Pioneer Radio



Pioneer Radio is a bi-weekly, one hour mosaic of stories, interviews, research, music, sound art, and more. Each episode centres loosely around a theme - but we stray pretty far, sometimes. We're based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


  • Last But Not Least


    Episode Sixty-Two — Last But Not Least Here it is! Our last episode ever. A look back on 4+ years ... Continue reading

  • Please Don’t Tell


    Episode Sitxy-One — Please Don’t Tell This week: truths are revealed. We cover secret hobbies, coming-of-age angst, sex talk, the ... Continue reading

  • There’s No Accounting for Taste


    Episode Sixty – There’s No Accounting for Taste From food to romantic partners, hobbies to insensitive jokes: this episode aims ... Continue reading

  • What’s Your Problem?


    Episode Fifty-Nine — What’s Your Problem? A math problem that holds out for 358 years, tech support bruhaha (told through ... Continue reading

  • Special Episode – CATOUCH


    Special Episode – CATOUCH Why are we drawn to touch, stroke, pat, nuzzle, scratch, and “scoogie” our pets? What lies ... Continue reading

  • Over My Dead Body…


    Episode Fifty-Eight – Over My Dead Body Stories of cemeteries, explicit lyrics, patents and podcasting laws, driving and old age, ... Continue reading

  • Are You Gonna Finish That?


    Episode Fifty-Seven — Are You Gonna Finish That? Our theme for today is…“Are You Gonna Finish That?” We’ll hear stories ... Continue reading

  • Oh! The Humanity


    Episode Fifty-Six — Oh! The Humanity This week: stories inspired by (and parodying) the Hindenburg disaster, parallels between ‘real human ... Continue reading

  • No Really…You Shouldn’t Have


    Episode Fifty-Five — No Really You Shouldn’t Have This week: things that you probably shouldn’t have done (but maybe you don’t ... Continue reading

  • Speak of the Devil


    Episode Fifty-Four — Speak of the Devil This week on Pioneer Radio: stories of bearing witness to pure evil, gossip, ... Continue reading