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  • Courage After Fire: "Normal Reintegration"


    SpouseBUZZ examines Part I of a two-part series based on the the book, "Courage After Fire." In this segment, we examine a "normal" reintegration process. Part II will examine "Reintegration with TBI, PTSD and other injuries." Don't miss this informative,...

  • SpouseBUZZ Talks With Mrs. Casey


    Join us for an interesting chat with Mrs. Sheila Casey, the wife of General W. Casey, Jr., Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army. Download

  • The Army Family Action Plan Turns 25!


    August 15 marks the 25th anniversary of the Army Family Action Plan. To celebrate this date, we will be joined by Beth Chiarelli, wife of the Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army. Download

  • Crimes in a Combat Zone?


    SpouseBUZZ talks to military spouse Lily Corrales. Lily's husband, SFC Trey A. Corrales, faces premeditated murder charges stemming from the death of an Iraqi. If tried and found guilty, SFC Corrales could face the death penalty. Listen to Lily's emotional...

  • A Conversation with Tanya Biank


    Tanya Biank is the author of "Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage," the book which inspired the Lifetime television series, "Army Wives." We'll talk to Tanya about her non-fiction book and the fictional television series. Download

  • America Supports You


    Join us for a conversation with Allison Barber, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Internal Communications and Public Liaison. We'll discuss the upcoming Freedom Walks, America Supports You and a few other items that are relevant to military families. Download

  • Finding a Career that Moves With You


    Milspouses often have LONG resumes with wide gaps in between employment and when they move, finding work is often a challenge. We'll be joined by military spouses who have started their own business or have chosen a career path that...

  • Army Long Term Family Care Management


    What resources are available to you should the worst happen? We'll speak with an official representative of the Army's Long Term Family Care Management Office to find out. This interview will be a follow-up to our Thursday evening show, which...

  • Losing a Loved One


    Join us for a conversation about the one thing all military girlfriends and spouses fear most - losing a loved one. We'll be joined by the girlfriend of a soldier who was recently killed in action in Iraq, and the...