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In the Stacks with Barry & LaToya was a loosely library-related show that now further showcases the viewpoints on news, entertainment, books, and other issues by former Twin Lakes Library System Director and Assistant Director, Barry Reese and LaToya Davidson-Perez. Each show features a little bit of everything from general discussion to games and entertainment.


  • Discovery of New Frontiers

    14/01/2023 Duração: 01h18min

    It’s two weeks into the New Year, and the hosts feel 2023 will be a good year. LaToya does a lot of talking in this episode, as she’s had a lot happen between recordings. Barry is also in good spirits. The second quarter of the school year has been very good for him. Students appear actually to want to learn. T’Challa is excited about a new D&D campaign he’s in and questions the hosts about their favorite Sci-Fi trope. And, of course, there is a lot of television to talk about.

  • Festivus for the Rest of Us

    10/12/2022 Duração: 01h09min

    After an unplanned one-month absence, they’re back. Barry is excited about the New Year and new students while LaToya is ready to hurl herself across the finish line of 2022. T’Challa, super cool as always, does have a question to ask the hosts, and the answer is not Die Hard. Count how many times the hosts try to wrap up the episode.

  • Out of Many, One People

    08/10/2022 Duração: 01h19min

    What starts as a run-of-the-mill conversation turns into much more. Barry, LaToya, and T’Challa spent their mornings before recording the show watching very different things. True to their style, they share it with their listeners. Talk of entertainment turns to talk about sports, and finally, after T’Challa’s insightful question for the hosts, talk turns to people, culture, and equality.

  • Bed & Breakfast: Gone With The Wind

    10/09/2022 Duração: 01h15min

    Television and movies. If you’re wondering what the hosts have been watching and doing, this show is all about it. Barry continues to write and watch plenty of TV, LaToya is oblivious and distracted, and T’Challa, at sixteen years of age, remains super cool and aloof. With no final question prepared, T’Challa scrambles to find one. Learn about everyone’s favorite movies as well as the movie that they walked out on.

  • School Daze: Pill Popper

    13/08/2022 Duração: 01h29min

    The entire gang is back together, and they’ve missed each other. The runtime on this episode is on par with what it was like in the early days of the show. To think, we’re only three shows into the 15th season. As they catch up conversation turns to school and what it was like in the old days. T’Challa brings his unique view to what it’s like to be a school student in today’s classrooms. Barry is flustered with many of his students, and LaToya is reminded why she would never be a school teacher. Plus, LaToya is now packing heat and getting old with a larger-sized daily pill organizer.

  • F Boy Island: Don’t F This Up

    17/07/2022 Duração: 01h24min

    Without T’Challa, the hosts are left to their own devices. Barry has been enjoying the leisure of his summer break while LaToya burns the midnight oil. According to Barry, he has one more week of freedom before donning his teacher cape. LaToya is hunkered down in her office, working on an emergency project. While Barry continues watching television, going to the movies, and writing, his co-host says no to more than an hour of screen time. Check out what they think of Thor: Love & Thunder and their take on the rumors of what’s in store for Black Panther 2.

  • T’Challa Returns: Three’s a Crowd

    11/06/2022 Duração: 01h23min

    T’Challa is back. But don’t get too excited. By the end of the show, he makes it clear how he feels about one of the named hosts of the show. Since the last show, the hosts have been consuming a lot of television. Tune in to hear their thoughts on The Staircase, The Boys, and more. Love is also in the air. Barry is very smitten with his new girlfriend.

  • Lazarus Staircase: Dr. Oh So Strange

    16/05/2022 Duração: 01h13min

    Another show without fan-favorite, T’Challa. However, the hosts have been quite busy themselves. LaToya is always working multiple jobs and has no time to read. On the other hand, Barry is also very busy but is relishing in the afterglow of having four of his novels released during the Unleash the Reese promotion period. Not sure what to watch on television? Barry and LaToya are here to fill in the gaps.

  • Unleash the Reese: Slap Heard Around the World

    09/04/2022 Duração: 01h23s

    With no T’Challa in attendance, the hosts must find a way to do the show. LaToya is reluctant, offending Barry by telling him to record early so she can be done with it. Barry even suggests upping the recording schedule. LaToya shoots down the idea. One and done is enough for her. Barry has several books about to be released in close succession, and he somehow manages to ruin Spring Break by working. LaToya’s husband, K, manages to add some humorous background noise.

  • DoorDash Prescription: Mardi Gras Cruise

    12/03/2022 Duração: 01h14min

    After a 2-month hiatus, the show is back with a special guest, K. That’s right, LaToya’s husband Kenrick makes a rare appearance. Since the last episode, much has changed, and just as much has remained the same. Barry is continuing to enjoy his life as a high school teacher while LaToya and Kenrick had a memorable Carnival Cruise and have welcomed a new nephew. T’Challa, cool as always, leaves us wanting more.

  • School is a Prison: Cruising into 2022

    08/01/2022 Duração: 01h20min

    Birthdays. Christmas. Television. Oh my! It’s a new year and the hosts are excited to share their 2021 memories, some more pleasant than others. It’s another farewell to Voldemort, an almost sexless year, and yes, we’re just talking about LaToya. As a whole, the hosts are doing well and watching a lot of television and reading. They meander a little into politics and Omicron and let’s not forget Bigfoot porn.

  • Latin Flavor: A Young French Twist

    11/12/2021 Duração: 01h10min

    The dream team is back together at last. T’Challa joins the show only to learn that it’s now only a monthly occurrence. The team believes that this recording schedule will make them all more committed to the show, especially for the reluctant LaToya. As always Barry tells us about what he’s watching and he also shares his Spotify year-end statistics. T’Challa shares his and LaToya remains committed to her iTunes library. And while they may be old enough to be their parents, Barry and LaToya share some of their secret celebrity crushes.

  • When I’m 62: No Children

    27/11/2021 Duração: 01h07min

    It’s time for some turkey, well, the turkey has already been eaten. The hosts return to the show discussing what they’ve seen and what they’ve been up to in the almost month since they last recorded a show. T’Challa is still absent, a bummer for us all. On this show, the hosts address the inconsistent recording of their weekly show. Moving forward there is a new monthly format, the second Saturday of each month. Barry deleted and then brought back his website (.net sites are still not a thing, Barry). And LaToya is still trying to find a work-life balance.

  • KISS & Tell: Maid in Georgia

    16/10/2021 Duração: 01h29min

    LaToya considers if the show should continue. Barry is writing a new book. T’Challa, absent from today’s show, has his learner’s permit. It’s been over a month since the last show and the hosts catch you up on what you’ve missed. With his KISS deep-dive complete, Barry shares an album with LaToya which she reviews on the show. Barry isn’t sure who’s up next, possibly Boyz II Men while LaToya plans to listen to all of Lianne La Havas’ albums.

  • Worst Teacher: 9/11 Remembered

    11/09/2021 Duração: 01h17min

    T’Challa has returned but he’s busy working on a project to pay too much attention to the show. Barry and LaToya discuss what they’ve been watching. LaToya went to see her favorite sports team play and Barry is sad to see this semester go by so quickly. And on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the hosts reflect on life before and after the tragedy.

  • Clickbait: Our Liberal Gay Agenda

    04/09/2021 Duração: 55min

    After an almost two-month respite, the hosts are back. The only thing missing, the true star of the show, T’Challa. While he’s away at DragonCon, Barry and LaToya recount what has happened in the time away from the show. Reading. Writing. No arithmetic. And as usual, there is a lot of television watching and a Netflix series that both hosts agree that you must see!

  • Once Upon A Time: False Positive

    10/07/2021 Duração: 47min

    Barry and T’Challa are uncharacteristically late for the show. LaToya, while annoyed, appreciated that they decided to grace her with their presence on the last show before a two-week break. As usual, LaToya is not happy with Barry. He made a movie recommendation that has him in the doghouse and is now one that T’Challa has to watch. Nevertheless, stick around to the end as Barry schools LaToya on some sex education.

  • Quiznos Flashpoint: Shower Movement

    26/06/2021 Duração: 01h10min

    Today’s show miraculously happened! Barry is enjoying his summer break by writing two books while LaToya is still acclimating to her new 9-5 job. T’Challa is relaxing and sleeping in for the summer. LaToya admitted to thinking of Barry while she was in the shower. Barry ranks the best Batman actors of all time. Plus, LaToya accepts life without sex and finally contemplates what it means to be of African descent.

  • Near-Death Experience: Back in the Habit

    12/06/2021 Duração: 01h13min

    Welcome to Season 14. Despite another late start, the show is back thanks to T’Challa’s persistence. Neither of the hosts felt up for recording, but T’Challa had other ideas. Barry has another life-altering experience that has left him with a bad taste in his mouth, and LaToya is a terrible best friend who now frequently sends calls from Barry to voicemail.

  • Sneaky Links Students: Side Piece Mistress

    15/05/2021 Duração: 01h16min

    This season has taken the longest to record. Finally, we conclude Season 13 with a walk down memory lane. More specifically, Barry and LaToya talk about the good old days and how the world is much different. T’Challa’s segment is one that leaves some of us hopeful while reminding others that Pandora’s Box can never be closed. Plus, LaToya learns something new about Barry and T’Challa sides with his dad.

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