Mildly Excited



Sidney Lo and Corey O' Connor talk about life as 20-somethings in NYC, creative endeavors, personal stories, and occassionally invite friends to speak on their projects and hobbies. We also talk a lot about food and movies.


  • 42: Drain the Swamp

    14/01/2015 Duração: 28min

    2015 is here. Sidney and Corey talk about battling a few demons and what to make of their recent struggles in life. Download MP3 (20.4 MB, 00:28:55)

  • 41: Flash 'Em a Smile

    16/12/2014 Duração: 30min

    Sidney and Corey close out their one-year anniversary of Mildly Excited and discuss learns, love, and loss in 2014. Download MP3 (21.6 MB, 00:30:33)

  • 40: Worst, Faster

    09/12/2014 Duração: 26min

    We contemplate the Creative Drought™ that plagues us during the worst of times. Do you find solace in distractions that regulate your stress levels or force yourself to work harder on something more fulfilling? Download MP3 (21.4 MB, 00:26:02)

  • 39: Consumption, Motivation, and Feelgood-ery

    19/11/2014 Duração: 27min

    Sidney and Corey go over how media consumption has evolved and discuss its merits for making creative work outside of the mainstream.Rex Sorgatz' article on the evolution of new media: Surfing, Drowning, DivingThis episode is not sponsored by MailChimp. Download MP3 (19.2 MB, 00:27:03)

  • 38: Intermission

    13/11/2014 Duração: 07min

    Corey's been out of commission but Sidney does an update on life and what happens when you get into a creative funk for the past three weeks. Download MP3 (7.81 MB, 00:07:54)

  • 37: Gone, Girl

    24/10/2014 Duração: 01h04min

    We discuss the merits of Gone Girl and get into some of the murky waters of whether the film and its creators are being misogynistic. Download MP3 (60.1 MB, 01:04:58)

  • 36: No Longer Bound by Cities or Flesh

    15/10/2014 Duração: 58min

    Sidney and Corey talk about the inevitable apocalypse many have been anticipating for decades. Riots, economic failure, terrorism, mass media, the Internet. Some say it's all coming to an end. Download MP3 (33.9 MB, 00:58:15)

  • 35: Custom-Tailored and Curated for You

    08/10/2014 Duração: 01h22min

    Bernard Capulong of EveryDay Carry joins Sidney in discussing his startup company in Miami, researching current trends in shopping, the idea of curation vs. discovery, and whether or not people just want what's “good enough.”EveryDay CarrySarah Krauss' bag dump on EDCTrunk ClubTonx Coffee Download MP3 (47.8 MB, 01:22:34)

  • 34: Watch. Wearable. Thing.

    29/09/2014 Duração: 01h03min

    We spend an entire hour trying to talk about the new wearable technology but inevitably get on about social networks and its impact on our behavior as well as how it may reflect our own inability to connect with so many people at once. Download MP3 (36.7 MB, 01:03:07)

  • 33: Maybe the Internet Raised Us

    21/09/2014 Duração: 45min

    Sidney and Corey return with a double episode! We go over the Lorde Concert in NYC and the social behavior of capturing everything on camera. Download MP3 (26.7MB, 00:45:38)

  • 32: Human Intervention

    03/09/2014 Duração: 57min

    Please watch Humans Need Not Apply before listening to this episode. We discuss this video at length and explore tangents about robotics, technology, human behavior and how we face the inevitable transition into the hands of our new robot overlords.CGP Grey's Humans Need Not ApplyExtinction Burst2006 WaPo article about Social Isolation — Metafilter Threaded Comments Download MP3 (33.5 MB, 00:57:36)

  • 31: Art Suppositories

    20/08/2014 Duração: 56min

    We take a shot at discussing the merits of art and its emergence in technology and social media. Sidney goes HAM on Humans of New York's regression into empty platitudes and then we discuss Marina Abramović's body of work. To finish this whole twisted affair, we go past the far side and introduce revolutionary artist Orlan into the mix.The Problem with Humans of New York (Gawker)Marina Abramović's The Artist is PresentTehching HsiehOrlan Download MP3 (32.8 MB, 00:54:14)

  • 30: Giving up Underage Drinking

    14/08/2014 Duração: 01h51s

    A week has gone by and we share our thoughts on Robin Williams, fake IDs, and an update on our ongoing attempts at healthy living. Download MP3 (35.4 MB, 01:00:51)

  • 29: Whore Yourself Out

    30/07/2014 Duração: 58min

    This week we gab about Momofoku fried chicken, how everything we consume is being franchised and serialized, and the role of modesty in the creative process. Download MP3 (34.3 MB, 00:58:54)

  • 28: Sausage Fumes

    23/07/2014 Duração: 58min

    Let's get healthy? We've been working on some self-improvement projects this summer and we talk about our progress with fitness, avoiding baked goods, trying to figure out kettle bells and a small chat about becoming vegan for a week. Download MP3 (34.3MB, 00:58:54)

  • 27: Atheist Dragon Mode

    16/07/2014 Duração: 01h12min

    Celia Vargas joins us as we talk about writing for television, female characters in mainstream entertainment, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Download MP3 (42.3 MB, 01:12:53)

  • 26: A Chewing Affair

    09/07/2014 Duração: 01h14min

    Happy Birthday, America. We celebrate our country's anniversary with a trip to Philadelphia, Beyoncé's On the Run Tour, and disgusting foods we may or may not be willing to stick in our mouths. Download MP3 (51.9MB, 01:14:43)

  • 25: Black Is the Coolest Color

    02/07/2014 Duração: 01h03min

    We're kicking off the summer right. To combat the heat, we discuss Joon-ho Bong's icy action flick, Snowpiercer, our plans for Independence Day, and how we have issues with sweating in public. Download MP3 (36.7 MB, 01:03:08)

  • 24: Lucky You

    25/06/2014 Duração: 01h10min

    Corey returns from Toronto a new man and shares his revelations with Sidney. They talk about the suburbs, city life, and the ultimate question: would you do something for the fame and glory or just for the love of the game?Check out our artist and friend, Ben K Voss. He's got a gallery show this Friday, June 27th, at Guilty Pleasures in Brooklyn. 8pm-12am. 72 India St, #818, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Sigmund pretzels and Dark & Stormy cocktails, too!Opening song is “Boom” by Le1f.Degrassi High“Weed” Guy Stabs “Beer” Guy in Times Square Download MP3 (32.9 MB, 01:10:31)

  • 23: Shake Shack's Secret Blue Waffle

    18/06/2014 Duração: 56min

    Sidney and Corey discuss committing mistakes on our own birthdays, waiting on line for Shake Shack burgers, our perspective on getting older, chasing our hopes and dreams, and Sidney reads an excerpt from a motivational letter from Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse. Look at the Shake Shack anniversary burgers Sidney waited five-freaking-hours for.Maybe Paulie Gee's is the best pizza in NYC?A letter from Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse. (Please read this: it's a real awesome way to reflect upon your own intentions and motivations.) Download MP3 (27.9 MB, 00:56:46)

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