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  • Everyday People: Lindsay Longway

    Everyday People: Lindsay Longway


    Lindsay Longway of Astoria is pictured in Australia where she spent a semester studying fungi as part of a study abroad program. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Mark Albrecht

    Everyday People: Mark Albrecht


    Mark Albrecht is a farm boy at heart. He was raised on a farm in Nebraska until his parents moved to Portland. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Airi Kondo-Matthews

    Everyday People: Airi Kondo-Matthews


    Naselle High School senior Airi Kondo-Matthews was accepted to the American Academy of Ballet in New York City. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Pam Fleming

    Everyday People: Pam Fleming


    Nature's Helper Pam Fleming plants and maintains all of Seaside's public gardens, including at least 90 "pocket" gardens along the sidewalks in the downtown core area and the gardens around public buildings, including City Hall, Seaside Library and the convention center. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Denise Ness

    Everyday People: Denise Ness


    Denise Ness, owner of Farmhouse Funk, on 10th Street in Astoria, enjoys running the store, but "it's just stuff," a way to get through life and whatever life throws at her. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Abi Anderson

    Everyday People: Abi Anderson


    Seaside’s Abi Anderson is Miss Clatsop County’s Outstanding Teen and will compete this summer for Miss Oregon’s Outstanding Teen, a part of the Miss America program. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Les Wierson

    Everyday People: Les Wierson


    Les Wierson, left, shows Bill Brehm, chairman of the Cannon Beach Emergency Preparedness Committee, the route tsunami evacuees might take to reach the assembly area on Eighth Street and Ecola Park Road. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Jade Morton

    Everyday People: Jade Morton


    Jade Morton, a horse trainer based out of the Youngs River Ranch in Astoria, trains people’s domestic horses but has also taken on a bigger challenge: wild horses. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Robert Weidman

    Everyday People: Robert Weidman


    Robert Weidman is the new firefighter with the Astoria Fire Department. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Laurie Oxley

    Everyday People: Laurie Oxley


    Laurie Oxley, executive director of the Seaside Downtown Development Association, manages local events and stays on top of issues that may affect downtown Seaside. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Chuck Godwin

    Everyday People: Chuck Godwin


    Chuck Godwin of Seaside has been driving the Astoria Regatta float for 16 years. He’s currently building the float for the Astoria Bicentennial. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Khris Frank

    Everyday People: Khris Frank


    For six years, Khris Frank has taught the arthritis exercise class three days a week, singing in her clear soprano, leading others in songs circa 1940s. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Paul Barthelemy

    Everyday People: Paul Barthelemy


    Paul and Mary Barthelemy have embarked upon retirement. He was vicar of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Manzanita for almost 10 years. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Helen Repp

    Everyday People: Helen Repp


    Helen Repp shows a student weaving techniques at the Astoria Fiber Arts Academy recently. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Saralee Cokely

    Everyday People: Saralee Cokely


    Saralee Cokely is passionate about playing music. Continue reading →

  • Everyday People: Barbara Linnett

    Everyday People: Barbara Linnett


    Barbara Linnett is a friend of trails Continue reading →