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In the time it takes to share a coffee with a neighbor at a local cafe, each episode introduces an islander who describes a local need or issue important to our community


  • Craving outdoor adventures? Parks and Rec can help! (CAFE-105)

    05/12/2019 Duração: 20min

    Ever wanted to explore the Pacific Northwest mountain ranges but didn’t know how? Ever see the sailing classes in Eagle Harbor and wonder how you could participate? Ever want to learn basic outdoor skills but didn’t know where to start? The BI Parks and Recreation District can help you find your way into a more exciting time in the great outdoors.  Parks and Rec Outdoor Programs Manager Jeff Ozimek’s love of teaching has helped to create one of the most robust public outdoor programs in the country. Their programs are designed to open the door to adventure for novices and experts, young and old. Listen here as he shares his infectious enthusiasm for the outdoors through stories gathered from years of running outdoor programs. To explore more ways to get outside this winter and beyond, visit Credits: BCB Host: Joanna Jenkins; Audio Editor: Diane Walker; Publisher: Chris Walker.

  • CAFÉ-104- BARN Bazaar

    16/11/2019 Duração: 07min

     BARN membership coordinator Carla Mackey joins Bainbridge Community Café host Bob Ross to discuss the upcoming BARN Bazaar scheduled for Saturday, November 23rd from 10:00 am -3:00 pm.  This event is the best ever with over 50 artisans bringing their crafts, arts and creations to the BARN facility for extraordinary, unique and very special holiday shopping. Come to enjoy an exceptional experience and enjoy a very special creative aspect of the Bainbridge community. Credits: BCB Host: Robert Ross; Audio Editor: Keith Doughty; Publisher: Keith Doughty  

  • Bright Lights, Small Island (CAFE-102)

    16/10/2019 Duração: 10min

      Now that we’re into the Fall season, the light is changing and we find ourselves walking, running, cycling and driving more in the dark. How can we keep ourselves safe after dark? As part of our ongoing series with the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation District, listen here as Program Manager Shannon Buxton helps to remind us all how to stay safe during this time of year.  This podcast is for everyone who uses the roads, and it is especially useful for parents and grandparents. Listen for a special call to action to local businesses. To learn more, log on to: Credits: BCB Host: Joanna Jenkins; Audio Editor: Robert Ross; Publisher: Robert Ross

  • The Silent Epidemic: Learning More about Hearing Loss (CAFE-101)

    14/10/2019 Duração: 16min

    Did you know that 48 million Americans suffer from some kind of hearing loss?  That is one in seven of us.  That means that you or someone you know or interact with every day, has hearing loss! In this podcast, Hearing Wellness Educator Kimberly Parker, shares important knowledge and helpful tips about what we can do about hearing loss and how to better communicate with those who have it.  From using hearing aids to communicating with clarity and patience, Kimberly’s wealth of knowledge inspires and educates us.  Having hearing loss as a child, and becoming deaf as an adult, Kimberly shares her story.  She now facilitates free workshops, sponsored by Washington State’s Office of Hard of Hearing, through DSHS. For more information about hearing loss, go to  To register for the free upcoming workshops in Vancouver, WA (Oct. 26) or in Bellingham, WA (Nov. 23), email [email protected]  To read about Kimberly’s one woman play, Lost in Sound, and her workshops, go to http://www.k

  • ADUs/RVs/Tiny Homes(CAFE-100)

    09/10/2019 Duração: 28min

    Bainbridge Island City Manager Morgan Smith and Heather Wright, Director of Planning and Community Development provide a fast paced review of many issues currently in process and being discussed at City Hall.  They discuss several subjects from ADU’s, to RV considerations, Tiny Homes and of course the new bright green and innovative bicycle lanes on Olympic Drive.  The Washington State initiative 976 that will appear on the November ballot was also discussed in terms of the negative impacts it could have on the City’s budget.  Go to the City of Bainbridge website to learn more about this proposal. These podcasts are designed to encourage Bainbridge community members to become informed and involved in city activities.  If you would like to submit a question or topic for a future podcast, please email the city’s Communication Coordinator, Kristen Drew at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]). Credits: BCB host, audio editor and publisher: Robert Ross

  • Affordable housing update from HRB (CAFE-099)

    17/08/2019 Duração: 24min

    What is the current status of 550 Madison?  What is the plan for the Suzuki property? Listen here for answers to these and other questions about current affordable housing projects on the Island.  It’s been a year since the report of the Affordable Housing Task Force was released (see for details), and Phedra Elliott, Executive Director, and Penny Lamping, Fundraising and Communications Manager of Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) are back in the BCB studio to give us a progress report on some of the work being done in response to last year’s report. HRB is the island nonprofit that provides and maintains affordable housing opportunities.  In this podcast Phedra and Penny talk about HRB’s next steps on these projects, City Council involvement, and how many units and what types may become available on these properties. They’ll also share information on  the fundraising goals, how much has been raised, and how you can help the island’s efforts t

  • KidsUp Playground Update (CAFE-098)

    15/08/2019 Duração: 25min

    The future of play on the island has never looked brighter. There is an effort, in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation District and the Parks Foundation, to replace the damaged Kid’s Up Playground at Battle Point Park. If you’ve ever visited Battle Point with your kids or if you yourself remember playing on this playground as a child, you know it is one of the largest and most loved playgrounds on the island. But it has reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced for safety, and this gives us the opportunity to make some exciting improvements. Perhaps best of all, the future playground will be far more inclusive for all ages and abilities. No longer will a child or caregiver have to miss out on the fun.  Listen here as Curt Thomas and Stephanie Page describe the ongoing effort, why this work needs to take place, and the incredibly cool new features coming soon. Plus, listen for news regarding an upcoming community event where we can all pitch in to help build the future o

  • Behind the Scenes at Park & Rec (CAFE-097)

    28/07/2019 Duração: 10min

    Ever wonder about the engine that drives the island’s robust recreation programming? Learn who is behind the curtain bringing your favorite island events to life and why they do it! This podcast contributes to our ongoing series with the Park & Recreation District and offers a profile of one of the newest district team members, the Community Outreach Program Manager, Ashley Miller. Ashley began her career as a Park & Recreation District intern, and is now mentoring current and future interns and organizing your favorite island events, including the summer concert series and the haunted hayride. Listen here as Ashley tells us about the Bachelors degree program that prepares young professionals for a career in Park and Tourism Science and what it’s like to be an intern on Bainbridge Island. (hint: they live in housing located in the Grand Forest!) This podcast is guaranteed to shed light on the behind-the-scenes work it takes to produce the island’s broad recreational programming. To learn more about is

  • BIPD National Night Out and K9 Whitney in Winslow August 6 (CAFE-096)

    24/07/2019 Duração: 14min

    Games! An inflatable slide! Obstacle courses,  a “Touch-a-Truck” area with police, fire, city, and FBI vehicles -- this year’s National Night Out event is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Learn more about this exciting event and its co-sponsor, K9 Officer Whitney. In this podcast Interim Police Chief Jeff Horn joins Officer Kurt Enget, who is responsible for BIPD’s new K9 Officer, Whitney. Chief Horn is here to tell us about the National Night Out, a free, family-friendly event put on by the Bainbridge Island Police Department August 6th from 5-8pm at Waterfront Park. One of many such events across the country, the National Night Out is designed to build positive relationships between law enforcement and local communities. Come and enjoy plenty of activities and food for the whole family, and meet our local police officers in a relaxed, community setting. For more about the event, visit . Listen here as Officer Kurt Enget then shares some of his experiences working with K9 O

  • City addresses affordable housing, trees, and the hotel project (CC-095)

    20/07/2019 Duração: 28min

    Are you allowed to cut down your tree? What is a tiny home and can I have one on my property? What is the status of the hotel going into downtown Winslow? Listen here for answers to these and more questions from city hall staff.  In this podcast City Manager Morgan Smith joins Heather Wright, Interim Director of Planning and Community Development in the BCB studio to talk with BCB host Sandy Schubach about some of the hot button issues currently revolving around land use decisions. You'll hear an in-depth discussion about possible changes in regulations regarding accessory dwelling units (ADUs), learn about the latest news regarding the Landmark Tree Ordinance, and hear more details about the Winslow Hotel Project and its current status. These podcasts are intended to help us as a community be informed and involved in city activities. If you would like to submit a question or topic for a future podcast, please email the city’s Communications Coordinator, Kristen Drew, at: [email protected]. Credits: BCB

  • Girl Up comes to Bainbridge Island (CAFE-094)

    30/06/2019 Duração: 09min

    GirlUp is a chapter of the global United Nations Foundation which gives girls the resources they need to impact change in the world. Listen here as Bainbridge high school student Merrill Keating explains why she started a GirlUp club at the high school and what activities they're pursuing. Although the global foundation identifies key impact areas including health and safety, chapter clubs are encouraged to focus their efforts in a concentrated impact category. Speaking with BCB host Jo Jenkins, Merrill describes the work her local club is doing to identify the needs of girls, raise money, and brainstorm solutions.  The Bainbridge Island GirlUp club focuses on education by encouraging girls to pursue studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (“STEM”) fields to counteract the historical gender imbalance in these areas of study. Although the club is relatively new to the island, they’ve hit the ground running by partnering with many local businesses. This podcast is for anyone looking for a bit of g

  • Fire Department addresses fall prevention and more (CAFE-093)

    28/06/2019 Duração: 12min

    Our Fire Department's Community Risk Reduction program is not just about preventing fires; it's also about preventing falls. Listen here to learn what you can do to reduce the risk of falling. In this podcast, Fire Chief Hank Teran and Janine Courtemanche, Community Risk Reduction Coordinator for the Bainbridge Island Fire Department explain what is meant by Community Risk Reduction. Listeners will learn how a particular community's risk challenges are evaluated, what the fire department is doing in partnership with other island organizations to help reduce risk, and, more specifically, what WE can do to prevent unnecessary falls. For more information and some very useful tips and brochures, visit the BIFD website at Credits: BCB host, audio editor and publisher: Diane Walker.

  • Parks department to launch Comprehensive Plan (CAFE-092)

    19/06/2019 Duração: 17min

    What will the future of island parks and recreation hold for you? The BI Metro Parks & Recreation District is currently updating their Comprehensive Plan, which will forecast trends and identify priorities from 2020 to 2026. You can contribute your own ideas by answering their online survey before June 30th. If you love visiting island parks or have participated in any of the hundreds of recreational activities offered by the Parks & Recreation District, be sure to listen here as Parks & Recreation Senior Planner Perry Barrett explains the process currently underway to update the Park District's Comprehensive Plan. Using the department's online forum, you can submit input on a variety of park-related issues, including trails, recreation programs, the development of the Sakai property, the proposed swimming pool expansion, and more. To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan, log onto and click on the survey link at This episode references

  • COBI on sign regulations, affordable housing, and more (CAFE-091)

    30/05/2019 Duração: 34min

    What progress is being made on the new sign regulations? What actions are being taken in response to the Affordable Housing Task Force report? These are just two of the topics considered in this month's interview with City Manager Morgan Smith and Bainbridge Island's new Code Compliance Officer, Aaron Pool. Join us as the City of Bainbridge and BCB continue their regular podcast series to share information about what’s happening at City Hall. In this, our second episode, we'll hear about the many pros and cons our council is weighing as they evaluate proposed solutions to the proliferation of sandwich boards and other signs around town. Note: City Council will hold a study session on this issue on June 18th at 6pm at City Hall, so if you have thoughts on this subject be sure to send in your feedback. A note to [email protected] will send a blanket email to all Council members . Listeners will also get an update on the Affordable Housing Task Force recommendations that were issued last year. You'll lear

  • You, too, can be a philanthropist! (CAFE-090)

    15/05/2019 Duração: 10min

    Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to contribute to your community's wellbeing?  Open from May 15-June 16, the Bainbridge Community Foundation's online Giving Page provides the perfect opportunity for you to help support the agencies and organizations that help so many on our island. With just a few clicks you can give $10 or up to $10,000 to the cause or project nearest and dearest to your heart. In this podcast Debbie Kuffel, Program and Finance Officer for BCF, and Lynn Agnew, current co-chair of the grants committee and board trustee, explain the organization's mission to meet community needs through their annual grants cycle. Grant monies support projects and programs in animal welfare, education, environment, health, housing and human services, public and societal benefit, and recreation. The online giving page,, will be open May 15th through June 16th in conjunction with their annual grants cycle. For more information you can call Bainbridge Community Foundation at 206-84

  • Police Chief Horn on National Police Week, Safety, and more (CAFE-089)

    09/05/2019 Duração: 13min

    In this, his second in a series of podcasts with BCB, Interim Police Chief Jeff Horn invites us to a swearing-in ceremony for local officers May 14, discusses safe practices for pedestrians and bikers, and shares thoughts on recent events. National Police Week, which  begins on May 12th, honors policemen nationwide who have died in the line of duty. This year there will be a swearing-in ceremony for local officers -- including Officer Whitney, the station's new bloodhound -- at City Hall on Tuesday, May 14 at 6pm. This event is open to the public. In addition, Chief Horn reminds bikers they're expected to follow the same rules as cars, and he pays homage to the concerted community effort expended in the recent search for a missing community member with dementia. Chief Horn has been with the department since 2014 as deputy chief and is now serving as interim chief. If you would like to send in a question for him and the department to respond to in his next podcast, please visit BIPD’s facebook page or contact

  • COBI on the new police station and transportation projects (CAFE-088)

    26/04/2019 Duração: 30min

    Join us as the City of Bainbridge and BCB kick off a regular podcast series to share information about what’s happening at City Hall. In this first episode, City Manager Morgan Smith and Public Works Director Barry Loveless discuss the new police station and various transportation projects. In March, the City Council approved the purchase of the Harrison Medical Center building to co-locate our police station and municipal court. Listen here to learn why this was a priority, how the project will be financed, and some of the lessons learned through the process. We also learn more about the construction project at the ferry dock, the new roundabouts planned by the state for 305, and the city’s new sustainable transportation initiative, being considered in response to last year's failed Safe Mobility Levy. These podcasts are intended to help us as a community be informed and involved in city activities. If you would like to submit a question or topic for a future podcast, please email the city’s Communication Co

  • BIFD shares wildfire prevention tips (CAFE-087)

    25/04/2019 Duração: 12min

    Due to an unusually dry March, there have already been over 50 wildfires in Western Washington; several in Kitsap County. So how do we here on Bainbridge Island protect our homes and neighborhoods? As we move into the dry season, wildfires become an increasing concern. Listen here as Fire Chief Hank Teran and Fire Marshal Jared Moravec tell us how we can help protect against wildfires. The Bainbridge Island Fire Department has put a number of measures in place to encourage wildfire prevention, legislation, mitigation and education. Learn more by listening here, and be sure to visit to learn more about FireSafe, the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and what you can do as an individual to help keep your property safe.

  • Meet Interim Police Chief Jeff Horn (CAFE-086)

    26/03/2019 Duração: 17min

    From traffic and homelessness to recruiting challenges and the new police station, interim Police Chief Jeff Horn has a lot on his plate. Learn more about Chief Horn and his background here. In this first in a regular series of podcasts, Chief Horn tells BCB host Christina Hulet how he came to end up on Bainbridge and shares his thoughts on some of the issues and opportunities currently facing the island's police force. In addition, the Bainbridge Island Police Department (BIPD) is hiring new officers. If interested, please visit BIPD’s website at: Chief Horn will be returning to BCB periodically. If you would like to send in a question for him and the department to respond to, please go to BIPD’s facebook page or contact Carla Sias, Community Resource Officer, at [email protected]. Credits: BCB host: Christina Hulet; audio editor and publisher: Diane Walker.

  • High school cadets at the BI Fire Department (CAFE-085)

    24/03/2019 Duração: 12min

    Fascinated by fire trucks? BHS students get firsthand experience in fire fighting and emergency medical services from the Bainbridge Island Fire Department thanks to the BHS Career In program: Learn more here! In this podcast BIFD Fire Chief Hank Teran, BIFD Volunteer Program Coordinator Jay Rosenberg, and BHS grad Finn Mander share their observations about this exciting program. You'll learn what it takes to become a cadet, what equipment they'll use, what activities they'll be participating in, and about the benefits to the students and the community. You'll also hear from former cadet Finn Mander -- now a BIFD volunteer -- about why he loved the program and why he elected to pursue EMT training after graduation.

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