Ask A Web Pro



How do you find your clients? Do you typically use contracts? What is your payment schedule like? Ask A Web Pro is all about asking web professionals how they do business in the real world. Scott B Reynolds of Thrise interviews successful agency owners and freelancers, asking practical questions to discover how each one runs their business.


  • Ask A Web Pro: Urszula Richards of onlineiq

    20/11/2015 Duração: 28min

    I interview Urszula Richards, the owner of onlineiq in her office in Adalaide Australia. In this interview Ursh shares her experiences being a web professional for the last twenty years. She explains her process, and what has worked, and what hasn't worked. If you are a web pro you should definitely want to listen.

  • Ask A Web Pro - Beth Kahlich

    14/09/2015 Duração: 51min

    In this interview Scott Reynolds talks to Beth Kahlich to find out specifically how she runs her businesses, Dallas Search Engine Academy and Kahlich Internet Consulting. Scott asks practical questions to discover what's behind Beth's success as an SEO trainer and internet marketing consultant.

  • Ask A Web Pro: Debra Scarpa of Design By Friday

    29/08/2015 Duração: 46min

    This month I interviewed Debra Scarpa, the owner of Design By Friday - a full service online and offline marketing agency. Debra has been in business for 27 years and has so much to share. During her interview Debra gives lots of specific examples of her successful strategies, including her recent niche marketing campaign. In the last nine months Debra has: • Launched a new business targeting solar companies in the United States. "Solar Energy Marketing" • Joined a Solar association • Partnered with several other businesses that are also selling to solar companies. • Attended several events, including one with 18,000 attendees. • Been asked to be a preferred vendor. • Been invited to speak at a Solar event in Portland. • Scheduled educational webinars. Debra explains in detail how her company operates. To learn more, listen to the entire interview.