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Sermon audio from Jacksonville Chapels Lincoln Park Campus


  • Hope is Rising (Audio)

    Hope is Rising (Audio)


    This past year has been like nothing we have ever experienced. In “Hope is Rising”, Pastor Dave Gustavsen shows us how we can find hope, even when things look hopeless.

  • It is Finished (Audio)

    It is Finished (Audio)


  • The Offering (Audio)

    The Offering (Audio)


    Extravagance is defined as “over-the-top, above and beyond, more than necessary, and lavish excess. In "The Offering,” Pastor Dave Gustavsen shares a story found in Matthew 26, where a woman expresses her love for Jesus in an extravagant way...

  • The Seed (Audio)

    The Seed (Audio)


    Security is something that’s desired and needed by every human being – including Jesus!  In “The Seed,” Pastor Dave Gustavsen addresses the need for security, the problem with security, and shows us a better kind of security.

  • The Servant (Audio)

    The Servant (Audio)


    In “The Servant,” Pastor John Dere takes a closer look at Jesus, as a servant who came into this world to love others. He compares the world’s view of prestige, to Jesus’ view. When we truly understand the sacrifice that Jesus made, his example of...

  • The Invitation (Audio)

    The Invitation (Audio)


    In “The Invitation,” Pastor Dave Gustavsen reminds us of Jesus’ invitation to approach life the same way He did. Jesus calls us to let go of our lives, and find a new identity and agenda. Reflection & Discussion Guide

  • The Shepherd (Audio)

    The Shepherd (Audio)


    In “The Shepherd,” Pastor Ted Voltmer details Jesus, the Good Shepherd. As the Good Shepherd, Jesus, loves us, helps us, guides us, and protects us in our daily lives. His life demonstrates committed love. As we follow His example, we are called away...

  • The Lamb (Audio)

    The Lamb (Audio)


    In the first message of “The Cross-Shaped Life” series, "The Lamb," Pastor Dave Gustavsen takes a closer look at how Jesus, the Lamb of God, lived with great vulnerability. He didn’t play it safe, and exposed himself to harm and loss all the...

  • Reason #6: The Church is Anti-Science (Audio)

    Reason #6: The Church is Anti-Science (Audio)


    In "Reason #6: The Church is Anti-Science" Pastor Dave Gustavsen takes a closer look at the perception that the church opposes science. Throughout history,  there have been times when the church has been very anti-science. If we interpret...