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  • "Building Steps to the Hindu Shrine"; by Pastor Steve Grace (Podcast #11)


    I'm rebooting the podcast here in This Strange Land. I had tons of technical trouble with my audio file server that I had signed up with and so for a long time the files were unavailable or missing. I've fixed part of that. I lost all of the files and was able to regain some of them. You'll notice that some of my old posts have been deleted because I wasn't able to recover the audio files from the hosting service I was using (they went out of buisness). However the new and improved Broadcasts from This Strange Land is now live. You can subscribe by clicking on the button on the sidebar or click on this link to take you to the iTunes store. The podcast mission is to bring you the best audio for life, faith, and family. For now most of it will not be original content, rather things I have listened to recently that I either found helpful, challenging, faith-building, convicting or just plain entertaining. Some day I hope to put out some original stuff but am a little too busy at the moment. Today's aud

  • My Message on Acts 4:13-22(Podcast #10)


    This past Sunday I preached a message on the New Testament book of Acts chapter 4 verse's 4:13-22 at my home church Evanston Bible Fellowship. The message title is "Boldness in the Face of Persecution"