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The Turnbuckle Throwbacks wrestling podcast is just Phil Raia, and his man crush on Pro Wrestling. Join Phil and co-host Dave "Mega" Powers in Their weekly tirade as he dissects the current product and pays homage to the old school as well. The new recognized symbol of excellence in sports entertainment broadcasting. Find us at www.ShiningWizardsNetwork.com & www.RantEmradio.com


  • Episode 113 Ed The Expert?

    25/03/2015 Duração: 9448h00s

    The boys cover the tragic death of El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo, Phil stays on the soap box to give the money marks and Howard Stern a "Philitorial" Maniac Matt Marshall checks in with a road report, Tony C calls in as we celebrate his birthday, and Dave's friend "Ed" calls in who's an apparent expert on tonights throwback Wrestlemania 10

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 112 "Put A Little Ass On It"

    19/03/2015 Duração: 9047h00s

    The boys talk some WWE HOF, The Briscoes leaving ROH? Wrestlemania still has empty seats with a week to go? Mega Powers reviews the finals of the NJPW Cup and announces our contest winner. Our Throwback of the week is Wrestlemania 9 with a quick run in by our boy Tony C from the Rant

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 111 Whatta Man

    12/03/2015 Duração: 8278h00s

    On this episode, Mr. 619 back in Philly? Phil has some choice words for Tommy Dreamer, The "E" trademarking hand gestures, Megapowers updates the NJPW Cup Tournament, and our "Throwbacks" was Wrestlemania 11

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 110 Indianapolis Trim, The Macho/Flair Affair

    05/03/2015 Duração: 9582h00s

    The boys talk a little WWE HOF, Rey Mysterio done with the "E", Chris Dickinson's chair shot heard round the world, ROH PPV recap, Facebook questions and a surprise visit from the Rant's Tony C as our throwback this week is WRESTLEMANIA 8

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 109 "Stylin, Profilin' & Doing DA BUTT"

    25/02/2015 Duração: 6832h00s

    Oh this weeks show we review WWE's "Fastlane" PPV, Preview ROH's 13th anniversary PPV , Dave makes his selections for the New Japan Cup contest brackets, "Maniac" Matt calls in from his hospital bed recovering from the Rant's Black Achiever Awards Show and we wrap up black history month with a look back at the career of "Sweet" Daddy Siki

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 108 The Iceman Commeth

    18/02/2015 Duração: 5908h00s

    The boys preview Sundays WWE “Fastlane” “Maniac” Matt Marshall checks in the preview his next road report, Mega Powers updates the mass with all the comings and goings in NJPW, Showing some love to Samoa Joe, and our Throwback of the week is our ongoing tribute to Black History Month looking back on the career of the “Iceman” King Parsons

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 107 Kick The Bobo

    12/02/2015 Duração: 4083h00s

    So the first 10 minutes of the show strangely did not record but we finished our coverage of the NXT Takeover:RIVAL live event, talked some WWE, some indies and our Throwback this week a retrospect of the career of the great Bobo Brazil #BlackWrestlingHistoryMonth

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 106 The Ebony Express

    04/02/2015 Duração: 8098h00s

    It's black history month and it's on like neck bone. The boys set the mood right away with some Facebook questions, a quick spot of fantasy warfare, took some calls with a ton of tom foolery and this evenings throwback was dedicated to the career of the legendary tag team Harlem Heat

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 105 The "RAW" Bowl

    28/01/2015 Duração: 6356h00s

    The boys open the show with how the Snow-pocalypse never showed up, recapped this years Royal Rumble, our man on the street "Maniac" Matt Squires checks in from Canton Ohio for a Throwback tailgate party, and the Throwback of the week was from January of 1996 for the Monday Night RAW Bowl

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 104 "Guilty As Charged"

    22/01/2015 Duração: 6655h00s

    The show starts 40 minutes late as Phil has a wardrobe malfunction at the Big and Tall shop, Talked a little Wrestlemania...for next year. Answered some Facebook questions and our Throwback of the week is ECW's "Guilty As Charged" from 1999. A huge shout out to the fans who hung out live with us this evening

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 103 Smokin' Urn and Owen's Turn

    14/01/2015 Duração: 7464h00s

    The boys show love to the Macho Man, Jason Knight's cancer scare, Mike & Maria out of ROH?, Sunny vs Ashley in an escort for hire death match, and we're joined by our pal Tony C from the Rant as our throwback of the week is the 1994 Royal Rumble

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 102 "Static Strong Style"

    07/01/2015 Duração: 7489h00s

    The boys return to LIVE broadcasting for 2015 paying tribute to Tim Arson, Putting the Ascension in their place, recapping Wrestle Kingdom 9, some Facebook questions and our Throwback of the week is the NJPW Super Warriors in Tokyo Dome from January 4th 1992

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 100 "Starraids the battle of Chyna's Vagina"

    19/12/2014 Duração: 13566h00s

    Celebrating our 100th episode in style with our brother Tony Z from the Shining Wizards Podcast in studio for our holiday "spooktacular". Putting down a bottle of Jack Daniels winter jack cider as we recapped an awesome 2014, took some calls, acting a fool and our Throwback of the week is Starrcade 85 The "Gathering" and Megapowers announces the winter of our Fantasy Warfare contest. Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 99 "Christopher Columbus and the Olive Garden

    17/12/2014 Duração: 6971h00s

    This was from an open mic night recorded back in September. Phil was joined by Rage from the Wrestling Call in show, Tony from the Shining Wizards and friend of the show "Sugar" Shaine. Talking some wrestling, reflecting on the 9/11 anniversary, Why Christopher Columbus was a whore and showing some love to the Olive Garden

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Episode 98 "The great host scramble"

    10/12/2014 Duração: 11061h00s

    We kick off the Rant host scramble with Surfer and Tony C bringing you Turnbuckle Throwbacks. The guys talk about current foolishness in wrestling today and for the throwback talk. Tony romanticize over Lex Lugar and Surfer goes back to his childhood to talk about Bruno Sammartino

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 97 Exotic Adrian Street

    03/12/2014 Duração: 7673h00s

    The boys talk about NJPW's streaming service, preview ROH's "Final Battle" this weekend. Breaking down CM Punk's appearence on the "Art Of Wrestling" and Vince McMahon on Steve Austin's Podcast. Our Throwback of the week we talk to wrestling legend and trailblazer the "Exotic Adrian Street

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 96 "Le Screwjob Montréal"

    26/11/2014 Duração: 7917h00s

    It's Thanksgiving eve as Phil talks about his trip to PWS "Wrestlebowl 2K14" NJPW's TV Deal, Survivor Series 2K14 recap, AJ Styles breaks another neck, Our man on the street "Maniac Matt" checks from JJ Dillon's thanksgiving party and our Throwback of the week is Survivor Series 1997 and the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" Happy Thanksgiving from the Turnbuckle Throwbacks Wrestling Podcast

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 95 Pistol Pez the parking attendant

    19/11/2014 Duração: 7604h00s

    MegaPowers was in studio this evening as we talk about the return of Jersey All Pro, TNA found a "destination" for 2015, The new Macho Man DVD, Previewing this Sunday's Survivor Series card, Facebook questions from the fans, our man on the street "Maniac" Matt checked in with his weekly road report. Took some calls and spoke about some survivor series of old and WCW's 4 years of "World War 3"

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 94 The rise and fall of Scott Casey

    12/11/2014 Duração: 9197h00s

    CM Punk writing comic books?, Good Ol' Jr calling NJPW, ECW "Exposed" a bunch of crap on the WWE Network, Update on the Survivor Series 2K14 card, Some of our best..and worse Survivor Series teams of all time, Our man on the street "Maniac" Matt Squires checking in with the road report and our throwback of the week is the Survivor Series from 1988 where we witnessed Jim Brunzell's epic T-shirt and the rise and fall of Scott Casey

  • Turnbuckle Throwbacks Ep 93 "Fall Brawlin'"

    05/11/2014 Duração: 9448h00s

    Happy Birthday to Ike Turner and the invasion of the IWO, The boys talk some NJPW coming to PPV, Ken Shamrock a WWE Hall Of Famer?, Phil reviews episode 1 of "Lucha Underground" Is Russev the next Umaga? Showing some love to Joel Gertner as the boys throw their hat in the broadcasting ring, Matt Squires calls in, Missy Hyatt and her Mule Club, and our Throwback of the week is WCW's "Fall Brawl" 1996

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