Warrior Full Circle



"Full Circle" is an inside look at Warrior Hockey for anyone who wants it. We know we have the best jobs in the world of hockey, and we want to let you all in to experience it with us. We'll bring you stories from our product guys, our pro reps, our dealers, and even our fans (AND haters). Maybe we can learn from each other in the process. We hope you like what we bring, and if you don't, tell us. We're listening, and we are super stoked to provide you with the info you want.


  • Warrior Hockey Special Feature - Stick Heritage Timeline and History

    15/05/2018 Duração: 01h47min

    This is a special supplement to Warrior Stick Heritage Timeline on WarriorHockey.com. In this podcast, we take you through the history of Warrior Hockey sticks and stick graphics on them. We discuss the elements of design for the sticks and the graphics and some of the hidden meanings in the graphics themselves. If you're a fan of Warrior Hockey, this is the ultimate insider podcast for you.

  • Warrior Hockey Season 3 - Alpha AK27 and Covert QRL SE Stick Release

    27/10/2017 Duração: 41min

    The boys are back to discuss the release of the new Covert QRLSE stick and Alpha AK27 stick. They dig into the history of the AK27 and a little bit of Warrior history too. Plus, KP gives you the dirt on the Super Light construction of the AK27 SL stick. They discuss a little bit of the VIP Program and some VIP beef. Finally, there may be a little easter egg hidden in the podcast for a special giveaway!

  • Warrior Hockey Season 3 - Developing the Alpha QX Part 2 w/Isaac Garcia - Lead Design Engineer

    01/08/2017 Duração: 28min

    The second part of our Alpha QX stick development series, KP sits down with Isaac, the Lead Design Engineer for all of our sticks and really digs into the guts of the Alpha QX line. They discuss the development process and the challenges and process of bringing a stick developed for NHL players to the retail market. Isaac offers great insight into how we carry the technology of new sticks throughout the entire line from the high end (QX) all the way through the entry level stick (QX5).