Radio Simcast



The weekly radio simulations from Set B of BCITs Radio Broadcasting Program in Burnaby, BC Canada (near Vancouver). Simulations are run every Friday and this podcast is updated soon after. Eleven Sims will be done in all, but week one and three were not recorded. All simulations are three hours in length. Since it is me, Trevor, making this podcast, I will describe my job each week.


  • Week 2 BLUE FM


    Station playing a rock variety. I produced and ran around the city with a mic for the "West Coast Watch" feature.

  • Week 4 Rodeo Radio


    Station playing new and old country and bluegrass. I was the program director responsible for choosing all the music and the concept of the station.

  • Week 5 Millenial Music


    Station playing top hiphop hits of this millenium. I did the Soap Box and Free Pass features.

  • Week 6 CanCon 101


    Station playing almost 100% Canadian Music. Mostly metal. I read news for this station.

  • Week 7 The Vibe


    Station playing trendy club-type music. I wrote some ads.

  • Week 8 BLUZ FM


    Station playing blues music, I produced half of the commercials.

  • Week 9 100.9 THE BANGER


    Station playing death metal, definetely an acquired taste. I was "on air" in the practice booth. This file is that practice booth show.

  • Week 10 Slick FM


    Station playing popular rock music, I created the "Point-Counterpoint" features. Since I needed my recording to device to produce these, I only managed to record the last half of the simulation.