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International Realness is an accessible explainer for global events, issues, and general nonsense that crosses borders. Join EJ, May and Radford as they walk you through the ups and downs of world politics.


  • UN-Disassembly


    We’re back! And it looks like we’ve arrived just in time. Nikki Haley just resigned as the United Nations Ambassador last week and we have thoughts. That shouldn’t surprise you though! Enjoy our latest mini-sode and stay tuned for our new season coming up soon!Download here

  • Maybe She's Born With It. Maybe They're Human Rights.


    Happy Women’s History Month! We’re celebrating by highlighting the UN Convention on the Elimination of  Discrimination against Women or CEDAW. We went over the basics about human rights a few weeks ago, but now we’re going to talk about the things that women are entitled to but are still striving to get. Equip yourself against mansplainers and misogynists by listening to this episode! If you somehow need hard evidence that women aren’t treated equally…use the internet every once and awhile. Don’t say you weren’t warned.Listen hereiTunes HereStitcher Here

  • Pay Attention to Venezuela


    People are starving in Venezuela. Haven’t heard about it lately? The crisis in Venezuela should be spotlighted in spite of neglectful American media outlets. Ever since the death of Hugo Chavez, what was once the most stable nation in South America has been crumbling, endangering the lives of its people. We in the states have a portrait of a defiant Chavez fed to us, but in this episode we parse out the good and the bad, and how this story is unfolding right now. Listen hereShow notes hereSubscribe to us on iTunes and StitcherPhoto Credit: andresAZP Flickr Creative Commons

  • What’s a Rex Tillerson?


    Hi fronds! We’re back at it with another episode that addresses the big orange elephant in the room: Donald J. Trump, the current president of the United States. I know, it still sounds weird and sad to us too. We cover what we can expect from his foreign policy for the next four (ONLY FOUR) years of his reign term. This includes, a plan for ISIS, the wall, and making regrettable phone calls that could get us blown to pieces someday. (Stars! They’re just like us!)So strap in as we prepare for this ride together.We’d also like to note, that we recorded this episode a couple of weeks ago, so there’s no mention of the aftermath of the Muslim/Immigration Ban or the recent confirmation of our new Secretary of State. It’s all still relevant though!Listen hereSources hereSubscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher

  • Know Your Rights


    Contrary to the current political trends humans have rights! I’ll pause for a minute to let that sink in. Good? Ok.Yes, since the mid-20th century we’ve even had them in writing! In this episode we review what exactly human rights are, what it means for us, and who protects them. Listen here, show notes here.Also, all we want for Christmas is for you to leave reviews and give us 5 stars on iTunes and Stitcher! 

  • Ethical Gifts 2: This Time It’s Personal


    It’s that time of year again! Stumped on what to get your difficult to shop for loved ones? Or do you want to donate to an organization you love, but don’t want to skimp on a present for someone else? We’ve got you covered. We highlight our favorite organizations to donate to in this minisode.The links can be found in the show notesListen here first!Subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher

  • To Donate $10 Text SCAM to 9999


    Natural disasters in developing countries are serious business. In this episode we look at Haiti, recently struck by Hurricane Matthew, and how it was duped by the American Red Cross (ARC). Because the best time to kick a person is when they’re already down, ammirite? Think you know where your donated dollars go? Also, we cover what you can do if you want to support relief efforts in Haiti. SPOILER ALERT: Do not give money to the American Red CrossListen hereSubscribe on iTunes and Stitcher!Show notes here

  • The Fashionable Fascist


    Sometimes the word fascism is thrown around like a new car at a taping of Oprah. It’s an actual political and economic system, and a dangerous one at that. We paint a picture what a fascist state actually looks like, and we also discuss a certain political candidate who has been called a fascist before. Does he fit the mould? Find out!Listen hereSubscribe on iTunes and StitcherDon’t forget show notes!

  • Fall-ing All Over Ourselves


    It’s the first day of fall! The three of us couldn’t be more excited. So, we’ve chosen to celebrate the return of gourds and ghouls in our newest minisode! Get pumped for pumpkins with us!Listen hereSubscribe on iTunes and Stitcher 

  • For Just A Toddler A Day...Voluntourism and You


    Be honest, how many of you have been a voluntourist? The three of us admit to it! You may ask yourself, what could possibly be wrong with going abroad and “doing good”? However, it may be more harmful than you originally thought. If you’ve voluntoured or are considering it, listen to this episode!Listen hereSubscribe on iTunes and Stitcher! Show notes here.

  • Times The Olympics Were Political AF


    We’re still in a post-Olympics slump, so we’re bringing the games back to you! Sports have a history of dabbling within the political, as we highlighted in our last minisode as well as with the recent dialogue over Colin Kaepernick. We’re staying relevant y’all! In this episode we highlight three instances where the Olympics reflected the political climate, and why it made such an impact.Listen hereSubscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher Aaaaaand Show notes

  • I’m All About That Race, 'Bout That Race (Gold Medal)


    We’ve caught the Olympics bug. No, not Zika, a metaphorical one! We have a sort of minisode about one of the most politicized Olympics that we can remember. We discuss our favorite athletes overall as well as some incredible ladies who have captured our hearts and minds. Tune in for fun facts, jovial commentary, and the blatant nationalism!Listen hereSubscribe on iTunes and Stitcher

  • Colonialism, [NO] Thanks For The Memories


    We talk about our disdain for colonialism all the time, so here’s why you should find it repulsive too! We give a general overview of what colonialism is, what some of its affects are, and devastating examples of why empires are historically the worst. Listen hereSubscribe on iTunes and StitcherHere are our shownotes

  • What Coup Talking About Willis?


    Hey Turkey, what did YOU do this weekend?Oh, you know, started a coup d’etat, ended a coup d’etat. Brunch etc. Turkey had a pretty interesting weekend as the world watched its 5th coup within it’s contemporary history. We’ll be discussing it in this episode, but first we want to outline the basics for you.What is a coup d’etat? What does it mean? How does it happen? We’ll keep you riveted. Listen HereSubscribe to us on iTunes and StitcherAlso, check out our show notes here. 

  • Master-Set Piece Theater: Football and Politics in Three Acts


    We’re back! After a short summer break, we have a new episode for you! Along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, football (soccer) is one of May’s favorite things. The summer tournaments have occupied the hearts and minds of many over the past month or so. It’s a game of social, political, and economic importance. Learn more about three stories that weave many of these elements together with sport in this very special episode!Listen here Show notes hereSubscribe and rate us on iTunes and Stitcher! 

  • Neoliberal Sorcery


    We’re getting back to basics! In this “definition” episode we’re going to cover and critique one of the most powerful forces in modern economics: neoliberalism. What is it? How does it affect us? And why does Radford dislike it? Don’t miss this important foundation episode that’ll be helpful as you listen to more episodes and, well, live your life as an informed person.Listen hereShownotes hereAlso subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher!

  • Going Abroad: The Musical!


    It’s minisode time! This week, we share personal stories about the tunes that kept us in touch with home, connected to a new culture, or act as triggers for memories that would worry our mothers. Laugh with us, sing with us, and share your favorite music-related memories with us!Listen here Subscribe here and here

  • That Totalitarian State is Bomb


    North Korea is in and out of the news. Typically, it’s through their oppressive shenanigans, but more and more it’s been about their nuclear program. Should we be worried? Why doesn’t the US step in since we’re the protector of everything! We have thoughts!Listen hereCheck out our shownotes pageAlso download/subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher

  • Beaches That Are the Wind Beneath OUR Wings


    It’s almost summer! It is just beginning to feel like spring, here in New York City, but we’re so ready for summer. To get you all in the mood for warmer ready we talk about our favorite beaches and beach-related adventures in our newest minisode! Check it out for a bunch of fun stories!Listen hereListen on iTunes and Stitcher

  • Women's Work: How Liberian Women Peacefully Ended a Civil War


    Here at International Realness, we’re all about bad-ass ladies getting things done. Today, we’re happy to present the story of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, and how these incredible human beings successfully SHUT DOWN a civil war in their country. They were able to achieve this with non-violence, solidarity between different religions, and one extra special, ancient, strategy. Let’s just say they strategically shut down the fish market.Listen HereDownload/Subscribe on iTunes and StitcherShow NotesPhoto Credit Abby flat-coat