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  • The Pregame Warm-Up Podcast: Legends & Leaders, Coaching Carousel part 2 and Bowls.


    This week we poke fun at the Big Ten’s division names and new logo, trying to figure out why they did it.  We discuss more changes in the coaching ranks and  talk about a few of the upcoming bowl games, including the Letdown Bowl, which features Boise State and Utah.  I’m joined this week, as […]

  • PGWU Podcast: Coaching Carousel, Awards and Bowls.


    This week we discuss the ever changing coaching landscape in college football, comparing the Miami(FL) and Pitt jobs and go over possible candidates for each. We recorded this on Tuesday night, so the Urban Meyer news was not yet available, but I’m in the camp that thinks Chris Peterson from Boise St would be the best […]

  • PGWU PodCast: How to fix the BCS


    This podcast features Brandon Kennedy from NCAA Revolution. We discuss his idea and the KP Coalition.  Since all the bowls were released last night, I thought this would be a perfect time to post this interview.

  • The Pregame Warm-Up Podcast: Week 12


    This week Jon Dove from and Michael Felder from join me, Jason Madson, for the week 12 PGWU Podcast.  We argue both sides of the BCS vs Playoff debate, get into some Conference talk.  We talk about Nebraska @ Texas A&M, Who will represent the Big 10 in the BCS and does LSU […]