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Devon Christopher Adams' AP Language podcast on how to incorporate technology into the high school AP course.


  • Podcast #2 - August 5, 2009


    Topic: Summer Reading books & assignments.This is Devon Adams and today is August 5th 2009. Welcome to the second AP Language & Composition podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to discuss the summer reading assignments for my class.I will first discuss the "fiction" book read by everyone and then discuss the non-fiction book assignment in part. I am spending a good deal of time in class discussing these assignments so everything will not be delineated here, but this is a good over view for anyone who needs a little more clarification.The fiction title read by everyone is Jeff Shaara's Rise to Rebellion told from the first person point of view of four key players in the Revolutionary War from 1770-1776. Calling this fiction is really misleading as there are several historically accurate aspects to the book including full speeches actually said and written down during the time period. Things that make this fiction include speculative situations, private conversations, and the ominiscient thoughts of

  • Podcast #1 - July 28, 2009


    I am assuming that this new feed will work now, so we can hope. Here's the transcript file below as well.This is Devon Adams and today is July 24th 2009. Welcome to the first AP Language & Composition podcast. The purpose of these podcasts is to relay information about the AP Language class at Basha High School. My goal is to get these out weekly or biweekly depending on the materials being covered in class. Welcome juniors to AP English. This year prepares you for the AP Language & Composition exam administered by the College Board in May 2010. Today’s topic is the AP Examination and Dual Enrollment. This time of the year I get a lot of questions about the difference between taking the AP Examination and taking this class for dual enrollment, so I am focusing this entire podcast on this one question. First of all, let’s talk about each separately. Many of you took a test called the Asset Test in the spring time in our cafeteria. You should have received a copy of those scores already, but if not I