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Get the latest news from Flying Otter Vineyard and Winery located in Southeast Michigan featuring wine made from locally grown grapes.


  • Podcast #9 - A New Season Begins


    It has been quite a while since we blogged - shame on us. We have been busy and here is an update on what's happening in the vineyard and winery. The following podcast was recorded early April, 2014 following the coldest, snowiest winter in decades. We are anxious to open the pavilion tasting deck and resume our Friday Night Live Music in the Pavilion events. This recording includes music and a conversation with one of our most popular entertainers, Cat Canyon.We hope you enjoy listening.Podcast #9 A New Season Begins

  • Podcast #8 Our First Year in Review


    It is hard to believe that we have been open for almost a year. We will celebrate our first year anniversary the Saturday after Thanksgiving. In the this podcast Bob and Linda take a look back at the first year and discuss our upcoming anniversary celebration.Podcast #8 - Our First Year in Review

  • Podcast #7 Ahhhh Spring - planting and wine fests!


    Now that June is here, Bob talks about how the vineyard survived the warmest March in decades, spring planting in the vineyard, and other news. Jeff and Linda talk about attending spring wine fests and wine judging competition results. Yay. We won medals!Podcast #7 Ahhhh Spring - planting and wine fests!

  • Podcast #6 Unseasonably Warm - Bah Humbug


    Podcast #6 Unseasonably Warm - Bah HumbugBob and Linda discuss the record setting high temperatures and the impact on the vineyard. They also discuss the latest winery news.

  • Podcast #5 Interview with Michael Wells from Arbor Vineyard


    Bob and Nick talk to Michael Wells, owner of Arbor Vineyard. We discuss how he got started in wine making and his plans to open a winery near Tecumseh, MI.Podcast #5 Michael Wells Interview

  • Podcast #4 It's the nose!


    Bob and Jeff discuss the wines initially available at our opening, as well as new releases that will be available soon. There is an interesting discussion of aroma versus bouquet or as Jeff's says, "It's the nose".It's the nose!

  • Podcast#3 - The Other Partners


    A conversation with Jeff and Sarah Utter, co-owners of the Flying Otter Winery, as they discuss their history with wine and the Flying Otter Winery.Jeff & Sarah talk about starting the winery

  • Podcast #2 Bob & Linda talk about starting the Flying Otter Winery


    Here is the second episode of our podcast. Bob and Linda Utter talk more about what it takes to start a small winery.  Podcast #2 Bob & Linda talk about starting the wineryWe hope you enjoy and as always we look forward to your feedback and comment.If there is anything you would like us to discuss, or questions you would like us to answer, just let us know.

  • Flying Otter Audio Podcast #1 Released!


    As part of our ongoing effort to educate and entertain we will periodically, on a somewhat regular basis, be publishing a podcast. The first podcast features Bob and Linda Utter discussing the origins of the Flying Otter Winery. Future podcasts will feature Jeff and Sarah Utter, co-founders of the Flying Otter Winery as well as other distinguished wine and winery related guests from our local area here in Southeast Michigan. We hope you enjoy the podcasts and we welcome your comments and feedback. If there is anything in particular that you would like us to discuss, just let us know.If you use iTunes to listen to podcasts, just search for "Flying Otter" in your iTunes app.Or, you can access the .mp3 file directly at this URL:Podcast #1 Introduction and History