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Monthly podcast featuring interviews, comedy, poetry and music around the theme of mental health.


  • Mentally Sound live (31st May 2019)

    14/06/2019 Duração: 02h25min

    on todays live show in spice fm studios, Steven and Ricky are joined by Ashley Lowe & Oliver Bell, from Newcastle United Foundation, a registered charity supported by Newcastle United Football Club plus Becky Pruce from Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).The guys are also joined by Tracy Guy, manager of Newcastle hub's Shelter who are a national homeless and housing charity.

  • Mentally Sound live MHAW special (may 16th)

    14/06/2019 Duração: 02h26min

    Its a special thursday episode of mentally sound for mental health awareness week! Steven and Ricky take a trip to the comfrey project to talk seperately to Eleni (director), Katherine and Suzanne (session coordinators) & Esther (volunteer) and are joined in the studio by a returning Sean Burn about his new play 'joey'. The guys are also joined for the second time via phone-line with Tracy Rogers, mother of Jerome which the drama 'killed by my debt' is based on, discussing the programmes recent BAFTA win!

  • Mentally Sound live (10th May 2019)

    14/06/2019 Duração: 02h17min

    on todays live show in spice fm studios, Steven and Ricky are joined by Kelly Coates & Anisa Ahmed, from Projects 4 Change : an organisation addressing the needs, voice and rights of young people. Plus, Nicky Robertson, director of Back To Balance, who is our monthly therapist contributor, talking about anxiety and breathing techniques to cope with stress.

  • Mentally Sound live (3rd may 2019 replacement for 11th april)

    19/05/2019 Duração: 02h16min

    todays show is a replacement of the 11th april show that did not get recorded due a fault! Steven and Ricky Are joined by Gunnar Roxen Anglo-Swedish sci fi author, we play a clip that did get recorded of Nicky Robertsons visit on the 11th april and Tony Pendlebury from Recovery4Life joins us in the studio!

  • Mentally Sound live (26th April 2019)

    19/05/2019 Duração: 02h11min

    on todays live show in spice FM Studios, Steven and Ricky are joined by Lora Coyle, mental health peer support worker from Mind's Well, Darren and Ian from Empowerment Consultancy & Training, anorexia survivor and author Hope Virgo (#Dumpthescales) and Ancha Stoodley, from Grandparents Plus!

  • Mentally Sound live (22nd March 2019)

    19/05/2019 Duração: 01h51min

    on todays live show on Spice FM, Steven and Ricky are joined by Petra and Ali from Darcey's Dream, Caz Lamb who is the organiser of Break The Silence Festival, Sinéad Mc Brearty the chief executive of Education Support Partnership and Matty Jobes from Jobes Gym!

  • Mentally Sound live (8th march 2019)

    22/03/2019 Duração: 02h13min

    On todays live show in the Spice FM Studios, Steven and Ricky are joined by some amazing guests! Starting with Rosie Fewings & Michael Rickwood, from 'Connecting Communities' (part of British Red Cross) Brian Semple, from Money & Mental Health Policy Institute, Di Keller, head of workplace wellbeing at Be Wellbeing and finally Nicky Robertson, director & wellness therapist from Back To Balance to talk about being and staying motivated!

  • Mentally Sound live (22nd feb 2019)

    21/03/2019 Duração: 02h02min

    On todays live show from the Spice Fm Studios, Steven and Ricky Are joined by Dr Stuart McKirby, a consultant in old age psychiatry at Campus For Ageing & Vitality and Chantal Herbert, from Sister Shack, a collective of all female entrepreneurs. The guys are also joinec by Clair Donning manager of 'Hopeline UK' helpline at Papyrus and Alisar, kev and Lisa from True Colours Theatre who run inclusive classes for disadvantaged children.

  • Mentally Sound live (8th Feb 2019)

    21/03/2019 Duração: 02h05min

    On todays live show from spice FM studios, Steven and Ricky talk the stresses of doing the show, ricky talks about the live theatre play Approaching empty and the guys are joined by Jill Dixon from to Paradise for Glen, a sponsored walk in memory of her son Glenn Dixon. The guys also play a three part pre record of their recent trip to Blaydon Shed to see Fiona and Dean who run the shed to support men to engage, recover and get involved in a variety of projects.

  • Mentally Sound live (25th Jan 2019)

    27/02/2019 Duração: 02h31min

    on todays live show in Spice Fm Studios, Ricky and Steven talk Steven's work at Northumbria university,Ricky talks about his mams birthday and the guys discuss how they overcome the blues. They are joined by some amazing guests: Ben West who lost his brother Sam to suicide and is campaigning on the government to train teachers in mental health first aid,Maria Baranowska from 'Moving On Tyne & Wear',Richard Faulkner, head of policy at Education Support Partnership and Kirsty Dillion, film, television & theatre actress who wrote a mental health Article for huffington Post.

  • Mentally Sound live (11th Jan 2019)

    27/02/2019 Duração: 02h15min

    Its our first show of 2019! on this jam packed edition of mentally Sound, Steven and Ricky recap the festive season,talk about Andy Murray potentially retiring,the guys discuss I Daniel Blake being broadcast on BBC 2, plus are joined by some awesome live guests : holly from the St Camillus group, Nicky from Back to Balance, Melissa and Richard from Grenfell hope Project and Gail Curry a mute poet and artist from Happy Planet.

  • Mentally Sound 2018 end of year review (28th December)

    27/02/2019 Duração: 01h58min

    its end of year review time! On this live show on spice Fm, Ricky and Steven look back at 2018, including interviews we did for mentally Sound, how their lifes are different since they stated the show, plus an interview with Rosie from British red cross and we look ahead to 2019! Happy New Year everyone!

  • mentally Sound Xmas special live (21st December)

    25/12/2018 Duração: 03h09min

    in this special 3 hour xmas edition, Steven and Ricky are joined by Greg Johnson from Tyneside Samaritans, Liz Ritchie co founder of Gambling with Lives and David Williams from Newcastle Couseling Association. The guys also discuss xmas and do mental health news! happy christmas everyone!

  • mentally Sound live (30th November)

    24/12/2018 Duração: 01h52min

    on todays live show in spice Fm Studios, Steven talks about his daughter luna being born since the last show! The guys are also joined by Alice fisher from changing lives, graham from down by the river, beano from RT projects (with Steve the musician performing a live song) dan flanagan from dad la soul and Heather Pringle from northumbria domestic abuse service.

  • mentally Sound live World Mental Health Day Special (12th october)

    03/12/2018 Duração: 03h03min

    on todays extra 3 hour show, Steven and Ricky were invited to world mental health day at central library in newcastle and play clips from the event, including an interview with Helen Elliot from Newcastle Carers. the guys are joined in the studio by Tara Case & Ashley Young, from Ways To Wellness,Shelagh Middleton & Jillian Allan, from Pass It On Parents, Maria Baranowska & 'Ryan', from Moving On Tyne & Wear + Bryony Long, from Missing People!

  • mentally Sound live (9th November)

    02/12/2018 Duração: 01h57min

    on todays packed show! Steven and Ricky are joined by Jill Watkin & James Ward from Changing Lives,Kim Tate, artistic director at Inter-Acting and Peter Maguire, 'mindfulness' practitioner at Mindful Maguire! Also Steven plays a speech he did for Northumbria Universities Social work course where he talks being a carer verses being cared for in relation to social work.

  • mentally Sound live (26th october)

    02/12/2018 Duração: 01h59min

    on todays show! Steven and Ricky are joined in spice Fm studios by Lynn Renwick, from Children North EastJoe Douglas, director of Clear White Light a classic theatre gothic story and joined on the phone by Mark Newsome, one man stand-up performer of Blackpool, What A S*** Place To Die!

  • mentally Sound live 28th September

    02/12/2018 Duração: 01h59min

    on todays show, Steven (@geek_apocalypse) and Ricky (@vividricky) are joined by Nicky Robertson, from Back To Balance, Kerrie Highcock, family development manager for North East Autism Society and Georgia from Missing People.

  • Mentally Sound live 14th september

    11/10/2018 Duração: 02h58s

    on todays show, Steven (@geek_apocalypse) and Ricky (@vividricky) are joined by Jonah Morris from Sustrans,a cycling & walking charity+ Matt and Dean from Sage Gateshead. The guys are also joined on the phone by David Miller, from, talking disability and dating, 'The Undateables' and the guys do a little mental health news!

  • Mentally Sound live 27th July

    09/10/2018 Duração: 02h02min

    on todays live show, Steven and Ricky talk to Claire Goldenberg, volunteer with OCD UK, talking about OCD and problems with stereotypes + Carol Barwick, hypnotherapist from CB Learning + Development, talking hypnotherapy & phobias. We also talk to Tracey Rogers, mother of Jerome, who committed suicide after being hounded by debt collectors, and she therefore helped to make drama Killed By My Debt that was recently on bbc three. We also added to the podcast an exclusive song about Jerome by Jerome's friend Reece Mcara thats called 'Featherbed'.

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