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Where we get together each week to discuss neat things that you may not know of. Topics range from games, movies, science, tools, and even sometimes people.


  • Las Vegas


    We're back with recording from our trip to Las Vegas. It's a weird and wonderful place full of insnaity. Hope you enjoy it, even with the terrible audio...Las VegasHosts:Devin Hunter - VanoverCherie HunterMusic Credits:Opening: "Waiting for the rain" by Distimia - Closing: "Yesterday's News" by Texasradiofish - Download: 

  • Episode 30 - Asses and adjust


    After a few weeks of thought, Devin decides to make a change.Freakonomics - Experiment - Hunter - Credits:Opening: "Sopra un aereoplanino di carta" by Menion - "Otrov" by Black Bear Combo -

  • Episode 29 - For Science!


    After watching sports ball all day, KAt and Devin sit down to talk about some dead scientists that were really important to the advancement of science. You would not have the life you have now without these people.James Watt - Lovelace - Curie - Franklin - Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: "Wallflower" by Plurabelle - "Alive" by Jahzzar -

  • Episode 28 - Phoning it in


    With everything going on, Kat and Devin throw together a quick little podcast to keep you company in the cold black of night.Zello - Messenger - - - - to meeting - https://www.gotomeeting.comHosts:Devin Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: "BrainsickMetal" by Protricity - “Aurora (Meet Me In The Stars)” by Anamanaguchi -

  • Episode 27 - Look before you leap


    So many things to do, so little time. It would be nice if there were tools out there to make planning your pojects easier. We look at a few neat things that can help with that.Extra Credits - Excuses - http://www.writingexcuses.comBalsamiq - http://www.balsamiq.comFloor Planner - http://www.floorplanner.comTrello - https://trello.comHosts:Devin Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "Voortrekker Andries Pretorius Theme" by Tom Fahy - http://tomfahy.orgClosing: "After The Week I've Had" by Dexter Britain -

  • Episode 26 - Unmatched Brace


    The dynamic duo is back to talk about the tools you can use to make computers work or you. Maybe you'll be the next mad scientist to make an army of robots to take over the world.NAND to Tetris - Academy - http://www.codecademy.comRobotC for Arduino - - - Studio Express 2012 - Interface - Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "Transcendental" by PW69 - "The Flowered Wallpaper" by Calling Sister Midnight -

  • Episode 25 - Searching for Neatness


    So after a week of meetings and boring work things, the crew kick back and talk about some neat ways to relax. We were so busy that we didn't have time to edit until late... Whoops.Steam - old games - - Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: "Do I Look Like I Want To Play Volleyball" by Noisewaves - "Gladiator" by Tommy Tornado -

  • Episode 24 - Into the Future


    As we start the new year, we look ahead to a few things that on the horizion that promise to be neat.Bioshock Infinite - http://www.bioshockinfinite.comEnder’s Game Movie - Trek Into Darkness - Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "Bimini Bay" by The Benson Orchestra of Chicago - "Star Trek Theme" by RAC -

  • Episode 23 - It’s not a stick it’s a schtick


    As 2012 comes to close, the Neat stuff crew talks about some of their neatest things of the last year. We've jam packed this episode with so much content, you'll need double the amount of time to get through it all.Adventure Time - (Manga) Parasol Protectorate - of Legends - Hunger Games - Bus for Hope - Cat - Art Online - Anglo Saxon burial w/ cow - course - Earth - - 2 - Hunter - Vanover - MarvinHayley Gross - Credits:Opening: "Gamm

  • Episode 22 - Blood for the Blood God


    In a world of Neat things, there is only joy. This week, we dive into some of the more amazingly violent alien franchises. Where we practice skills necessary for exploration of the cosmos. Rule 1: don't look directly into and alien biology that is egg shaped and opened when you got near. Rule 2: Burn it with fire, preferably from orbit.Natural Selection 2 - movie - vs Predator classic 2000 - 40K universe - Liberation - Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "Speed Limit" by Sephfire - "Track 1" from Warhammer 40K Final Liberation -

  • Episode 21 - We are not alone


    One must always be prepared for when the sky turns dark and the saucers begin to descend. Bullets mean nothing to beings who can bend the very fabric of space and time to their whim. You're in for either the biggest adventure of your life, or you're soon to become alien food.Xcom: Enemy Unknown - of the Worlds - Lab - Attacks - Day - of the Gods - the origonal miniseries - Life 2 - - Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "Starfields" by 4mat - "Deep Sky Blue" by Graphiqs Groove - http://graphi

  • Episode 20 - Allez cuisine!


    More games to fill your closet. Lots of fun times to have with your friends and family.All recipes - Chef - Gastonomy - of fiction - Drunk Kitchen - Eats - Kitchenwear - - Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "The Tea Party" by Dexter Britain - "Kopeika" by Et -

  • Episode 19 - Wood for Sheep?


    More games to fill your closet. Lots of fun times to have with your friends and family.AirMech - 2 - - to Ride - episode - - of Catan - episode: Sign - episode: me the brain - Games: Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: "Duel of the Blades" by Kevin Penkin - "The Shinra Shuffle" by The Runaway Five -

  • Episode 18 - Who turned the living room into an imaginarium?


    Tyson makes a triumphant return as we talk about role playing games. The type that anyone can play, not just D&D nerds.Beyond the Aether - - episode - Mystery Party - -“Clue” the movie - - Hunter - Vanover - Credits:Opening: "Grand PooPah" by Krackatoa - "The Time To Run" by Dexter Britain -

  • Episode 17 - Brushes everywhere!


    Again we hit the road for another weekend of adventure. This time, we saw cool costumes, listened to interesting people, and paid sales tax for everything we bought.Studio IroIro - Tank Ink - Art - - - - - - http://www.spoonflower.comBakuman - Link - Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: “1989” by 4mat - “Night Owl” by Broke for Free -

  • Episode 16 - Ruffles and Bows and Lace Oh My!


    We're trying something new this week. We got an expert of Victorian fashion to sit down and talk with us about it. The neat stuff crew would like to welcome:Laura McShane of Taken by the Sky DesignsProfessional Corsetiere15 years of experiencePersonalized outfits for any body type or age.A big garage and attic full of fabric just waiting to become your next favorite costume.Links:Taken by the Sky on Facebook - out of date website - Fashion on Wikipedia - Victorian - of Time - Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: "Outro (Bria's Waltz)" by TZARA - "Pink Noise Waltz" by Diablo Swing Orchestra -

  • Episode 15 - Mildly Irritated Science


    Again we hit the road for another weekend of adventure. This time, we saw cool costumes, listened to interesting people, and paid sales tax for everything we bought.Steam Con - http://www.steamcon.orgGirl Genius - Park - - - Chevalier (Weird Val) - Elemental - http://www.professorelemental.comDishonored - The Dark Decent - - - http://machinarium.netSpiral Knights - Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits:Opening: "The Dice are Thrown" by My Free Mickey - "Behold the Machine" by Vernian Process - http://www.vernianprocess.comDownload:

  • Episode 14 - Send in the Drums!


    Kat and Devin head down to Eugene to watch the Festival of Bands. Probably one of the only ways that we'll ever get into Autzen Stadium. Duck fans are a little nuts.Festival of Bands - Music Software - - H4n - Hunter - MarvinMusic Credits: Oregon Matching Band - “Drum clinic music" by Oregon Marching Band Drum LineClosing: “Gangnam Style” by Oregon Marching Band -

  • Episode 13 - I want to be a producer!


    Another week where Devin gets to talk at length about audio/video hardware.Artemis - - 2 - magic - Television Studio - 402-VLZ3 - - Amazon on demand - Muppet Show - Producers - Hunter - Vanover - Credits: Gamer Symphony Orchestra - http://umd.gamersymphony.orgOpening: “Hyrulian Highlands” by Gamer Symphony OrchestraClosing: “Dragon Quest Overture” by Gamer Symphony OrchestraDownload:

  • Episode 12 - Better living through robotics


    We welcome our new robot overloads, for they are logical and will totally not kill us all. We just gotta make sure that there are no errors or memory overflows that accidentally overwrite the "kill all humans" Boolean. Though I wonder why they would need that variable in the positronic neural system.First Tech Challenge - Mindstorms NXT - Rov - - Robot - Asimov Books - laws of robotics - Hunter - Vanover - Credits: “Aurora (Meet Me In The Stars)” by Anamanaguchi - “Voice Recognition, Everything” by Noisewaves -

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