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Scratched sunglasses SUCK! Get new lenses now from us. We replace lenses for 98% of sunglasses. Our replacement lenses are able to fit most frames from Arnette sunglasses, Oakley shades, rayban sunnies, von zipper shades, smith sunglasses, bolle, practically all makes of sunglasses can be fitted with our high quality lenses. If you have sunglasses, you've probably scratched lenses before right? Sometimes the fear of lens damage may have prevented you from purchasing good shades. Now you can look forward to the day you need new lenses, because in most cases, our lenses are better than the originals!We make lenses only! We aren't focused on the marketing of fashion frames, our only product is sunglass lenses, so we make sure they're the best lenses you've ever seen.Choose from a range of colours and tints, you could even upgrade and get new polarized lenses for your shades. Cool Huh?We're revolutionizing the way people use their sunglasses. Now you can have your favorite sunglasses for years thanks to our fast, easy, efficient sunglass lens replacement service. You don't have to toss away your sunglasses any more when you scratch the lenses, simply order lenses from us and install them yourself for a fraction of the cost of buying new sunglasses.Great for your back pocket, great for the planet.Not sure? Read our rave customer reviews on Facebook us on twitter out how easy lens replacement is on our youtube channel why did we start The Sunglass Fix? We wanted to make something that was built to last. We wanted to make things better. We wanted to fix something in this world, so we did. We have fixed the sunglass industry. Once upon a time it was impossible to get replacement lenses for your sunglasses. It was impossible, they didn't exist. Until we started making replacement lenses out of our garage in 2006, building up one stoked customer at at time until now, where we have over 30,000 lenses in stock for more than 300 different brands of sunglasses and ship 1000's of lenses every week to stoked customers all around the world. Are they all stoked? We've won platinum customer service awards 3 years in a row, so I guess they are :) Why are our customers so happy with our sunglass lens replacement service? Could be our free shipping policy on lens only orders, or the amazing quality of our lenses at such a low price, and it could be our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.We're stoked to be able to give new life to your scratched sunglasses. Looking forward to bringing new clarity to your world, with our awesome new lenses, made just for you.