anniversary celebration at Quaker House in Fayetteville, NC, home of Fort Bragg. Guests include former director Chuck Fager, and 2 former soldiers, Monisha Rios & Ricky Clousing, who received counseling & support at Quaker House. Patricia Stansbury guest-hosts here periodically, sharing some gems from her Lightly On The Ground and Groundswell shows on WRIR - Richmond Independent Radio.

  • Race, Place  Grace - Where  How I Grew Up

    Race, Place & Grace - Where & How I Grew Up


    2nd installment of a discussion about race, racism, & the grace leading to solutions, with perspectives from 2 African-Americans. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton was raised in New Orleans, but now graces Eau Claire, WI, a heavily white city, with her wide-ranging activism, including her leadership in the work of Uniting Bridges, and as professor of history at UW-Eau Claire. She recently received the UW-EC MLK Social Justice Award. Rodney Long Jr. has worked as an addictions counselor, social worker, & mental health counselor in Akron, OH, his hometown, Rodney kicked off this conversation with an article in Friends Journal entitled Before My Life Matters to You, Let It Matter to Me Featured Music: Where I Grew Up - by Chester McCoy

  • Race In Place - Akron, New Orleans, Eau Claire

    Race In Place - Akron, New Orleans, Eau Claire


    Discussion about race, racism, problems & solutions, seen from Akron, OH, New Orleans, LA, & Eau Claire, WI. Rodney Long Jr's article in Friends Journal entitled Before My Life Matters to You, Let It Matter to Me kicked off the exchange, with insights from his life & work as a therapist, social worker, & addictions counselor in Akron. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton grew up in New Orleans and is currently professor of History and of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at UW-Eau Claire. Selika serves on several boards and is deeply involved with the work of Uniting Bridges. She recently received the UW-EC MLK Social Justice Award.

  • WWJD About Climate Change?

    WWJD About Climate Change?


    Today's guest-host, Peterson Toscano of Citizen's Climate Radio, extends the range of climate change warriors by asking "What Would Jesus Do?" through his interviews with some conservative-tilting, Christian evangelical/fundamental-leaning climate activists. Kelsey Grant (on Twitter), Conservative Outreach Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby, co-founded environmental ministries and taught about environmental stewardship as a Sunday School teacher at her church. Andrea Zink (on Instagram) is rooted in the United Methodist Church, including activism with the UMC Circles of Grace prison ministry music team, and her professional work has been with non-profits like The Salvation Army, Vanderbilt University, and Nashville Opera. Lindsay Linsky (on Twitter) is the author of Keep It Good: Understanding Creation Care through Parables, a book that will open your eyes to how Christians are missing the mark when it comes to God's creation and provide practical suggestions for how to get there. The final guest is one o

  • Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence

    Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence


    Liam Michael Hooper's newly-released book, Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence, envisions & invokes a call for empowerment that is both lyrical & profound, experiential & visionary. Combining Spirit-centered passion, free-wheeling prose, & well-rooted expertise, Liam harnasses energy & determination to construct a mosaic with the full inclusion of all gender-transcendent people. Liam works with Ministries Beyond Welcome, and has been part of the founding of OtherWise Engaged Publishing.

  • Dodging Oligarchy-Into-Tyranny - Thom Hartmann

    Dodging Oligarchy-Into-Tyranny - Thom Hartmann


    A visit with America's #1 progressive talk show host, Thom Hartmann, about his latest book, The Hidden History of American Oligarchy: Reclaiming Our Democracy from the Ruling Class. We've temporarily dodged the bullet of oligarchy-into-tyranny in the USA, and Thom spells it all out - the history, present, and possible future.

  • ABCs of Islamism - Raheel Raza

    ABC's of Islamism - Raheel Raza


    Raheel Raza speaks out powerfully, as a Muslim, for the rights of women & other marginalized minorities, and for an unblinking and compassionate approach to differences, including the threats posed by extremists within the religion to which she is devoted. Among her books is How Can You Possibly Be a Muslim Feminist?, and her latest book is The ABCs of Islamism: Everything You Wanted to Know about Radical Islam But Were Afraid to Ask. She was born in Pakistan, arriving in Canada some 30 years ago. Ran Meir, former Israeli correspondent with the Clarion Project, joins as co-host.

  • Adventures In Sustainable Development - Joseph Hunt

    Adventures In Sustainable Development - Joseph Hunt


    Joseph Hunt has spent a lifetime seeking to empower a world where individuals reach their potential in health, learning, & well-being, and which is compassionate & sustainable. From his service in Nigeria during the war in Biafra, to his decades as a development economist throughout Asia, to his current position as a Senior Research Scientist at Harvard's Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment, Joseph seeks a better world for all. Inspirational work in the field can be found at the Poverty Action Lab at MIT, in the United Nations Development Goals - Sustainable Development, through the La Via Campesina/International Peasants Movement, and in the work of Economics Nobel Peace Prize recipients, MIT economists Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, and Angus Deaton.

  • Practical Mystics  Heart of Oneness

    Practical Mystics & Heart of Oneness


    Jennifer Kavanagh was caught up by a life-transforming Spirit, right at an age where many other people are just shifting into a lower gear, ready to coast the last stretch. After years of the normal study-family-professional life path, she was found by faith, which has included diverse tasks, like running a center for the poor and homeless, setting up micro-credit funding programs, and educating folks about simplicity & spiritual activism. Part and parcel of that education and inspiration has been a number of books she has written, and two of the most recent are Heart of Oneness and Practical Mystics. Jennifer Kavanagh lives in London, England.

  • Yazidi Hope After ISIS - Lisa Miara

    Yazidi Hope After ISIS - Lisa Miara


    Lisa Miara is at the center of The Hope Centre/Springs of Hope Foundation in the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq. The Yazidi minority in that area was devastated by the 2014 attack of ISIS on them, and Lisa found a leading to live among and nurture back to wholeness the victims of ISIS, bringing hope & love to reclaim child soldiers and horribly abused & enslaved girlls & women.

  • New Vision for Peace  Justice in the Middle East

    New Vision for Peace & Justice in the Middle East


    Jonathan Kuttab has a vital new perspective, potentially opening a completely new door into a future of peace and justice for Israel/Palestine. Jonathan was born & grew up in West Jerusalem till he headed to college in the US. His new book, Beyond the Two-State Solution (download a PDF of the book for free), explores a new way forward. Jonathan is a lawyer who has practiced in the USA, Palestine, and Israel, and who has founded and cofounded a wealth of organizations working for peace & justice, among them the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence, Mandela Institute for Prisoners, the Christ at the Checkpoint conference, and Nonviolence International.

  • Resisting Empire, Being Transgender, Being Human - Bible Bash

    Resisting Empire, Being Transgender, Being Human - Bible Bash


    When viewed with non-gender conforming eyes, the Bible has lessons that can be used to heal, instead of serving repression & exclusion. Everything is not about the Bible, but a good share of everything is in the Bible, at least if you look with the discerning eyes of Peterson Toscano, a gay man who produces the monthly Citizens Climate Radio blog, and Liam Hooper, a North Carolinian trans man of Ministries Beyond Welcome. In this episode of Bible Bash, we'll look at the various subversive ways Daniel survived and resisted the Babylonian Empire, including the way that oppressed people often must caretake their oppressors, a behavior that is true for LGBTQ people and many others. We'll also hear a bilingual reading of Federico Garcia Lorca's poem, Madrigales. In the second half, Joy Ladin shares from her book, Through the Door of Life: a Jewish Journey Between Genders with insights about Jonah. Joy holds the Gottesman Chair in English at Yeshiva University, and, in 2007, became the first (and still only) op

  • Climate Science, History,  Art - Citizens Climate Radio

    Climate Science, History, & Art - Citizens Climate Radio


    Guest-host Peterson Toscano of Citizens Climate Radio visits with 5 guests: Andrew Stuhl, associate professor of environmental studies and sciences at Bucknell University, Jason Davis of Climate Stories Project, poet and Master of Environmental Management from Yale University Clara Fang , photographer, writer, and climate advocatPrincella Talley, & Lynn Neuman of Artichoke Dance Company.

  • Iranian Beauty Queen, Teacher,  Dentist Seeks Freedom

    Iranian Beauty Queen, Teacher, & Dentist Seeks Freedom


    Bahareh Zare Bahari is distinct in so many ways - as an Iranian woman who, in her early 20's, started her own school, soon shut down by the regime in Iran, who then moved to the Philippines to become a Doctor of Dentistry, and who won 3 beauty queen crowns, using the opportunity to both hold up the beauty & power of the Iranian women and people. Because of her witness, she has been threatened, nearly abducted, and had her nose broken. She is stranded precariously in the Philippines, trapped, with minimal help and protection from vengeful Iranian forces, with people all around her reluctant to step into the path of that wrath. If you wish to help, you can reach out to Bahar on Instagram or via Facebook, but better yet through an email to Ran Meir at [email protected], who will channel aid to Bahar. Listen to the extended interview in the excerpts below.

  • Empowering Egyptian Women - Reda Eldanbouki

    Empowering Egyptian Women - Reda Eldanbouki


    The women's rights effort in Egypt looks different from that of the USA, with some overlap, addressing things like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and child marriage, but also economic, employment, & other civil rights. Reda Eldanbouki is the founder & executive director of the Womens Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness (WCGLA), working to ensure that women enjoy all of their human rights. Reda has faced attacks & violence because of his support for women & women's rights, and is currently seeking asylum in the USA. Ran Meir, formerly of the Clarion Project, both provides input & acts as translator for this interview.

  • Sing Out The Vote  MVP (Movement Voter Project)

    Sing Out The Vote & MVP (Movement Voter Project)


    In an effort to support MVP (Movement Voter Project), Annie Patterson & Peter Blood of RiseUpAndSing.org organized 5 on-line benefit concerts to raise funds, consciousness, & energy to Sing Out The Vote. Focusing their concerts on particular "battleground" states & regions, they educated about the issues & organizations involved in the upcoming election, combining edification for the minds & electrifying for the spirits of their listeners. Some of the 5 concerts included music by Si Kahn of FolkVOTE, Pat & Sandy of Emma's Revolution, and Reggie Harris, enriched by commentary from Ann Nugent (Massachusetts organizer with MVP), and LaTosha Brown co-founder of Black Voters Matter. All the songs in this program, except the last, are performed by Annie Patterson & Peter Blood of RiseUpAndSing.org as part of their 9/25/20 Sing Out The Vote concert, and the songwriter is noted with each song: Which Side Are You On? - written by Florence Reece Put One Foot In Front Of The Other - written b

  • Celebrating Peace

    Celebrating Peace


    Jan Frase & the Community Coalition for Nonviolence helped us celebrate the U.N. International Day of Peace by a gathering of artists & activists hosted virtually by the Pablo Center at the Confluence. Presenters & performers included poet & Pastor Kathryn Reid Walker, musician Humbird/Siri, Professor Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, poet Kavon Cortez Jones, writer Michael Perry, poet Max Garland, musician Randall Adams, and MC Frank Reineke. Featured performances include: When - by Kathryn Reid Walker On The Day We Are Together - by Humbird/Siri The Battle of Birmingham - performed by Selika Ducksworth-Lawton Love Letter to Milwaukee - by Kavon Cortez Jones Gratitude - by Michael Perry Aria for the U.S. Mail and Social Distancing - by Max Garland - Un Clamor En La Noche and Imagine - Randall Adams

  • Faithful Radical Love

    Faithful Radical Love


    Religious norms & habits can't stand in the way of a community faithful to the call of Radical Love. Dave Greenlund, pastor of Peace Lutheran Church - Lauderdale shares the story of a (formerly) Missouri Synod Church whose members traveled a path to greater & greater inclusion & love, squarely facing sexism, racism, Earthcare, and gifting themselves & their neighbors with Christmas in August.

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